It is very easy to identify those who wants to rule and dominate us (psychopaths, sadists).

They want to be elected, or to work for the government/reinforcing institutions and they are operating there as we speak, because we have allowed them with our ignorance and naivety. That tiny percentage of sociopaths is already there.

We have created and offered to them a perfect, very desirable and juicy feeder. No wonder that they sucking our energy, blood, life, livelihoods, wealth, assets from us on an unbelievable scale.

Nowadays, it is a “privilege” to work for the governments or to be elected. It gives them special status, perks, power, fame, VIP privileges, huge salaries/pensions, possibilities for corruption/bribery/criminal conspiracies, dictatorship, favoritism, money creation, etc. When they have all those advantages of course, they want to distance themselves from the people as far as possible and protect this chasm by any means.

Instead, working for the government must be a very heavy “burden” to anybody. An honorable, but very difficult and stressful job that gives not too much for you, only unique experience, other people’s respect and an average pension at the end.

The political/election/government/legal/financial/educational, etc… systems are completely compromised and infiltrated by psychopaths and so called “noble bloodlines” now.

They don’t serve us, we serve to them. And this is completely wrong.

Those systems must be dissolved, if we want to get our freedom back and to protect our and our children’s future.

Everybody is educated enough nowadays to become people’s representative and to bear a burden as a government worker. Present governments privileges must be called out, leveled down to an average salary and pension in the country.

We have to create a completely new system that uses different approach and concepts.

1. We don’t need political parties at all, so no more elections, gigantic financial expenses, no lobbyists, nor political sponsors, no more favoritism, corruptions, bribery, indorsing, etc… No divided political views of the population and hysterical political wars/propaganda/brainwashing. Therefore, we don’t need parliaments and the corrupted clowns that are sitting there and lying that they are representing us and our will.

2. All government workers must be chosen to truly serve us. Not like it is happening now (by indorsing, connections, family promotions, favoritism, bribery, etc..), but by a simple open public electronic or paper “raffle”, where every eligible candidate in the society has equal chances to be selected. And there will be millions and hundreds of thousands of them (depends of the requirements for this position).

A candidate might be: officially working, unemployed, self-employed, or a business owner, but not too young, because luck of experience, or too old, because of health issues, let’s say somebody between 31 and 65 years old, without criminal or other similar convictions, without severe health issues, or mental disorders/incompatibilities, with an appropriate educational/professional background, without dual citizenship.

Let’s say we need a president. Then every eligible citizen of the country has equal chance to become one.

Or, we need somebody who can work in an economy/education/military/etc… sector, then every citizen with economical/financial/educational/military/etc…education/experience will have equal chance to be selected, etc…

The maximal period that somebody can work in a government institution on all levels (local/state/federal, etc..) should be limited by 3 years, without possibilities to work for the government ever again, to use that ex government title in the advertisements or for paid consulting, to open a private business, or to own/buy another business or shares of it, within 10 years after this person has left a government position.

After 3 years, this citizen gets retirement (with possibilities for additional employment). An average pension might be assigned as a reward (after reviewing of his/her work). A new selected government audit institution will decide within 3 month if his/her work was beneficial for the society and that he or she is eligible for the pension. If not, and in case if there are no criminal or civil charges there, this citizen  will return to the job market and will seek a job as everybody else.

If somebody has been selected, but declined to accept a job proposition in the government for any reasons, then he/she will be permanently excluded from any future government selections/raffles. Another candidate will be chosen.

All sitting/present government workers must be retired preliminarily (because the whole system is compromised) with an average pension, without possibilities to work for the government again, to open/join a private business within 10 years after this person has left a government position and to use the assets that they unlawfully gained during their work for the people (except an average earned salary). All those unlawfully gained assets must be realized on public auctions and returned to the people by redistribution, proportionally with the current financial level of each eligible citizen.

The total size of the governments/governmental institutions on local/state/federal levels must be reduced to 0.3% of the total population of the country, including police, army, legal services, first responders, etc…

Corruption attempts will continue for sure, this is the nature of the human beings (greed, desire to break rules, etc), but without a well-established mechanism of the bribery, it can be easily spotted. With the current political/government system, where lobbyism, donations, favoritism do exist and legal, it is almost impossible to distinguish a bribery from a legit financial transaction.

Because of the randomness of the selection, most of the people that will work in the governments won’t be from wealthy families, so it will be almost impossible to them to hide a graft or dark/corrupted deals.

Moreover, people who were selected (and chose to be our representors) have to provide full financial reports/disclosures and will be requested to quit/close their existing businesses, freeze all personal or business financial accounts and to move (alone, without his/her family) to a government lodgment (a standard apartment near the working place) to live there and to serve the country (people/us) during next 3 years.

3. Legal and lawmaking system must be simplified. It is impossible to completely understand the legal law texts now, because they are so complicated (intentionally entangled), therefore out of touch with reality. Mostly, those laws were created by elites/lobbyists on purpose to favor/cover-up their superiority/special interests, to suppress and to keep in fear the freeborn people.

The judges should be selected for 3 years too via the same process. No lifetime work as a judge must be allowed. No one or 3 judges courts must be allowed to prevent corruption and injustice. Only 12 representors can rule every case by quorum. The same conditions applied for their retirement as above.

”Statutory Law” must not be used to evaluate l

awsuits/clams where freeborn people involved. Only “Common Law” can be applied for such cases, based on “do no harm” principles. The institute of a fictitious “person” entity, that represents a freeborn breathing and living man in courts now, must be dissolved as a deceiving and deluding structure.

