Getting Free Traffic From Forums

If you thinking about building your online passive income empire, forums that is the first place where you should start. Free web traffic is everywhere, millions of people browsing web every single minute; you just have to know some tricks to get your little piece of pie.

What Is It All About

  1. Choosing right forums
  2. Forums performance
  3. Posting on forums
  4. Using forums signatures

What Are People Looking On Forums?

Mostly people are looking for information. “How to”, or “Where to”, or “What to do”, etc…
That means that it is a perfect place to promote your products and services.
Open Google and search forums for you niche. Use your keywords. There are hundreds if not thousands of them. Check if this forum is appropriate. Posting on a forum for single moms and promoting there your blog about “Fishing sharks” has no sense and it will not bring you much traffic. Therefore, the association of your website with the chosen forum is crucial.

How to choose what to post?
Search those questions there: “how to”, “where to”, “who can”, “need help”, “what to do”, etc…
Start answering, post guides, tutorials, interesting info, suggestions, your meaning, etc… Continue posting until you satisfied with your traffic increase. I can say you right away, if you stop posting, in a couple of days your traffic will start to decline.
How many posts a day? Well, that is a very good question. You can post a hundred small answers/questions a day or only one or two guides/tutorials with the same result. People are curious; they want to know something about person who is trying to teach somebody about something, they will attempt to find more personal info about you.

That is why you have to choose only forums that they allow you to put your blog URL in the signature or in your profile.
Some forums will accept it directly, some not at all, some after several posts, some after some time… Before you starting posting, check forums FAQ (frequently asked questions) about signatures and links usage. If that particular forum doesn’t support links, then move on, or write a PM (personal message) to the administrator, sometimes they can give their permission to you to use signatures with links.

Another trick, when you choosing your nick name on forum, put the name of your blog there. Something like “” or whatever domain extension you use.
I would not suggest putting naked URLs in your signature or just banners. Interesting texts with hidden hyperlinks are working better for sure.
For eMarketing, eCommerce, affiliate, web-design, passive income online, web-development, etc… these forums are great.
Traffic Planet
Hack Forums
Wicked Fire
UK Business Forum
Warrior Forum
Digital Point
Black Hat Forum
High Rankings
SEO Chat Forum

If you niche related with those forums start posting on all of them.

Posting On Forums: Some Guidelines

There are only two possibilities usually.

  1. Starting your own completely new thread.
  2. Answering other people questions.

Remember, you are on those forums for a long time. You need to build your reputation there.
If you starting a new thread, it should be forum related, interesting, valuable, engaging, not spammy, and in the guidelines of the forum. Always check their FAQ first.
If you posting links to external websites, make sure that the admin allows it.
What you should not do in any circumstances is to write something like this:
“Saw your post. Very interesting information! Check my blog you can find more info about it there.”
You will get hated real fast.
Believe me; you don’t want to do that. If you have your signature with a hyperlink to your website, or a link in your profile, many readers will click on it to find out more about you.

There are also other methods to post on forums, one of them is a Multiply accounts blackhat technique.
Let’s say you post questions, or requests (which are exactly what you need of course) from one account and answering those questions from another account, under another nickname. You have to use VPN (virtual private network) or dedicated server to login from another IP address to your second account though. If you doing this do not answer those questions immediately, it will be looking very suspicious, especially if it is a pattern.
I know for a fact it’s working. Many people on forums using this tactic.

However, forums hate that. If they caught you on this, more likely they will ban all your accounts forever. So, if you choose this way, be aware about consequences. Me personally, I would not recommend you doing this.

Results Optimization

How much time to spend on one forums? I’d say 1-3 hours per day, if you want good results. You can hire a VA (virtual assistant) to do the job for you if you are lack of time. You have to train your VA first though. Otherwise, you might end up with bans from several forums… LOL

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