Almost any smartphone now have possibilities to convert your speech into text. You can literally create a 500 words copy in an hour.
The volume of the publication should be not less than 500-1000 words. Google likes 2000+ words ones.
How often to publish your copy? I’d say once a day.


Creating your own PBNs is costly and time-consuming process. You have to consider a lot of details and little things in order to succeed. If you doing such work you must respect your time and invested money, so you won’t lose it all because of your negligence.Share!
Tell nobody the real websites’ names of your PBNs, not on forums, not on social media, not even to your friends, or family. People do strange things sometimes when they have some leverage over you.
If you are selling your services as PBNs to promote backlinks, do not provide any reports to your clients with sensitive data. You can explain them your general idea and sharing methods, that’s it.

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Rey Roy

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