How To Get Strong Backlinks For Free

Usual backlinks building is not easy, it is time/money consuming and sometimes confusing.
You have to ask different websites’ owners to allow you to publish an article with a link leading to your blog on their websites. Most of them will ask some monetary reward for this service.
Then, they have to approve your article…. It takes a lot of time.
What if I tell you that there are many places where you can get easy authority backlinks for free and it will take only a couple of minutes to setup?
You can use them for keywords anchors and for branding websites too.
Not true, you’d say! Well, we’ll see…
Let’s face it, nobody wants to link their established websites to your little baby-blog for free.
So, what you gonna do about it?

You might consider these high DA (domain authority) websites for your backlinking strategy:

Creating Backlinks From

With Soupio you can create a blog that doesn’t require too much of your time.
Signup for free. Then click on + in the left corner and select Text.

Add some copy with your backlinks.

You can add a couple of articles with some images to make it more attractive, but, at general it is not necessary.
Click Save. Your article is online now. All the links are “do follow”!

An easy one. Enjoy!

Backlinks From Press Releases

If you doing them by yourself, search in Google “press release websites for free”, or something similar. You will find a lot of them. Some might allow you to publish only one PR a month, on the others you can add more. Use just major keywords and URLs for anchoring.
You need a good article though.

Media Sharing Websites

I would recommend Dropshots.

You can post your link there very fast.
You can find many similar websites in Internet. Therefore, the potential of this approach is huge.
For sure, you want backlinks from this website, because it has high DA and other nice statistics!
Create your free account. Ignore the payment option if prompted. Then login and click on upload.

Next window will offer you to upload your file.

After the upload, you will see your gallery.
Hover over the picture you just uploaded.
You’ll see a little gear-like icon. Click on it. It will open the drop-down menu where you can choose “View details”. Click on it.

You don’t need to post an article there.
Just put some text and naked link to your website in the comment section. You can also add some keywords below and you are set.

List Some Artwork For Sale

Go to Artpal, register a new account for free. Add your backlink in your profile.

Create your art gallery, click Add Items.

You can list there any type of art: paintings, prints, photography, sculptures, etc…
In the description, add your backlink.

Then, scroll down and click
You don’t need to actually sell your art there, just list some artwork, put high-end prices and you good.
Although, if you are lucky enough, you might sell a picture of your pet for 10.000 bucks… lol

Backlinks On Your Profile

There are so many websites where you can create your profile.
You have to do it correctly though, or some of them might identify you as a spammer.
Do NOT buy those links from people who are selling 1000 different profiles for $10. Most of those websites are dead, spammy or low-life pages, with no DA at all!
Find strong, quality websites.
This tactic is not super potent, because it’s working slowly, but it adds diversity for your backlinks strategy and also very good for branding.

Try Scoopit

Scoopit, or something similar with strong DA.
Signup for free account.

Fill in your info.

Create a topic.
You don’t need to publish any articles there. You just need your public profile.

Add some keywords.

Then edit your profile. Click on your picture and add some info about yourself. You can do it via the settings too.
Don’t forget to put your Url in there.

In the address bar you’ll see your public profile Url. Just copy it, and store it.
Your backlink is online now.

Backlinks From Slideshow Websites

To send additional traffic to your website you can combine a slideshow with a web-link in it.
Photopeach allows you to publish your slideshows there for free. Their website has decent DA.
Just sign up and you good to go.

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