Add your audience interests. I would recommend adding one interest per one ad. Otherwise you’ll never know why your ad isn’t performing.

You can add other metrics if you click on Browse, demographics. Choose Education, Income, Life Events, Relationship, etc…

Where To Place Your Ads

Next, pick where to place your Ads. Select ONLY Facebook feed, unselect the others Instagram, Messenger, Audience Network. You can leave them checked if you have really deep pockets.
Unselect Desktops, because most women use smartphones nowadays.

Select “Only when connected to Wi-Fi” option. People tend to have more time for checking your offer when they are at home. So far, this option is working better for Mobile devices.

On the right side of the page, you will see your audience size, estimated daily clicks and conversions.

Our target audience is 3.400.000 people.
After you defined your target audience you can save it, click Save This Audience.

When saving your audience, choose a proper name for it, so you’ll know what ad it is.
I would recommend something like this:
Ad1 Weight Loss, W35-50 CA US.

Formatting Ads

Next. Choose you Ad Format.

Make your pictures authentic. By authentic I mean not only unique, but that picture should create a brainteaser in the visitors’ minds. Remember, Facebook is a social media platform; people are coming there not to buy things, but to communicate and search interesting information. By their nature, humans are curious beings. If they see something extraordinary and interesting they must satisfy their thirst for unknown, it is unavoidable. They must click on it and solve this puzzle for the sake of humanity.
In this example, we have a picture about weight loss.

However not just an obvious “before”, “after” statement, but there is an image of a green plant and some strange structure pointing to the girl’s body. People would love to know what that is. That how it works. To add an image to your ad click on Add image.

Images for the ads should be 850 x 850 pixels by default.
When you placing any texts in the ad make sure that it contains no claims. Like: lose 80 pounds in 30 days! Or, this is the best weight loss product!
The title should be social and NOT promoting products or services directly, but by the contest.  The primary Text will be shown above the picture along with your FB Page Name.

Next, turn on your Pixel and click on Confirm.

Fill in your credit card, or PayPal info and click Continue.

It will take a couple of seconds and then your campaign is online.
If you are not ready yet to bring your ads alive, turn a little switch on the left side off. If you want to edit the campaign, click on Edit in the menu. To delete the campaign, click on a trash icon.

If you click on Edit and see that red circle near the Conversion Even. It means that you have to setup your Pixel (tracking code) on your website. I have explained it previously.
Your Ad Campaign has 4 sections: Account Overview, Campaigns, Ad Sets, Ads.

Normally, it takes +-24 hours to receive an approval from Facebook for your ad. Their AI system checks it on an autopilot. Then you good to go.

Creating Funnels

Next thing you need is a good landing page. What your visitors will see after they clicked on your ad. It MUST not be a sales page of your affiliate vendor, with prices, promo-copy, buy now button, etc… If you do that, Facebook will suspend your ads account. What should it look like? A survey, a review, an article about that niche, etc… be creative. Use different anchors, write interesting and useful copy, so even if your visitors won’t buy anything from you, they will have positive memories about your website. Some of them will add your website to their favorites to check it out later, or to share with friends…
You can create that page by yourself, or you can use some professional online tools to help you with this process.
I would recommend GetResponce.
Why? Because they will make your life much easier.
They do cover:
Email Marketing
Landing Pages
Marketing Automation
Basically, it is an all-in solution.
They have plans for starters and for advances users.
Plans starting from $15 a month with 1000 email list size inclusive. Plus, you can try the service during 30 days for free.

Website Speed

You can check your website speed via Google PageSpeed Insights or Gmetrix. It should be less than 200ms. If your webpages have loading time greater than 1 sec – bad news. You must relocate your website, or you will lose a lot of visitors. I would recommend SiteGround hosting in this case. They working with professionals in online marketing business.
In addition, control your Time To First Byte, or TTFB with GTmetrix. Bytecheck would do the same.

Managing Your Affiliate Links 

When you have a link or two that is not a problem to track its statistics.
But, when you have many affiliate links, that could be a problem.
You can use Thirsty Affiliates plugin. It can help you to categorize your links, to track, to cloak and protect them.
So instead of a long ugly link like this:
you can have
To install this plugin simply open this link, download it and install via your WordPress dashboard. Then click Settings/Link Appearance and choose your prefix, or create a custom one.

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