If you don’t have sufficient funds, start with two campaigns, two Ads sets per campaign, with one Ad (one interest) per each Ads set. Daily budget: $5-25 per Ad.
But, before you bring your ads online, make some warming-up on this Ads account. Run for 5-7 days a Traffic campaign with $5-10 a day.

How to scale

If your Ad is working, you need to scale it, otherwise you are leaving money on the table.
There are two ways to scale your campaign.

  1. Vertical (bigger daily budget for the same Ad)
  2. Horizontal (duplicating the same Ad with the same budget and let them run simultaneously)

Most of advertisers trying to put more money into the same Ad. From one side it might work, because you can outbid your competitors, from another side if you spending too much Facebook can block your account because it is too aggressive.
You will need serious financial support to accelerate or scale your campaigns. Manage to get as many credit cards as possible, or a good credit line. Register your own business and open credit cards for your employers. Another reason to obtain more credit cards is: if your Ads account had been blocked, Facebook will blacklist a credit card that was bounded to this account usually. It means that you need a new one if you want to stay in business.

Conversion Rate

It means how many people click your affiliate link on your landing page.
It should be 7-15%.
How many people should buy the product? About 30% of those 7-15%.
So, if you had 1000 conversions (meaning affiliate link clicks), you should have 21-45 real buyers.
If you have those numbers, you’re doing good, if not, you might consider to review your Ads strategy, test new copy, pictures, or VSL (Video Sales Letter).

How Much One Click Cost

There are many variables at play.
Day time
Facebook rates (relevancy, frequency, feedback…)

I’d say one click costs on average $0.5-$2.
The price can fluctuate every day. Today it might be $0.4, tomorrow $1.35, etc… It is a never-ending evaluating process. Who is controlling the price? Facebook algorithm.

How You Can Reduce The Price

Be relevant. It means that your landing page, the ad, the offer should engage peoples’ natural curiosity in a good way. It will show Facebook that people are interested in your info. The algorithm will reduce the click price in your favor most likely.

Watch out for the frequency (the average number of times each individual saw your ad.). If somebody saw your ad several times and didn’t click on it, it means that you showing your ad for the same audience without engagement. Facebook doesn’t like it. If your frequency rate is above 3 per week (meaning that the same person saw your ad three times during that week), consider reviewing your campaign, lower your budget, pick bigger audience, etc…
You can see your frequency rate when you analyzing your campaigns.

The higher the frequency, the lover your relevancy score. Bad news, higher prices.

How To Collect Leads

What are the leads? What a lead can include? Names, addresses, emails, phone numbers, language, education, job, income, etc… Is it important? Yes. You need to collect them. You can upsell, cross-sell, promote new products, ask for support, reviews, comments, etc…
There are different ways to collect this information.
Facebook has its own way to do it. It called “Leads Forms”. You can access for that tool via your business page. Open your personal Facebook account, click in the right upper corner and choose your business page that you’d created for your Business Manager previously. Then click on Publishing Tools.

That will open all Facebook tools for your campaigns. Choose Forms Library under the Lead Ads Form section.

Click Create.

Pick New Form and then Next.

It will open the main form creator. Where you can insert your copy, title, picture, add questions, form sections like name, email, phone, etc, download button, link to your Privacy Policy or Disclaimers (very important to have its on your website). This lead form will have a Review screen and a Thank you page. Always save it as a draught. You can do it if you click on Save. If you click on Finish, you will not be able to edit this form anymore. But, if you save it as a draught, you can duplicate it and then Finish the clone one.

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