The government must provide (free of charge) to its citizens new confirmations of birth and identification for each man, women and child. Those confirmations must acknowledge that citizens were born as freeborn human beings. Therefore they cannot be sued under the “Statutory Law” and that there is no debt in any form is assigned to them by the government or other organizations/companies, etc… All old birth certificates/passports/IDs/Driver licenses, etc.. that were issued for “persons” aka “artificial entities” must be destroyed.

Expressions/words with religious background or religious “hidden” meaning/message, for example: person, register, money, ministers, ministry, clerk, judge, court, etc.., that are in use now in the governments protocols/day-to-day operations and procedures must be replaced with new appropriate words without religious background or hidden meanings/messages.

All use of symbolism in/on the government buildings, clothing, utilities, documents, day-to-day operations, protocols, etc… must be prohibited/removed as disturbing and energetically dangerous artefacts (representors of interdimensional entities). Religions must be excluded completely from the governments operations/activities.

4. The financial system must not be based on debt, as it is now, when the governments assign debt for every citizen to the rest of his/her life, after they log this man/woman/child in the state record. We are not supposed to know that.

Based on this debt the governments issuing treasuries/bonds/loans/money/currencies and injecting them in into the system on different levels of equity supply. Therefore, the citizens (basically slaves) must work and pay this debt back to the governments/banks/elite their entire lives.

This debt has no real value inside, only possible future work/products/fruits.

This is our society now – pure slavery.

Instead, this system must be built on existing assets and productivity (creation of additional goods and services, or real grow). An additional equity supply must be created based only on real and existed, produced in the country goods, services and assets. This is not a slave society, but a productive and inventive system, founded on entrepreneurship, initiative, innovations, freedom of choice and will.

Debt/interests leads to inflation (you can buy less with your equity in the future), financial bubbles and financial/psychological enslavement of the population.

Productivity leads to deflation (you can buy more with your equity in the future) and financial freedom/wealth increase of the population.

Governments, banks or any other financial institutions must not be allowed to issue and collect interests on loans, to use fractional reserves systems and multipliers, to create money from the thin air, to give loans or leveraged loans based on clients’ funds/accounts. There must be no central, international, or world banks. Banks and other financial institutions must not be allowed to lend equity to the government.

Banks are an ancient form (with deep religious roots) of keeping/distributing of money/currencies in slave societies. They have no rights to lend-out the funds that we put on their accounts without our permission, because it is not their equity, they have no rights to create equity from nothing, then collect interests on it and take real assets (houses/land/goods, etc) away from the borrowers based on those “fake credits”. But they still doing it, because we allowing them.

In fact, we can get rid of banks as intermediaries completely.

All commercial, private and government projects should be funded via crowdfunding and open public auctions.

No financial derivatives like indexes, ETFs, interest rates, bonds, swaps, futures, treasuries, options, etc… must be allowed for trading on the official financial/stock markets or internationally. Not for the government, commercial/non-commercial entities, or private individuals. Those deceiving financial instruments must be removed from the markets completely, because they inflating, deluding the markets and used for illegal price manipulations. The derivatives (fake) markets are in hundreds if not thousands times bigger than a real value of the economy in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, etc… This situation was allowed by the governments/elite on purpose, to create financial crises and wealth redistribution at their will.

When they pulling money from those markets (basically by reducing the amount of zeros on their computers) they taking the stock market of the real companies together with it, so the retail investors loosing real money (their savings/houses/land/assets/wealth), not “fake” money that the governments/financial institutions/banks have created from the thin air and have streamed it into the markets via their “insiders” like Clintons, Bushes, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sash, BlackRock, City Group, Bank Of America, Wells Fargo, etc… That is the real reason behind those derivatives.

Present derivatives markets must be closed/frozen and the funds (99.99999% of them were created unlawfully by the banks and corrupted governments) must be used to payback the governments debts/deficits and the rest must be divided between the citizens proportionally, according to their current financial situation, to level up and to close the gap between the rich and the poor.

Prices of the stocks must be returned to the real fundamentals of the companies, after independent audits (how productive they are, what real additional goods and services they produce, what real assets and liabilities they have…). Fake and artificially blown companies must be dissolved/reduced (invested funds from retail investors must be returned to the investors, if the legitimacy of the funds was confirmed by an independent external audit.

The funds from the financial institutions that were created from the thin air must be frozen and used to payback national/international debt, deficits and the rest has to be redistributed between all citizens proportionally to their financial situation. No leveraged stock trading and no “naked” sales of the stocks must be allowed.

No commercial bankruptcy must be allowed, because it leads to irresponsible projects/financial plans, impunity, funds/money-grubbing schemes, intentional funds wasting, corruption, bribery, etc… Every commercial owner must be personally responsible for the losses.

No SPACs must be allowed.

Import/export/domestic and international equity policies must be beneficial for the country.

5. The educational system must be reformed.

The energetic form of our reality, how to interact with the informational/consciousness field, how to protect yourself from energetic attacks, NLP, or other forms of psychological and perceptual manipulations by humans/religions/governments/interdimensional entities, etc… must be explained as soon as children could understand those concepts.

Financial structure of the country/world, how the money/currency are created/used/distributed/working, investments must be explained to children also.

More right brain hemisphere activities must be implemented, that develop intuition, sensitivity, empathy, sympathy, artistic talents, freedom of thoughts, choice and will…

Personal score exams must be replaced with a group interaction/cooperation games where children learn how to collaborate with each other, how to lead, how to help to the others, how to set and achieve short/long-term goals, respect integrity and timing.

Because personal score exams keeping children in the state of fear, suppressing their talents/nature, transforming them into computerized mindless brainwashed biological robots/computers/machines that can only follow/respect/obey the rulers’ orders and authority.

Those are some of the primary changes we have to make in order to take our world and power back.