Then choose your event.

First two events types are free.
All you have to do is to create an event with some short text (about 100-200 words) and your link. That’s it!
If you branding your websites, use exact keywords for the backlinks.
Don’t lose your time and don’t think too much, just create an event, put your link and go do other things.
An event example.
Join our online eMarketing free webinar.
Liken minded people and professionals will be there to give you a hand with your ideas.
Any level, any experience is welcome. All your plans will be supported and reviewed.
Linda Willson at How to create an online passive income machine.
According to Wikipedia RSVP means an initialism derived from the French phrase Répondez s’il vous plaît, meaning “Please respond” to require confirmation of an invitation.

Next, choose your theme.

Then click on “Event Page”

Edit it, change the title and edit “About”.

Add a hyperlink to your website to the “Join Us” button.

Correct the name if necessary, choose External Link under “Link To:” and put your URL in the text box. Save it

Save the project. Then click on a little white arrow in the left upper corner.
All your necessary forms are ready now. Inclusive different types of media to support pad and smartphone users.
Next, click on Settings.

On the next screen click on Site Metadata.

Now you can insert your text and your URL in the Meta Description box.

Save and exit. Done. Your event is online and you have backlinks from this website.

Sharing Your Documents

Just share your PDF’s and Docs on one of the document sharing websites. Simple, easy to accomplish.
You can even create a pdf in 10 seconds using your articles from your blog!
Open Printfriendly, past a URL to your article, click Preview button and chose Print it as PDF or download.
No brainer.
Don’t forget to put a backlink into that PDF.
Sign up to any of the document sharing websites on use Mediafire.
Just signup, upload the file. Done! Save the link to your document in case you want to remove it in the future.

Getting Backlinks From Wikipedia

Wikipedia is strong; the DA is above 90 almost every time! It is true, that most of those backlinks are not followed, but why not set it, it is free and this is the biggest free online encyclopedia in the world so far.
It is not so easy to publish an article there with a backlink to your business, because it requires Wikipedia’s editor approval. It can take some time.
Is it worth it? Absolutely!

Promoting Your Coupons

Use Cheaperseeker. There are many similar portals in Internet though.

Then, go to the upper right corner and click on your avatar, choose Public page from the menu.
Then click Share Coupon.

Create your coupon with a short description. The coupon itself will lead to your page.

Click Share Coupon and it will be send for reviewing. If it’s ok, then it will be published.
You can post a 100% off coupon for your free e-book, or you can literally sell something via your website, it can be an e-book, or an online course, a webinar, etc…
If you don’t know how to setup a web-shop on your website, read How To Setup A Web-shop From Scratch.
The DA of this website is not super high, but it adds some free backlinks to your portfolio.

Are All Those Methods Working?

Yes, they are!
Google loves backlinks from websites with high DA.
Do you have to use a lot of BlackHat backlinks for your website?
I would not recommend it in general. However, if your website is about affiliate marketing, or ecommerce, then yeah, probably you kind of have to. Because many websites in those niches have been promoted not in an organic way. To compete there, you got to use the same tactics.
You can combine the methods I’ve mentioned above with some from my article How To Use BlackHat Backlinking Strategy to get better results from the BlackHat game.
If you have time, you can do it yourself, if not, you can hire a VA.
If you want to know how to hire a good VA read How To Hire And Keep A Great VA.
What you can also do:
Guest posting.
Begging other blogs’ owners for backlinks.
E-mail spam.
Sometimes it can help, sometimes not. You need to develop several approaches and use it when in need.

Some Extras To The Portfolio

To create more connections in and out of your website you can use additional Web 2.0 pages to link your website with those pages both ways. You can buy and configure GSA Search Engine Ranker and incite this program only on your websites and blogs.
But, before you have to learn How GSA Works, otherwise you can make more harm than good to your website.
You can add some extra power to your blogs with commenting on blogs and social media bookmarks.
When building Web 2s, create a blog, post an article with some images. Do not abuse it by posting links almost immediately after creation. Google is too smart nowadays. Leave it along for a couple of weeks. Only then, post one or several more articles with backlinks to your main blog.


This is a very helpful information if you are new to SEO and want to know how to get traffic to your website.
You need quality backlinks if you want to get high ranks on Google.
For sue you can use PBNs for your blogs. You might even create your own network.

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