You can try to rank your video with this keyword if on the first page of YouTube you see that more than 50% of the videos are less than one year old.
If the old videos dominating this page. In spite of the fact that YouTube likes new content and publications, it will be very hard to rank your video with this keyword. Just pick another one and go forward.
It is not necessary to build backlinks for your videos; you want to rank them as fast as possible without much work.
Pick up two more related keywords along with your main keyword to add in.

What To Optimize

Video Description
Video Title
Video Tags

If you do that, you will get your high rank in a very short time.

This is an example.
I will try to rank this title:
“How To Increase YouTube Ranking and Views: Step By Step Guide”.
With those keywords:
“Increase YouTube Video Ranks”
“YouTube Step By Step guide”
“Boost YouTube Views”
The title must be as compact as possible.
Only “Boost” is not included in the title.

Next step.
You need a video description.
It should be about 500 words max.
I’m using WordCounter to count words and check grammar.
What you should put there.
Full title and its parts 1-5 times.
Other keywords 1-5 times.
Related words 1-5 times.
You have to put the major keyword, second and third in the first two lines.
Unlike Google, the YouTube will index your rank and show it straight away.
To get the most favorable results test different descriptions, keywords, positions, etc…

An example:

In this “Step By Step Guide”, I will show you some simple tactics “How To Increase YouTube Ranking and Views”. Even with those small changes you will be able to “Boost YouTube Views” and get on the first page” of YouTube search results!

If you want to get people’s attention and “Increase YouTube Ranking”, you need to implement a curiosity technique in your thumbnails creating process. It will help you to get more views and to promote your videos to the front page of YouTube.

The article describing that video should be about 500 max. People don’t read much while visiting YouTube… lol. However, as I’ve mentioned in this “Step By Step Guide” the title should be as compact as possible from one side, but unique and eye-catching from the other, keeping the visitors intrigued and engaged. If done right it will definitely help “To Increase YouTube Views and Boost Your Video Ranks”.

If you have watched this “Step By Step Guide” you will know “How To Increase YouTube Ranking” with easy to implement steps, which don’t require many investments, probably only your time and attention. Nevertheless, despite of the simplicity of those steps they might seriously “Increase your Views” and “Boost your Youtube Ranks”.

Thank you for visiting my channel.

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“How To Increase YouTube Ranking and Views Step By Step Guide by Rey Roy”

How to setup the Tags:

It will be quite easy. Simply you have to place all your chosen keywords in the tags segment. Do not type there other words!
Otherwise, YouTube will try to rank your video based on a big list of different, non-related and random keywords.
You must focus on the keywords you really want to rank for.
After you’ve done all those steps I mentioned above, your video should get rank on the front YouTube search page for your Major Keyword very fast.
If you want to get more buzz and views, you might want to rank your video for your Target Audience.

How About Backlinks? Do You Need Them?
If you would like to increase your rank on Google search results, you can consider it.
Read How to Use Backlinks to Boost Google Search. It will for sure give you supremacy in your Google rank.
For YouTube Backlinks are not necessary, except if the keywords are hard to rank for.
You can definitely do it if you know How to Build Backlinks for Free.


There are tools in internet, which can help you to do these tasks easier.

However, you don’t need them, unless you don’t have time, or you don’t like to dive into the deeps of eCommerce knowledge. Because it will do the same research for you that you just read about. Moreover, you can spare probably +$50 per month by doing it yourself.
Take your time, do some basic research, compare couple of things and you will have no issues ranking.
To write descriptions you might use iWriter, there you can choose different themes, and different quality, they do even rewriting for you.

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