You have your affiliate network account, your product and your affiliate link now, time to come back to Facebook and create your Ads Campaign.

Facebook Ads Accounts

Facebook allows up to 25 Ads accounts in general. However, when you just start, you have only one. The others are hidden. So, you have to be careful what you doing with that firs account. If you somehow have violated Facebook Advertising Policies, they will block your Ads account along with your Business Account and you are done. In this case you can try to open a brand new FB account (not easy nowadays), or contact their support services (almost hopeless, unless you have a FB insider).
You have to work step by step with your new Ads account.

First, read that Advertising Policy carefully. Second, create a warm-up campaign (brand awareness), put there about $50 and run it for a week. The point is NOT to create sales or to get traffic, but mostly to show for Facebook that you are investing your money and efforts and you want to build a multi-account business platform. After you spent all funds, contact FB support and ask them to unlock 4 more Ads account to test your advertisements. Normally they will allow it. Then, run +-$50 Ads campaigns on each of those 4 additional accounts. When you spend all the funds, contact FB again and ask them to unlock 20 other accounts because you want to scale your campaigns and run a lot of ads. Only then, after they’d unlocked new accounts you are ready to promote different products. So, don’t screw it up. Be patience, follow those steps and you’ll be fine. It will take a couple of weeks, but then, you are really set for the business.

One more thing. You have to add another administrator or two to your major Business Account. Because sometimes strange things happen and you can lose access to your account. Imagine if you running 50 ads with $20 daily budget per each. How can it harm your budget? Ask your relatives or friends to grant you access to their FB accounts. Most of them don’t use it for business purposes anyway.
Ok, back to business.

Using Business Ads Manager

Login to your Business Ads Manager.
Then click Campaigns and push Create Ad.

Next, choose Create New Campaign.

Creating Campaigns

Each Ads Campaign has three levels.

  1. Category (where you pick what you want to achieve)
  2. Setting up the ad set
  3. Creating the ad itself.

Category. If you want to sell something, choose Conversions, but sometimes you can use Traffic, Engagement, or Lead Generation too, depends of your needs.

If you’ve chosen your objective you’ll be prompted to pick some additional options.

Split Test is useful, it has different variables:
Delivery Optimization
Campaign Budget Optimization is for more advanced users. Because it can eat your budget real fast, if you don’t know what you doing.

If you want to learn more about those options, read this info.
Learn how to create an A/B Test:

Learn more about Campaign Budget Optimization

Next, setup your time zone and currency and click Continue.

From the drop-down menu chose Purchase. There are other options, but you want to sell, right?

Below the Purchase you see Verify Your Pixel message.

What Is A Pixel

Pixel on Facebook is just a short computer code, which will help you to track your sales, ads performance and collect your leads. You have to put it into your website code and verify it. When it’s been verified, you’ll see a green icon on the left side of Purchase.
How to get that Pixel?

Creating And Installing Pixel


What you need:
A website.
You must have access to your website’s code.
Login to your Business Manager, then, go to the Ads Manager, Events Manager and click on Pixels.

Click Add New Data Source, Facebook Pixel (if you already have a pixel), or Create New Pixel (if you don’t have one).

Add your Pixel Name.
Enter your website URL (optional).
Click Continue.

Your pixel is ready now. Click on Manually ad pixel code to website.

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