What they do have here.
They have Email Swipes. Nice! You don’t have to create your own copy to promote.

Next one: different banners. +point.

Product images page. +point.

They’ve prepared keyword for you. +point.

Next one: They have written content for your articles. +point.

What I’ve noticed, they don’t have any Videos about this product or long-term effects studies.
This is not so good. Women would love to watch videos and see what will happen with their body if they use this product. I don’t know why this vendor doesn’t have it. Maybe it’s a brand new product and they haven’t made videos or researches yet. Still, they should have had it in my opinion.

Exploring Affiliate Website

Next step. Visit their website to see how it looks like.

From what I see, it is one page website. No menu, no medical studies, or scientific researches published, no testimonials of people who had used this product before, no videos.
They do have a contact email, and a support button on the right side. If you click on it, you’ll see just a message form, no live chat support presents. Privacy / Terms of Sale / Shipping & Returns are also available.

No direct telephone line, or physical address, no company name, registration/license number.
This website doesn’t look like it is a well-established business. I’d say somebody just wants to make as much money as possible with as little investments as possible. If you already have a list of your good clients, this product is not that I would recommend promoting. Looks a bit spammy.
So, if you are not comfortable with the product or it smells a bit fishy, and if you don’t want to put your reputation on the line, don’t promote it. There are literally millions of other products out there. But, if this product looks good in your eyes, and you have good feeling about it, just go with it.

Other Affiliate Attributes

Other things to be aware of when you choose your vendor are those little icons below the offer and a Vendor Spotlight signature.

Those icons from left to right.

  1. Country and language
  2. One-time billing. Meaning, you’ll get commissions from one sale.
  3. Recurring billing. Meaning, you’ll get commissions from future sales.
  4. Shippable items/media
  5. PitchPlus. According to Clickbank: “PitchPlus lets you add to the value of an order by offering additional related or value-add products to a customer once they’ve purchased an initial product. The consumer only needs to click a single button to immediately buy one or more additional products and charge the payment method used in their original purchase.”
  6. Affiliate tools/URL. Additional affiliate support.
  7. Vendor Spotlight. A very helpful info about your vendor.
  8. Mobile HopLink Target URL supported. According to Clickbank: “ClickBank Vendors are required to select a default HopLink target URL that affiliates’ HopLinks will direct to. This is sometimes referred to as a landing page. It’s the first webpage that potential customers will directly engage with your product on.”
  9. Additional HopLink Target URL

In ideal, you want all those icons to be present with this offer.

What Is Vendor Spotlight

When a vendor has the Vendor Spotlight link, you can click on it and check their stats. Year of establishment, affiliate URL, trends, Gravity, etc…

In our example that vendor doesn’t have the VS link, it can be taken as NO GO if you prefer to work only with well-known vendors.

Joining The Offer

In our virtual research, we will promote that weight loss product.
To join the offer, click on the Promote button.

On the next page fill in your Affiliate nickname and click Generate Hoplinks.

Your link is ready, just copy and save it for your website. It means that if you put this link on your website and visitors will click on it, they will be redirected to the vendor’s website or sales page. It will also generate so-called cookie file on the visitor’s computer, or phone.

What is a cookie

A cookie is a computer code, that allows the vendor to track that particular visitor if he’s bought something on the vendor’s website. The system will register it and you will get your commission. Before you start promotin the product, contact the vendor and ask about their cookies policy. Some vendors support the same cookies indefinitely. It means that even if the same visitor has bought something there from the same device two years later, you will still get your commission. That depends of the vendor. Most common, they tracking cookies for 3 to 6 month, then they reset its.

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