You can use this form only with one type of Facebook campaigns, Leads Generation.

You can add your new form when creating or editing an Ad. Scroll down and you’ll see the Instant Form section. Choose your form and save the ad.

But, before you publish the campaign with those Leads Forms you might consider connecting that form to your CRM (customer relationship management) provider. If you don’t do it, Facebook will collect the leads anyway and you can still download them as a CSV or XLS file during 90 days from the time they are submitted by a user. In this case, you will have your leads, however, after a certain amount of leads (usually 500+) it will be very difficult to contact with them, even if you have your own email server. Your server will be flagged as a spammer and your emails won’t be delivered. Managing them might be a problem too. I would recommend using third party services to collect leads from Facebook.

Using CRM Services To Collect Leads

If you don’t want to collect emails and leads by yourself, you can use online CRM platforms like aWeber, or GetResponse. aWeber is just an email service, GetResponse has different futures, like funnels, landing pages, email servers, etc…

To integrate those services into your ads, login into your normal FB account, open your Page, go to Publishing Tools and choose Leads Setup. Type your provider’s name into the search box.

You will find it. All major players are there. Type GetResponce in example. Choose it from the list and click Connect. The connection with GetResponce is happening via Zapier. You have to open your own (paid $25 a month) account with Zapier to be able to use this service. Of course, you need your account with aWeber of GetResponce too. You can upload your leads to your GetResponce campaign manually too. In this case you can save a $25 a month, but you have to do all work manually.

Follow the instructions, fill in your Facebook credentials (you can allow Zapier to collect data from your visitors from your ads and to send you notifications, other options, like manage account, or pages are not necessary), type your GetResponse API Key, click Yes Continue and you are all set.

Bring Your Ads Online

Everything is prepared. Open your Business Manager, Ads account and just pull the trigger.

After 24 hours check the winners, kill the losers. Repeat.

What To Do If Your Business Account Is Blocked

At some point your Business Account might be blocked by Facebook. Because you’d violated some terms, or you’d spent too much money, etc… It means that your money machine is dead.

You have to prepare yourself for this situation.

  1. Everyday register a new gmail account. In example: yourname.01.01.2020. You can use your desktop, or mobile for the registration, it doesn’t matter.
  2. Everyday open a new Facebook account with your real name and birthday. To register those accounts use your mobile with WiFi turned off. It means that you will have a different IP address from your desktop. Open chrome in the Incognito mode. Use new gmail email address to register it. Buy a fresh new prepaid Sim card with a new phone number and possibilities to receive text messages. Use this number to register your Facebook account and to receive a conformation text message. DO NOT use the same email or phone number twice. Facebook will burn you.
  3. Login into your new FB account from your phone using Chrome Incognito, add selfy as your picture, like 10-20 posts from the news feed, add some friends (don’t make friendship requests for people you don’t know, they might report you). Leave this account for 2 or 3 weeks. Then come back and register a business account.

Make about 5-10 new Facebook accounts. You will use them in case of emergency.

  1. If your main account had been blocked and you can not use it anymore, open Chrome on your desktop and remove all the cookies from Facebook. Restart your router, or modem to get a new IP address, only then you can login with your new Facebook account.


It is a time consuming and a bit technical process for sure. It needs your love and systematical approach.
Make a plan with deadlines, track the statistics, timing and your spending all the time.
Watch what your competitors do.
At the same time, you can work on your own web portal with organic traffic from the search engines. Build your SEO backlinks campaign and a network structure. If you want to know how to do it, read my article Boosting Blog Ranks With SEO Hack.

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