The website itself looks like this:

The article is from 2013! There is no offer, no links, no pictures, no nothing.
This is a very good candidate to compete against.
Copy that Url and check it with SEO SpyGlass software. It has a free version. It would be enough for us. Let’s see if we can outrank this website.

The site has 1,000+ backlinks. Not a good news.
Check the quality of the links. Does it have many spam links? With the SEO SpyGlass you can click every link and see exactly where it is leading. What forums or blogs are there? High quality websites? You can post your backlinks on the same forums or blogs too. It is time consuming, but it will help you to diversify your backlinks.
From what I see, many of those links are pure spam. Some of them even leading to adult websites… lol… You can see the same pattern on the chart too. In 3 month, they’ve got 500+ additional backlinks.

Ok, this website is your target number one.
Check competitions for other 2 or 3 keywords.
You’ll find a couple of similar websites. If they have the same issues as the first one, you can easily outrank them.

Preparing Copy-writing

It is time to write a beautiful article.
Define your 3-5 high volume (2,000+), low KC keywords.
It might be: “best quckbooks tutorials ever”, or “using quickbook for beginners”, or “fast quickbook learning for beginners”, or “quckbook for professionals only”…
That depends of your target audience of course.
From those 5 pick one that has the best chances in your opinion.
Then add a couple of low volume (300+) keywords.
Like “best accountant”, or “only two weeks course”, or “managing your balance sheet”, or “prepare your balance sheet”…
So, your total monthly searches would be 3,000+.

Use the major keywords +-5-10 times per article and those low volume ones 3-7 times.
Depends of the article too. Google likes 2.000+ words articles nowadays. However, do not over-optimize it too, so it won’t look spammy.
You can write an article yourself, or you can hire someone from Upwork or Fiverr.
How much should you pay per article? This is a good question. I’d say about $10 for 1,000 words might work. You need to negotiate it with the ghostwriters. Check their portfolios first. Do they write as experts or as cheap copywriters?

Nobody will buy from you if that article sucks. So, watch out.


If you really serious about blogging business, it will be only one little website in your network. Even if you attract only 10 buyers a month, you can get $500 in commissions with this vendor. And this is just from one article! There are thousands and thousands of other sellers who have no idea how to sell their products properly. You are that expert! Do you see the potential? I do.

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