Can you compete without video on your blog? Sure, for now. However, it is getting more and more difficult to keep your visitors interested if you have lack of it.
According to Emarketer, average time spent per day with digital video is growing every year.

So, you have to adapt, or you won’t be able to compete.
I know some people are not comfortable in front of a camera. The thing is you don’t have to. You can use screen-capturing software and stay on background, just reading a script. Camtasia is a great program for Windows or Mac users. It will help you to capture high quality videos from your monitor and redact it. In my article How To Use Camtasia: Step By Step Guide I explained this process in details. You can also outsource the video production to somebody else. Not so cheap though.
You might even consider creating your own YouTube channel.

Integrating video products into your website is a very powerful technique. Don’t miss it!
What kind of video content you can use:
Gifts announcements
Events archives
Events announcements
Travel video blogs
The possibilities are huge.

You can also convert audio tracks from video into text files. And save it as pdfs. A podcast might be an interesting addition to the diversity of media on your blog.
Add a Video category on your blog that leads to your YouTube channel.

Engaging Your Email List

Communication with your long existed subscribers and followers is a great potential sharing resource. Encourage them constantly to share your content with their associates, friends or relatives who might get some value from it. In a polite and friendly way of course. Don’t push people, they won’t like it. Choose good reasons for those reminders. It could be an event, plans, or a new article, etc…

When sending such requests for new subscribers don’t be intrusive, give them some time to know you and your blog better, so they can trust you.
You can even write personal emails for people who have purchased something from you or attended your live events or webinars and ask them for reviews about your services or products. Prepare some review templates though. To make it easier for your readers, so they won’t spend too much time doing it.
Many subscribers would love to share the content of your blog.

How To Make Sharing Easier

You won’t get much social shares and increasing traffic if your blog design doesn’t allow doing it in an easy way.

Why? Let’s face it, people don’t have much time and some of your readers are just lazy… lol
Not many of them are going to copy your website’s link, then past it in their preferred social media platform. Some of them don’t even know how to do it.
What you need to do is to place social sharing buttons to all your blog pages. Watch out for your layout though. Some of the widgets and plugins creating those buttons not where they supposed to be. Sometimes they are over-sized and might obscure the content. Especially if you have a mobile version of your blog.

So, after putting them on your blog, check if your readers can use it with minimum efforts and that they are easy accessible.
This little enhancement will definitely help you to get more social shares.
How many social networks to put on your blog?
I’d say maximum 5.
Too many social buttons don’t look pretty and some of your visitors might get confused.

How do you know what social networks to choose? You don’t. You ask your readers about it. They will tell you where they usually hanging out. When you get some experience, you’ll know that if your niche gravitates to business, then LinkedIn is your number one, if to visuals – Pinterest, etc…
It is very easy using online tools to create sharing buttons social tools nowadays.
Utilize AddToAny (great for WordPress), or ShareThis, or Sumo, or others, this is your decision.

Guest Posting

Search for your niche related blogs and require permission to guest post there. Put your blog’s URL in your profile, or use it as your nickname. Visitors of that blog will check your website too.

Contact other well-established bloggers or industry influencers and convince them to make some guest posting on your blog. This is very powerful tactic and it might boost your social shares. Because people are watching, what the niche leaders are doing. This approach can open you a completely new category of visitors and potential customers.
How to get attention of the “Big Boys and Gals” in your niche? Contact them and ask if you can quote their articles on your blog. Ask for an interview. It can be on phone, Skype, or just in writing.
Many leaders like to share their views and knowledge.

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