Another great tool to find and analyze expired domains is Domain Hunter Gatherer.
There different ways to find those domains in this program:
“Hunt Expired Domains From Website” – to hunt expired domains with backlinks from the authority websites.
Click on “Expired Domains From Website”, put the “Crawl Level” in. If you put level 500 for Wikipedia, your searching will be going almost endless. It can take days or even weeks to finish it. I’d say level 5 is fine. It will run several hours and will find you a lot of expired domains.

Then you can use “Expired Domains From Keywords”, or “Web 2.0 Hunter”, or “Domain Auction Hunter”.
All those options giving you many possibilities to find what you need.
After you have found the domains, you can analyze them.

Just click on the “Start Analyze” button and let the DHG do the rest.

You’ll get a lot of statistics like PR (page rank in Google), age, social media shares, FB links, FB shares, Tweets, LinkedIn, Pinterest ….

In addition, the DA, PA, TF, CF of course.

The PR will be negative or 0 usually because those websites staying down for a long time and Google will down rank them. But, when you put new content there and restore your backlinks flow, the PR will increase again. Sometimes you can find domains with positive PR though.
What many people underestimate during the analyzing process is the SemRush Traffic statistic. This statistics show you how many people vising that website per month. Even if you have not so many backlinks on this site and low DA, but so many visitors, you might consider buying this website, and redirecting that juice to your niche.

You can do even more. With an integrated in the DHG plugin called “DomRecovery“ you can access to the database of WayBackMachine, where a copy of this entire website was stored.

Click on “Recover”, download it, upload it on your hosting, rebuild the entire website and restore all the broken links flow.

Then save the website wherever you like.

You can link your Prefix if you like.

In several seconds that website saved is.

It might require some additional web-designer work but if the website is juicy, then it is worth it.
When searching for expired domains exclude certain extensions from your query, like .ie, .gov, .edu, or similar ones. You cannot register them.
Next step is to check the backlinks. Without them, the domain is almost worthless for our purposes.

How To Check Backlinks

You have your domain list, now you need to check the backlinks. There are different tools to help you with this process. Ahrefs is the best in my opinion, not cheap though.
After you have your domains list, you have to check domain by domain manually. Open Ahrefs and type the domain name in the search box.

The search will open a new page with general statistics. Where you can see Backlinks, Referring domains, Organic keywords, ets…

The “Live links” statistics will show you how many live links this domain has right now.

The “Recent links” statistics will show you all live links and lost links for the last 90 days. You can also see the backlinks interactive graphs.

If you click on the “Referring Domains” option on the left-side bar, you’ll see all the referring domains linked to this website.

Change the link type to “Do Follow” to be sure that you have all the domains that passing traffic to this website via interactive links.

Next, you can check the backlinks in each website. The “Referring Pages”, “Traffic”, “Anchors and backlinks”.
You can see if those backlinks human made are and have sense. You don’t want spammy backlinks. If you have many backlinks from one website that can mean that those are sitewide links, it means that your backlink presents itself on all the pages of that website. In this case, the anchor texts and the backlinks Urls are the same usually.

You want as many high quality referring domains (with high DR domain rate) as possible.

The anchor/text ratio is a very important factor too.
If all the backlinks coming from the same anchor type, that is not a good sign.
You need websites with diversity of anchors.
Naked URLs
Author name
Other anchors that make sense.
You don’t want artificial links.

Make sure that those domains have history (snapshots) on the WayBackMachine. Check different years, sometimes you can find that this particular domain for completely different niches used has been.
You can also download the last version of the site and restore natural backlinks flow, or even monetize it with new offers and make it your major money machine.
Now, you have some good domains to register.
How many domains do you need to make an impact on your traffic?
I’d say 300+ is a good number. About 100+ (tier 2) and 200+ (tier 3). Link your tier 3 to tier 2 and tier 2 to your tier 1 (10-50 major websites).

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