On this picture, you can see a typical one page Web 2s.

You don’t want to be penalized by Google because you always posting the same anchors. Google will see it as spam.
Diversify a bit.
Those are different anchor texts:

  1. Branded name (with hidden link)
  2. Keywords (with hidden link)
  3. Random (with hidden link): in example; “This article”, “On this page”, etc…

Create 3-5 Web 2s per day. And just let them be. Google will index them in several days. You can speed it up by submitting URLs for indexing on Google manually.

Using Weebly Web 2s

Purchasing and configuring process for Weebly is the same as for Tumblers. VPN is required too.
After some Tumblers add a couple of Weebly with High PA. When 3-5 weeks have past, throw in 3 or 5 more.
Weebly requires a bit more love than Tumblr. For each blog write or buy 2 or 3 articles in 300-500 words range per each. Put some Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords and your major keywords there. Nowadays Google is too smart, you have to feed it smarter articles.

There is a little trick, when you publishing your first post, add a couple of links to very famous websites, do not link your main blog. Wiki is a good one. Leave it for 5 days or so.
After that, publish the second one. Now add a backlink to your money website and post one or two additional external links. It might be anything, but with high authority too.
Upload some niche related pictures. Be careful here, pictures must be authentic and without copyrights. Add some tags. Also, set up “about” and “contact” pages. It should give to your blog extra points in Google eyes.

You might use Link Centaur to boost the indexing process. 10 links a day are free of charge.

Using Pinterest

You don’t have to do it, but it can help.
Pinterest is free. It is true that you can create only no follow links there, but for Google it will add some authority to your blog. Just don’t spam and you’ll be fine.
Pinterest has good share signal strength and I find it easier to get followers on this platform than others.
Sign up, login, create a board and send some related to your niche pictures with backlinks to your Major Blog of course.

Start following your nice associated profiles and boards, it should bring you about 500 followers. At this point, your pictures might get several repins already.
Throw again 5-10 new pictures to your board. Every repin will spread and duplicate your backlinks. That is the point!
More advanced promoters using bots, but if you are just starter, that is not a good idea. Unless you have already learned How To Use Pinterest Bots To Boost Your SEO.

How To Check Your Backlinks

It is very advisable to use Google Webmaster Tools. Many online checkers are let’s say far away from reality.


Using this strategy you might build your own PBN and even start to sell backlinks to other blogs owners.
Because people are busy, the time is precious. Speeding up things is working.
For as low as $40-70 you might boost your blog to the first page of Google and it can add to your passive income portfolio serious money.

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