How To Increase Traffic From Social Media

Well established blogs and websites getting most of their traffic from followers and subscribers. Social Media is not a big deal for them anymore. But, what should you do if you are just a beginner? You don’t have huge email list, or followers. Nobody knows about your little blog. No PR (public relation) agencies, or PBNs (private blog networks) are promoting it, everything looks very dark.
Well… Social Media engagement might be an escape for you.

How Crucial Is Social Sharing For Blogging

If your visitors are sharing articles of your blog they creating some kind of snowball effect. Because it brings you more and more clicks, more engaged people, more buzz, more emails. In turn, it gives you more backlinks, better stats, search engines ranks and in a long-term nice profit of course. We are not robots after all. We need to eat, to travel, to buy some beautiful and expensive things, to impress our loved-ones…

It gives us personal satisfaction also, because we see that people like what we doing. We have our purpose in this life. For some blog owners it is even more important than the money. They want to change the world. There is nothing wrong with that. I’m here to make money first, and then change the world…

How To Get Social Shares Actually

Getting social shares is a bit tricky. But, nothing is impossible with a proper leverage and patience in our blogging business.

What To Post

It is almost guaranteed that if your content suck, you won’t see any social shares, unless people are sharing it because it is so bad, just to make fun of it.
So, create authentic, interesting and useful copy-writing. Something that your visitors will remember and use long term. It is difficult nowadays in some niches to write something that people won’t find on other blogs. However, you can always repack and review the same information from another point, or angle of view.
It gives to your work that additional, unique souse, which people are looking for. Because even a small new detail that you just have read on some blog might bring thousands and sometimes millions of dollars into your pockets.

Moreover, even if you are writing about the same topic like 99 other bloggers out there, it doesn’t make your content less valuable. Because readers like different opinions, various approaches and diversity in general.
High quality content will give you more traffic and more social shares.
Think about your potential readers and clients. What do they want? What are they looking for? What problems do they have? Etc…
Watch what people are sharing on social media, what topics are sitting on the top news.

Sit down, do some research and planning. It should give you some inspiration for the new engaging content. And it is very easy to share it by using trending hashtags on Twitter.

Getting Your Visitors’ Opinion

This is my favorite. You have only one head and two brain-hemispheres in it. Why do not to add a couple of hundreds more? People love give advises. They see things you have no idea off. They will give you very interesting concepts and different views.
Ask their opinion about everything, what topics you should cover, what studies you should bring, what layout or formats should you use, paragraphs, articles length, etc…
You can sent them emails with questions, engage them on webinars, or live events. Building surveys or votes about your existing and future content is another effective tactic.

It doesn’t mean that you have to change your blog dramatically, or to change your niche. Your audience is just another way to enhance your blog and increase your chances for social shares.
With Typeform you can easily create surveys and use them for your researches.
They offer paid plans, but they have a free plan also.

Using videos

It is a great idea to start using video content on your blog. Do not be too conservative. The world is evolving, so we should change too. Videos are taking texts searches over. People like videos, it is very entertaining, engaging, watchers get really connected to the presenter and stay focused, it is easier to explain and show technical things, like working with programs, or explore qualities of products, etc…
There are so many things in the world that distracting us from what we doing. Video allows you to keep your audience attention for much longer than just written contest.
Therefore integrating video content into your blog is essential for your future success.

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