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If you browse forums and other ecommerce communities on social media you can notice how many people complaining that it is impossible to find easy keywords with decent search volume. That is not correct at all.
If you do your homework, you will find such keywords again and again. Actually it is very easy to discover it. You just need some tools, time and patience. When you found some, don’t let them slide by. Those are your precious gems that might help you to build your passive income.

The blueprint is simple. Find high volume keywords with low competition, build a website around it for that particular niche and rank it on Google search by using high DA (Domain Authority) backlinks. Some people would say that high PA pages don’t count anymore, that is not entirely correct, because they still produce traffic from backlinks and Google indexes them.
Then, after some time, if that website is profitable you can sell it, or keep it and evolve it if you have time.
I want to share some secrets of this SEO strategy and with you in this step by step guide. I want you to succeed, and you will, because this approach’s been so efficient and it is making money.

Ready? Let’s start.
Note: If you use Weebly or Tumblr blogs and they don’t index automatically, just go to Google Webmaster Tools and forcibly submit them with the Google URL Inspection tool or as a sitemap for indexing.

Your Equipment For This Job

  1. Some easy keywords
  2. Weebly’s blogs with decent PA
  3. Tumblrs blogs with decent PA
  4. Social Engagement
  5. Some articles about your niche

What is an easy keyword? It has to have high search volume and low competitive score. Normally below 20.
You can find such keywords with Long Tail Pro.
Use Keyword Revealer to analyze your keywords.
Signup for free. You can analyze 3 keywords a day with that free plan.

Reading Important Statistics

After the signup process. Put your keywords in the search box. Choose your region and language and click Search.
In this example I use “how to build backlinks”

Here are the results.

Let’s analyze it.
This 4 words keyword has 390 monthly search results. Volume trends are steady during the last year. Cost Per Click $10.18. Difficulty 46.
If you click on Difficulty. You’ll get more stats. As volume, trends.

DA (Domain Authority), PA (Page Authority) of the 10 top Urls.
Notice that the graph shows 0 External links from those top 10. What does it mean? It means that if it’s not just a search error, those guys know what they doing and blocking online crawlers from revealing their backlinking structures.

I wouldn’t say that this keyword is your precious gem.
The volume is too low, high cost per click and difficulty. Moreover, the top 10 are sharks… lol
Definitely not for the beginners. You can break your teeth here.

What you should be looking for:

  1. Location (where you operating)
  2. Word Count: should be two or three words
  3. Better 2 Words
  4. Monthly Searches (locally, not worldwide): should be above 1000, the more the better
  5. Keyword Difficulty below 20 (Extremely low competition)
  6. CPC (Cost Per Click) about $1 or lower.

Those kind of keywords is your golden mine.

This diagram explains you how to setup a good SEO backlinking campaign.

When you optimize your websites for search engines, the rules of that campaign are not cut in stone. You should improvise a bit here and there. There is no such thing as a “Get Gold” button, neither can you find a guide that will work on every website you have and will get you high ranks and huge traffic every time. It is always a challenge.
No one can predict 100% what will happen. Be professional, work smart and hard to get better rankings.

You have to test all your tactics and methods again and again for the best results. This strategy was tested on many blogs with keyword competition below 20. However, don’t always trust for the competition statistics. Execute manual investigation for your keywords. This post Analyzing Competition And Keyword Research will explain you how to do it.

This method’s been tested on low competition keywords. The results might be different if your keywords are more competitive. If it is so, just adjust the system a bit and make some more tests. You might also consider to build own PBN (Private Blog Network) to get more traffic.

Purchasing Social Engagement

All you have to do is to buy social engagement.

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