Add some pictures.

Enter the description and the backlink. Click on Finish.
Your slide show is online now. Here is the link. It is active and “do follow”.

Sharing Your Presentation

You can share your presentation with Authostream.
Signup for free.

Add some info to your profile, the link too.

Then click Upload.

Create a simple presentation. Add some description with your link too.

Two or three pages and some pictures and your backlinks of course would do, and voilà, you have your backlink on a high score DA website!
Put your backlink on the last page.
Make it quick and easy, no point to waist a lot of time here.

Backlinks From Art Galleries

There are so many websites where you can post your artwork, 2 or 3D graphic, images…
One of such websites is Deviantart.
This web-gallery has insanely high DA!
Signup for free. Add your profile picture and some info about your. You can include your Url there too.

Next, hover over Submit in the right upper corner and choose Deviation.

Add description with your backlink. Then click Submit Now.
Done! Your images and the backlinks are online and this is “do follow” link, which is awesome.

Creating Your Interest List

Listly will help you with it.
The process is simple.

Click Make a List.

Create your list, make it sounds interesting for visitors.

Click on the Link icon and assemble a list of your interests using links from different articles from you blog.
Add 5-10 interests, so it would look good. Then, click Take me to my Listy.
Your interests list is online now.

Check the Web, you might find some other similar websites.

Getting Backlinks From Forums

Most of the blog owners don’t do it, because they thinking that this is spam.
Although backlinks from forums don’t have much authority or ranking power, but they are working very good as a diversity tactic.
If you doing it constantly, backlinks from forums can give high ranks for your articles and primary keywords.

Chose your niche related online communities, register there and start making comments, publish guides and interesting info. First, check if the forum allows you to put a backlink (just naked URL) into your signature or profile. If not, move on to the next one. There are literally thousands of forums out there.

Getting A Review For Your Website

Open Sitejabber, signup for free.

After that and you have two options:
– Write more reviews
– Review requests

Click Request Reviews. Fill in your website and click Submit.

Your website is now in the database.
To write a review click on Write a review on your dashboard. Put in some text with your Url, a site picture and click Submit a review. It is online now.

Both options giving you opportunity to post your backlinks. You can write a review of your website or an article as a third party observer or you can request a review for your website and write a review for your request using the same tactic. You’ll need a second sitejabber account in this case.
I’m using sitejabber all the time and it is working great.
Don’t forget to give yourself 5 stars! Lol

Website IM Face Plate might become your favorite place to get strong SEO backlinks from.
Sing up for free.

When your account is ready and activated, click on the “Article” button.

You’ll see this message. Read it carefully, or your post might be declined.

You can put 3 backlinks in the text and one link into your signature.
How good is that for starters!
Publish there a little article with a link to your blog.
The article should be about 200-400 words.
It will index your article in a couple of hours.

Backlinks From Video Sharing

This tactic is very suitable for branding and ranking.
Create some videos related to your thematic and publish it on video sharing websites. There are ton of them in internet. YouTube is the primer one of course.
Share your links on websites like YouTube.
To create and edit those videos you can use Camtasia.
Post 3 or 5 of your videos on different sites.
Use naked URL for the backlinking.

Website Splashthat

Event websites are great to add some authority to your blog.
Splashthat is one them.
That websites is very strong. Your keywords might be ranked in the highest positions because they have backlinks on such portal.
Signup for free.

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