Try to establish good relationship with like-minded bloggers communities. You can collaborate with several bloggers and expand your social media present by sharing each other followers. First, check if those bloggers do administrate your niche related blogs and have an appropriate audience (language, age, region, etc…). You don’t want to get hundreds of comments in different languages suddenly.
Even if you aren’t ready to offer guest posts on your blog just yet, you can still use their status to impact social shares for your site positively.

What Is Social Proof

When you have a well-established blog, you probably have hundreds of social shares for each article and visitors can see those sharing numbers when they open your pages.
That called “Social Proof”. People tend to share publications with many (hundreds or thousands) social shares. The more the better. It means that your articles are valuable and have niche related authority.

But, what if you don’t have it, what if your articles have only 0-100 shares range?
In this case, it would be wise to hide those stats from the public. When you chose a plugin for your social sharing make sure that it has that option.
The same tactic is applicable for counting of views, or comments, etc..

It will take some time getting more social media more social share numbers shares for sure. Don’t hesitate, start now!

Engaging On Social Media

It is easy to say: be active on social media constantly, make comments, and engage into discussions, it will bring you a lot of followers and traffic to your website. That is true. But, how can you actually do it? You have only 24 hours a day and 8 of them you are unconscious, sleeping like a baby. You have only 16 hours left. 2 hours for meals, 1 hour for hygiene. Now we have 13 hours. Let’s say you have a nice 9-5 job somewhere in a skyscraper. You just lost another 8 hours, plus transportation there and back to your office 1 hour. Great! 4 hours left. Into those 4 hours (Monday to Friday), you have to compress all the rest of your life. Significant other, kids, relatives, friends, entertainment, sport, etc… Oh, don’t forget your blog business. Sounds like mission impossible. And it is. It is very hart to stay focused in perusing of your goals in such life.

That is why so many people are falling in building great blogs. There are too many distractions, too many other things taking your attention away.
What people usually do in the reality? They start posting on their favorite social networks and do it so intensively, that after one or two weeks they are just burned-out. They take a break, a week or two, or a month. Years passing by. Then they are asking why, oh why I still don’t have visitors on my blog?
The answer is in those three words. Lack of discipline.

Are you on a low budget? Wanna be successful in blogging? Dedicate at least one hour a day for social media commenting. One hour a day for article writing. One hour a day for guest posting. No excuses! Don’t say something like; I can’t do it because I have a headache, or I don’t have inspiration, or it is beautiful weather outside I’m going to walk, or I’m going to watch TV, or I’m tired and I’m going to take a nap, or another similar BS. It is for losers. You are not one of them!
Keep this tempo every day at least for one month. Then evaluate and start over. If you do that, you will see more and more shares every day.
Twitter (you should know how to use hashtags of course) and Facebook are great platforms for promoting your blog.
Sharing posts of other related for your niche bloggers is a good idea too. Some of them will share your articles too. If you see those shares, or interesting comments try to contact and establish good relationship with those people.
Connecting your content with other people minds is your goal number one in this game. It’s working only if you are active on social media too. By doing that you endorse others in promoting of your content.


Follow those guidelines I’ve mentioned above and you will build thousands of shares per post. It will take some time. But hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day too!

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