Getting More Social Shares: Tips & Tricks

Why do you need a lot of shares for your articles on social media?
Obviously, to get more juice (traffic) and to make more money at the backend.
But, how to make visitors to do it?
With just several twists, you might increase the probabilities that they will share your content.
Read this article and enhance your business.

Finding Interesting Topics

It is a good idea to know what other bloggers are doing in your niche. Who are the authorities? What is their content about? How does it look like? How many social shared does it have?
There are different tools in Internet to help you in discovering of high-shared articles. One of them is BuzzSumo.

If you want to change some options and look inside those researches, you need to take a paid plan. They have a free trial, but then you have to pay.

It is a professional tool to research for hot topics on the market. If you know those firsthand, it means you staying ahead of your competitors and you can react quickly, driving fresh hot traffic to your website.
After the signup, you can choose different options like timing, keywords, etc… to identify trending news and blogs.

You can check URLs also to see how many social shares they have and what articles are driving the most attention.

The search result will divide the total sharing by specific social networks. Then it is easier to decide what social network you have to focus on.
There are some other free tools also.
Enter a website name on this website Shareaholic and get a free social shares report for different networks.

Another one Sharescount. The same principals applies.

Ok, you’ve got some interesting blogs with huge social shares. Now what? Now start writing. Do not copy the same content of course. That is not the point, do a little bit of your own research, add some interesting facts, ideas, think outside the box and just post it.

Is Sharing Easy To Use On Your Blog?

People don’t have much time in general. They don’t want to be bothered by spending time on searching how to share your content.
They need an easy way-out. If somebody likes your article, just one click and boom, shared it is.
What is the solution? Create some Social Sharing Buttons on your website. In fact, each page should have it.
For WordPress users there are many plugins that you can easily install on your blog. Social Pug is a good one.

This plugin will allow you to create share buttons for different social networks. However, choose maximum 5. If you have too many SSBs (social sharing buttons) on your page, it can harm your layout and visitors would have too many options. That might lead to overwhelming, and the visitor will abandon that page without sharing as a result.
It is a good idea to place a sharing button just below your article, so people can click on it just after the reading.
Sometimes you need to create customized links for people who want to retweet your articles. ClickToTweet is a very useful plugin that can help you to do it. You can include there a short description of the article, or other encouraging text and a URL link to your blog. It will also paste their Twitter handle in that text automatically so your visitors don’t have to do anything else but just click on the button and submit it directly to the Twitter timeline.

You can track all those customized links you have placed inside your articles. The plugin will show you all the click statistics for each link.
You can put those links in any part of your articles to assure that your best information is ready for interaction and sharing.

Properly Using The Headlines

Your headlines must grab your audience attention. Otherwise, you leaving money on the table.
There are too many things going on in people lives, if the name of your article is not strong enough not many people will look at it twice.
Your content should be made in such way that it attracts their interest immediately.
BuzzFeed is one of the websites where you can find some good examples how to engineer your articles in a professional way. So, they can be easily consumed and shared by public.

Make your articles to target readers individually. Use more personal pronouns like “you”, or possessive pronouns like “your”. It will attract your visitors’ attention.
Some psychological studies have found that people like headlines with questions, numbers, personalized headlines, containing numbers, etc…

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