Many people making the same mistake when it comes to creating own PBNs. They register and host 687 domains on one, or just a few hosting providers. Moreover, they use the same WHOIS data. In addition, they put the same anchor text and links to the same website everywhere. Don’t do that. This is the way where Google will catch you and your PBN will die very fast.
Everything in your network should look organic.
It means that you have to use different hosting companies (as many as possible) and diversify your websites. Hosting can be pain in the neck for your pocket. Especially if you paying for top providers. You don’t need high quality services for your second or third-tier domains.

Getting Inexpensive Hosting

What hosting do you need for PBNs? Shared of course. The response time is not so crucial for such networks. How much would I pay to host one domain? Not more than $10 a year for sure. Usually $5-7. It is true, that such services not so stable are. Sometimes you have to change your provider because that particular hosting just died.

Where am I searching for cheap hosting? WebHostingTalk is a great place to find interesting offers.
Pay yearly, it will save you some funds.

Search Google for $7 a year hosting, you might find great deal too.
Do you have to put each website on its own hosting? If you have not too many, yeah, why not? It is safer that way. After certain level you can consider using the same hosting for two or three domain names.
Do you have to use only .com, or .org TLDs? No. In fact, it is better if you diversify your TLDs too.

Rebranding Backlinks

Let’s say the domain you just have bought about travel is, but you have a health related niche.
Can you redirect the backlinks to your health money website? Sure. Will they bring the traffic? Sure.

Your task is to reorient your visitors’ attention in such way that they might consider purchasing your products or services even if their primary intent completely different was.
Relevancy is more important when you contacting somebody for guest-posting or backlinks.

Where To Publish Your Website

Ten of millions of websites using WordPress nowadays. Why not to blend in? Use different themes, logos and content of course.
Configure redirect errors like 404 or the 301 if you don’t want to rebuild the same website design as the previous owner has had. Therefore, you can pass the traffic to your new pages from the broken links. You can do it with plugins or by redacting .htaccess.

When using themes remove all URLs of the theme makers and WordPress, so nobody else can sneak in into your website without your permission. Check the meta data and the footers. They have to pay you to have their backlinks on your website. LOL

How To Hide Your PBN

When you are in the emarketing or another business your competitors will try to find out what and how you doing your operations. They might spot your PBNs and report them to Google, or even order junk backlinks from adult industry or other spammy websites to discredit and damage your ranks.
How can you do it? You can block any online crawlers and spiders  how to protect your PBN except from Google. If you edit your .htaccess file, nobody can see it, but you.

Put this code (without quotes) into your .htaccess file to block the spiders, use a “|” sign without quotes to separate them from each other.
“RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} ^.*(Bingbot|Baiduspider|AhrefsBot| AhrefsSiteAudit|mj12bot|ia_archiver|……………………).*$ [NC]
RewriteRule .* – [F,L]”

Here you can find a list with crawlers and bots.²
You need to configure your apache config file correctly too if you want the .htaccess to work properly.
Do not use robot.txt to deny access to crawlers, many bots don’t respect it.
You have to take care about those things before you put any backlinks to your websites.
Use Tor or IE to login and post articles on your sites, so Google cannot spy on you. Don’t use Google webmaster tools on your websites.
You can also use services or plugins like SpyderSpanker to do the same job for you.

If one of your sites becomes punished by Google don’t panic, check the reasons, if the site worth it try to restore the rank, if not, just cut the links, uninstall WordPress and let the domain expire. Not a big deal.

Preparing Articles 

When you creating content you must prepare high quality authentic copy-writing. Google is smart enough today to understand the quality of your article.
The content is king for Google, therefore it should be for you too. Take care about it.
You can write articles by yourself of you can hire a ghost-writer.

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