So, you are posting on let’s say 5 forums. After 3 or 5 days you should have decent free traffic volume. It is time to check what forums give you the most juice. Narrow your choice to 3 or 5 and concentrate only on them. Start posting there more frequently. In addition, those visitors converting as well, because this blog should lead to one of your online moneymaking machines. If you want to know more about online passive incomes, read my article How To Make Money As Affiliator.


Forums are great source to boost free traffic to your website. If you starting a new blog, use this strategy for sure. It’s working.
Organic traffic like this will increase your DA/PA (domain/page authority). Because Google and other search engines like it, it will lift your searching ranks. Moreover, people will post links to your articles on their blogs and websites. You will get more free backlinks. If your blog good enough is, some people will approach you with requests to post links to their blogs on your website, or to make guest posting, etc… It might bring you additional income.
I allocated 30-60 minutes a day to forum posting, It doesn’t take much time.

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