You have to send them your application to get their approval.
There are some guidelines.
First: You need your own website with a couple of good articles on it. The website must be online and with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), certificate.
Apply ONLY with your email from this website. Setup your email server on your hosting admin panel first.
If you give them a public email like Yahoo, or Gmail… the chances are that your application will be rejected. Even if they do approve you, you will have problems with the advertisers. Because they will check your profile and they might reject you only because you have a public email address.
Open this page, scroll down and click on Create Your Account Now.

Next, fill in your country, name, address, phone and email, password and click Continue to Terms and Conditions.

Accept the Terms and click on Join Clickbank.
You should be redirected to your Clickbank Dashboard.
Click on Complete my profile.

Put in your info and choose Promote products as an affiliate. Click Save.

Next step, click on the apps icon in the left upper corner. Choose I’m new here, Create account.

And one more time Create an account

Choose your Account Type. You can pick Combination (Vendor and Affiliate). Who know, maybe you will sell products there in the future, right? Put your Nickname and click Create Account

Congratulations! You account is online.
To access your account click Accounts on the left side and then on your nickname.

You are inside your account now. Click Expand, download the document and accept it.

Next, click on Account Settings and then on send a confirmation email. Confirm your email.

Next, setup your payments. Click on Account Settings again, scroll down to Payment information and click on Edit.
Choose your payment method, push Save Changes.

Your account is complete.

Preparing For An Interview

Some of the affiliate networks might ask you for a Skype or phone interview. Just schedule a meeting and talk with them about your business, what you do and how you’ll promote the products. If you don’t speak English, hire someone to do it. It might take only +-10-15 min. Be friendly and have a plan.
What do you have to tell them?

This is an example:
“I’m providing business and management consulting for businesses and individuals. Some of my clients are in need of different online (offline) services like hosting, website building, plugins, SEO tools, etc… I would love to join your affiliate network and to promote your products and services by SEO traffic, forums, social media, blogging, e-mail marketing, paid ads, etc…”
They can ask you how many clients you have, how big your email list is, what promotion strategy you prefer, etc…

What they don’t want to hear, that you promoting products by giving other free products away, or by paying for customers. Affiliate Networks don’t like if you are associated with adult industry, if you are promoting by adding Chrome extensions, games, etc….

Finding Offers To Promote

Now, it is time to find an offer to promote.
Login to your Clickbank account and click on Marketplace.

On the next page, you can search vendors by Category on the left side. But, if you want to see the most trending offers, just click on a search icon with an empty search box.

That is how it looks like.

Let’s analyze the first one.

The name of the product is Leptitox. I’m guessing here, it is something to do with weight loss. We’ll see.

  1. Average sale $63.27. Check. Good news. I would recommend you to promote offers above $50 when you just starting, because with lower prices and lower margins it is difficult to keep good ROI. Moreover, you always need to ask the vendors what their RR (Return Rate) is. Because if the RR is about 35% and your commission is only 40%, then you might lose money here. Don’t forget, you paying for the ads. So, do the maths first.
  2. The vendor has an affiliate page. Check. Good news.
  3. Average % from sale 48%. Meaning you will receive 48% from any sales. It is not so bad. I would recommend working with affiliate commissions above 75% at the beginning. I’d say, 48% it is for more advanced affiliators.
  4. The offer is in the Health & Fitness Category. Check. Good news.
  5. Gravity. It is the Clickbank proprietary index. Basically, it tells you how many people promoting this product right now. 561+ is huge. Check. Good news. The product is HOT.

Exploring Affiliate Offers

Next step. Explore their affiliate page. Click on that link (Yep, it is a weight loss product!), enter your name, email (obviously from your Clickbank account) and push Give me access.

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