Researching Keywords And Competitors

How to do keyword research and analyze your competitors?
There are several types of keywords:

Short-tail (containing 3 words or less), they are highly competitive and have huge amount of searches, but also they have low conversion rate, because people might search for something else instead of this exact word.
For example: a word “resort” can mean anything about resorts or travels, so, even if your website ranked as number one in Google Search for this keyword, but people looking other things about travel, then they will leave your site and you probably have wasted your time and money for nothing.

Long-tail (containing more than 3 words), they are much more specific and converting better. For example, “Caribbean 5 stars luxury resort”. If somebody types something like this in the search box, it means that there are high probabilities that this person might be ready to make a purchase.

If you just starting and don’t have much traffic, The Easy and Medium ones are for you.
Before you start your keyword research, you have to decide what products you will sell.
Clickbank is one of the places where you can find a lot of products for sell.
If you choose a seller, you might choose one with the “Vendor Spotlight” option and an affiliate page.
It means that this seller has banners, emails or other copy-writing, statistics, etc… to support their affiliate partners.
On Clickbank I’ve found this product: a QuickBooks Tutorial (a tutorial how to use accounting software QuickBooks). The seller pays %50 of every sale if somebody buys this course via your affiliate link. An average $ per sale is $111.28.
I like when the Average sale is $50+. If it’s lower then it is a little bit difficult to keep good ROI (Return On Investment). Remember, you are going to invest your time, efforts and money to succeed in this business.

Ok, now you are ready to discover the offer.
First, open their landing page and check if you like it. Because if you don’t, you’ll have not so many sales.

Check the layout, if it looks professional, has a promo video.

Clear information about the prices and payment methods.

What also important is, check if they have their “Contact” link at the bottom.

Next, go to their affiliate page and see what they can offer for you to make your life easier.
It will help you to define your target audience, keywords, to write an article and to make your offer irresistible for your visitors.
In this case, they have already prepared the audience for you.

Keywords and videos also.

Plus, some copy-writing.

And, promotional banners.

Researching Keywords

Even if you have the keywords from your vendor, you have to make a quick research for yourself. Why? Because usually the vendors are not professional promoters and they don’t know the SEO and the other tricks to rank your pages in Google quicker as you do.
There is no point to create a big portal for this tutorial. 1-3 pages max would do.
This is not a good idea utilizing Google Keyword Planner for keywords researching.

For my keywords research I’m using Long Tail Pro.
They have a Free trial. So, you can check the functionality of this program without risk.
Open the program and enter the name of your campaign. In this case: Quickbooks.

Now, put there some keywords.
I’m using “quickbooks” “how to use” “how to work with” “accounting software”.

Apply Filters. “Average Local Searches” 1000+, “Number of Words” 5.

Click “Generate Keywords”.

Create several researches with lower search volume too. About 200 would do.
From the results list, choose some keywords with low KC (keyword competition).
I would take keywords with KC below 25. Those numbers are not always precise. Consider them as your guidelines.
Sometimes I’m using Ubersuggest for my keywords and competition research. This tool is free and it has many interesting futures. Check it out if you have time.

Researching Competitors

You have your keywords now. It is time to research your competitors.
To make it easier, install the Mozbar Chrome extension. It is free for now.
Open Google and type your keyword in the search box.
In our case, it is “using quickbooks for personal finance”.
Now you have your competitors.

One more thing. If you are looking for Google search results in the USA but you are outside of the country, use VPN (Virtual Private Network) or a Proxy Server with a US IP address. Otherwise, your results won’t be accurate because Google customizes them accordingly with your IP location.
Check 10 first searching results.
Notice, that “myvao” has the DA (domain authority) only 17, but sitting on the 6th place in the Google search for this keyword.

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