How To Get YouTube Ranking: Easy Guide

Here I would like to share with you how you can rank your YouTube video.
Well: To do it you need a special SEO approach and backlinks.
YouTube is the most powerful search engine nowadays.
You can outrank videos with millions of views in just a couple of weeks.

What I am Going To Explain

How to increase views.
How to be unique.
What you have to optimize.
Video descriptions: How to guide.
Finding right keywords.

It is much easier to get to the first page of YouTube search results than landing on the Google front page. Just use this keywords strategy and you will be there in no time!

You have to think smart and use long tail low competition keywords.

For the keyword “how to build affiliate business”, you have only 7 results with maximum 49 views. Only one of the titles contains the exact keyword. How difficult is it to outrank them? Not at all.

A lot of people don’t know how to rank their YouTube videos, that is why at least 70-80% videos on YouTube are not competitive and have low ranks. Use your time to optimize your videos, because it will give you primacy against your competitors.

Use Unique Thumbnail

What can bring you more views? Make your thumbnail unique. By unique I mean not only authentic but that picture should create a puzzle in the visitors’ minds. Humans are curious beings by their nature. If they see something interesting and extraordinary they have to satisfy their thirst for knowledge, it is inevitable. They have to click on it and solve this riddle for the sake of humanity.

In this example, we have a thumbnail about weight loss.

However not just usual “before”, “after”, but there is a picture of a plant. People would love to know what plant it is. As a result 600k+ views in just one month.

That how powerful it is.
When your video rankings and unique thumbnails are combined, those videos will give you a lot of views.
Are the views important? Yes!
Views give you authority in your niche, they bring you social proof. People tend to click on videos with lots of views. If you get a stable amount of views, it will definitely keep your video on the first page.
Anyone can create an interesting thumbnail in less than 5 minutes. If you what to know how, follow this simple guide.
Fotojet is a user-friendly tool that allows you to create thumbnails for free, you don’t have to even register.
Just open this link and chose a template you like.

If you want to make one from scratch go to the “Photo” section on the left-side bar and select by category.

For example cars:

You can rotate, flip, crop it, etc…
Then add text from the same left-side bar. Chose style, font, color….

Then just click the “Download” button on the top panel.

Then click on the “Download For Free Now” button.
Done! You have your thumbnail.
So simple is that.
A YouTube thumbnail size should be 1280 pixels wide and 720 pixels tall.
A ratio of 16:9 is the most common.
Check the file size, if it’s too big, you can compress it with Img2go.
Open the website, and click on the “Chose File” button. You can also install a Chrome extension to make your work faster.

After you selected your file, chose file format, compress level and quality. Then click “Start”.

The original file had 942KB before the compression and 152KB after.

Landing Your Videos on The First Page of YouTube

First, before you publish you video, you have to find a good keyword.
Read my Keywords research publication and use it for YouTube keywords search.
YouTube gives you possibilities to find a right keyword by keywords suggestions when you type words into the YouTube search bar.
With KeywordRevealer you can check your keywords monthly search volume, cost per click CPC, profit.
You can create a free account there and run three keywords searches a day for free.

Save the results as an excel file if you click on the “Download CSV” button.

If you click on the “Evaluate” button, you will get additional graphics.

Google Ten Ranking websites for this keyword with PA, DA, Difficulty, etc…

If you see that this keyword has monthly search volume above 1000 and low competition, that is good news.
After you got your keyword, check it with the competitors. Don’t spend much time on doing this.
How can you do it?
Just go to YouTube and put your keyword in the search box.
In our case, it is “How To Increase YouTube Ranking and Views: Step By Step Guide”.

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