How To Rank For Hard Keywords

If you’ve read my article Boosting Blog Ranks With SEO Hack you know what to do with easy keywords. But, what if you want to rank for the harder ones? Of course, you can use all the tricks I’ve mentioned in that article too, it can definitely help. However, it won’t be enough. If you want to get consistent ranking you need to build your own PBN (private blog network). Therefore, you won’t depend on somebody’s backlinks.
Is it easy to build? No it is not. Will it take your time and funds? Yes.
Is it worth it? Yes.

Aight, let’s go.
To rank for hard keywords you need to get extra juice (traffic) to your website.

Defining PBN

According to Wiki “A private blog network (PBN), also known as a link farm, is a group of blogs that are owned by the same entity.”
It means you have to have full control over all those websites. Why is it important? Because in this case you can put there as many backlinks to your many making blogs as you want.

Some people can say, hah, it’s easy, just register a bunch of new domains and you are all set. Well, it doesn’t work that way. At least not in your case scenario. You need domains that already have been existing for a long time, with the highest DA (domain authority) as possible and a lot of high quality backlinks. You need those backlinks to attract new visitors from high-ranked resources and to increase your ranks in the Google eyes.
I’m telling you right now, Google doesn’t like it. If you get caught, there consequences will be.
The thing is, in the professional emarketing almost everybody is using this tactic.
I’m just observing that this method exists and I cannot recommend you to do that, use it on your own risk.

Finding Expired Domains And Web 2.0s

This is the most crucial moment in this journey. Without an easy-to-use source, it is an excruciating and very frustrating process that hours and days of scanning, auctions, biddings, and other pleasant things requires. The world is shifting and it is not so simple to find those domains anymore.

If you want to do that no your own, that is ok. I would suggest you to automate this task a little bit, because automation is one of the important clues in the SEO puzzle and in the unlocking of your fortune in the emarketing world. It can spare a lot of time for you and can allow you to stay focus on more important tasks.
But, before you proceed you need to purchase proxies.
Without them, you cannot do that work nowadays.
Here is the list of proxy services that provide good quality proxies in the USA, Europe and other parts of the world.

For our purposes, if you are not working on a big scale, 20-50 proxies would be enough.
You can use shared proxies, or private ones (dedicated).
The prices are starting from less than $1 a month per one shared proxy.
Remember, without good proxies all those tools I’ll be telling you about useless are.
You are looking for expired websites of failed businesses or bloggers. Watch out for the ones that somebody used for the same purposes as yours.
Alternatively you can use some VPNs.

Now, the tools:

Easy Expired Domains is a good tool that might help you to avoid a lot of manual work.
This program can find expired domains with high PA (page authority) DA (domain authority).
In this example, we are looking for expired domains containing “cars” as a keyword.
Type “cars” in the “Search Keywords” box and within seconds you’ll get your list. As you see, the program has found 10,000 domains….

Also other statistics. RD, TF (trust flow), CF (citation flow) etc… I’d say TF above 10 is a threshold for the expired domains usually. Anything below that is not so relevant.

Plus DA (domain authority), PA (page authority).

You can filter-down the search results and find expired domains with only 5 letters in example.

Here we go, 10k of expired and ready to be registered domains in the list…

When you checking the DA of the domain, don’t take it too seriously, those numbers might be not accurate, because you can push them with some techniques.
I’d say, everything with +10 DA is fine for PBNs.
The TF is more trustworthy indicator. The higher the TF the better.
Maj CF/TF is important too. I like when it is about 1. If it is way below 1, then the chances are that this domain spammed was.
If you found domains with many strong backlinks (NYT, WSJ, Entrepreneur, Forbes…), you can get a lot of traffic from them, even if that website not related to your niche is.

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