Search Engines studies include social signals into the ranking process.
If you don’t believe it, make some tests, you’ll see.
You should worm-up your blog with social attention first and then move to the heavy artillery like Web 2s and PBNs…
You can buy shares, comments, posts with backlinks, etc… for your blog on FaceBook, on Instagram, on Twitter, on Pinterest, Reddit, Linkedin, etc…

Where to buy: check Fiverr, there are many sellers there.
Before you buy signals, ask some questions. What demographic, locations, media, language, delivery time… Do they provide reports? Do they do it manually, or with bots? Do they use real people good quality profiles or automatically created spam accounts? Etc…

How much does it cost per signal? That depends of the quality. Starting from 1 cent up to $1. IMO there is no point to pay more than 10 cents per engagement, unless you creating some high-end blog, targeting very rich folks.

Searchmetrics studies show the correlation between social shares and domain ranks.

Buying Tumblrs Blogs With High PA

First, a little bit of theory.
An ideal off-page SEO blackhat campaign structure:

  1. Passive income website. (your golden goose)
  2. Guest posting
  3. Tier 1: other websites, or web 2s with backlinks to your golden goose.
  4. Tier 2: websites with backlinks to your Tier 1 websites.
  5. Tier 3: websites with backlinks to your Tier 2 websites.
  6. PBNs
  7. Profile Backlinks
  8. Forums
  9. Social Channels
  10. Pinterest

You can also include other tactics. TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, fliers, etc.. Pure improvisation.
As you see, you have to create a very sophisticated network of backlinks to insure your success long term. In our example, we building backlinks from Social Channels and Tier 1 websites only. Despite that the structure is not completed, we will get good results, because we are going to use Web 2s that already exist with high PA on Google.

It will cut the timing of normal organic process dramatically.
To learn how to apply in-deep SEO read SEO Step By Step Guide.
What to avoid. Starting building Tier 1 websites (without backlinks from other websites and no high DA/PA) by yourself or paying some guru to do it has no sense at all. You will get NOTHING! No traffic, no ranks, no juice… You WILL lose time, money and energy.

The chances that Google is going to accept the backlinks from it to your main website are slim to none and slim just left town. Those kind of Web 2s are ghosts for Google, your golden goose will get no authority from them.
Of course, you can evolve them in time, give it about 6 month and a lot of additional work, yeah, they will get some Google attention, but until then, it’s a mess.
Luckily for you there is a solution. You can purchase expired Web 2s blogs with very high PA, aged and a lot of links already pointed to them.

Where to buy? Fiverr of course.
How much would one Web 2 cost for you? Again, depends of the quality.
I’d say from 10 cents to $1 for one account. PA between 50 and 80.
What should you ask from the seller?
What is PA, DA, Age? Is it registered with a Single Account? Is it registered with Single Email? Is PA/DA dropping? Was it registered from Real Unique IP address? How many backlinks does it have? From what websites? What niche? Was it registered by hands or bots? What location? Etc…
Alternatively, you can find them by yourself with ScrapeBox. Read my article: Hunting Web 2s with ScrapeBox.

Using Tumblers

Before you are going to use different Tumblrs accounts, you will need VPN (Virtual Private Network) access, so every time you login, you will have different IP address. Otherwise, Tumblr might block this account. There are tons of VPN providers out there. I would recommend Hide My Ass.

In-between your logins clear your browser history and cookies! It will minimize the risk to be spotted.
Next, upload a related image with some text and a link back to your website.
Next, all what you need to do is sign in, change login, password and email to your own, add a picture to your profile, if it doesn’t have any. Your profile has to look good. We building a real business here. Then, just post a small article with an image and your backlink (mixed Anchor Texts). Add some niche related tags, and some links to 3rd party domains also. No biggie. If your keyword is an easy one, add minimum 10 blogs and watch statistics. Usually you will get results in about 10 days. Difficult keywords will require more blogs.

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