How To Build Affiliate Marketing Money Machine

You have decided to be a professional or part time affiliate and create your own money machine. Great decision!

So, what do you do?

You need a very responsive blog, or a website where you can post some copy-writing about your niche to attract visitors and to create conversions. If you don’t want to involve paid ads you need a lot of good and authentic content. This is a hard way to get into the affiliate marketing. If you don’t have patience and discipline to wait for the results it won’t be easy.

With paid ads, on the other hand, you just need an attractive landing page, an interesting ad and an irresistible offer. That is the formula in general. Simple, easy to remember and in a matter of fact not just easy to remember, but easy to do also. With some guidance, you can start promoting and get your first sales in a couple of weeks.
Alternatively, you can combine both approaches.
You also need an access to some affiliate networks where you can subscribe to be a promoter.
As I said, there are two ways of doing it. An easy way and a hard way.

Let’s start with the easy one.

Promoting Paid Ads

First, you don’t need a well-established blog or website with a lot of content, backlinks, SEO optimization, years or months of history, community, or email list. One-two pages website would do for starters. If you want to know how to build a simple website, read my article How to create a website: Step By Step Guide.
Second, choose your niche. I don’t know what your niche is, but if you want to make decent income from it you have to be in those three categories: Wealth, Health and Relationship.
Third, you need to decide where to promote. It depends of your niche of course.

Most common social platforms to advertise to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube nowadays. I’d say Facebook is great for not so expensive products and services. LinkedIn and Twitter might be used for high-end tickets. YouTube is somewhat universal.

Advertising On Facebook

Join Facebook.

But, you have to be careful, if you just click on your profile and choose Advertising on Facebook from the drop-down menu, you will create ads on your primary account.

You don’t want to do that. Because if you get complains about your ads or something will go wrong, Facebook will block your account.
You need to create a business account. But first, you have to setup a page on your primary account for your business. Click Home, and then Create, choose Page.

Pick Business and Brand. Click Get Started.

Fill-in the info and click Continue.

Then, it will ask to add a profile picture. You can skip it if you want.

Congratulations! Your page is set and up. You don’t have to publish any posts on this page, but you might if you want to.

Creating Your Business Ads Account

Go here and click Create Account.

You’ll see Create Your Business Manager Account page. Fill in the info and click Next.

Add your business address, and other info. Choose Promote its own goods or services. And click Submit.

Your business account is online now.
Next time, when you login into your main Facebook account, click on your profile in the right upper corner and choose Business Manager.

Now, when you are on your Ads Manager dashboard, it will ask you to add your page, then
you need to create your Ad Account.

Creating Ad Account

Next window, click Add Ad Account.

Next window gives you your Ad Account ID.

Then, you will be redirected to your Ads Manager dashboard. Click on Ads Manager in the left upper corner and choose Ads Manager from the menu one more time.

Ok, your Ads Manager is set, now it is time to find some products to sell.

Join Affiliate Networks.

Some of them: Clickbank, Cj Affiliate, Rakuten Marketing, ShareASale, MaxBounty…
Do not join 29 of them at the same time, it is time consuming and you can create a mess with links, tracking codes, email addresses, etc… One or two would be enough for starters.
Always keep records what info you have sent to those networks and to what offers you have applied.

Do not expect that those networks will assign a personal affiliate manager to your account to discuss promotions and strategies. Usually you have to earn it. When your revenue jumps above 100k a month, you’ll get their attention, no worries. Until then you are on your own. Anyway, send a request for a personal manager straight away after your registration and approval. Even if you won’t get it, you will have a reference person and sometimes a personal email and a phone number of a network insider. Really helpful if you need to solve some issues fast, or to get professional advice and tips.

Different Affiliate Programs

There are different types of affiliate programs.

  1. Tier 1. When you getting commissions from a sale if somebody clicks on your affiliate link and buys a product directly from a vendor.
  2. Tier 2. You getting commissions from other affiliates that you’d referred to your clients. When they generate a sale, you will get paid too.
  3. Increasing Tier. The % of your commissions will rise if your links lead to more sales.

The second and the third one are for more advanced users obviously.

  1. You can also get paid Per Lead. In example: if somebody just signed up, without even buying anything. Be careful with this one; make sure, that you have authentic visitors, so the vendor won’t blame you in cheating. Pay attention what a written agreement with the vendor is saying. Read it very carefully (especially small text).

You need to setup your tracking system and analytics also. Because this one is time consuming and the ROI is low.

  1. Ongoing or recurring commission. When people are subscribing for annually plans for different services. You get paid as long as this person is signed in. I love this one.
  2. Paid Per Review. Some vendors give free products away, you just need to bring them real people who will write a review in exchange for this product.
  3. There are vendors that want you to bring them just buyers. No matter what the visitors will buy on their website, you’ll get paid. I like this one too.

Joining an affiliate network is a good thing; it will give you flexibility, always new products and ideas, so you can be on the edge of news and promotions. However, many sellers offering affiliate programs directly, without networks. You can consider joining individual companies too. Sometimes it works even better, because you can get their full affiliate support, advises, even tested audiences and client lists.

How To Apply

Let’s take Clickbank as an example.

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