This is an example:

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You need to “install double opt-in”. What it means is, when people signed up, they will receive an email from you with explanation about your services, where they should click on a confirmation link. Without that confirmation, their email addresses won’t be added to your email list. Otherwise, you can get any kind of emails on your list, including emails of organizations that are watching email spam. If it happened, your email server will get blacklisted. You don’t want that. In this case, no subscribers will receive any emails from you. Moreover, it is very hard to get out of off that list. Bad for business!

One mistake that many beginners make is, they starting collecting emails by themselves. It might work if you have max 500 subscribers. When you start sending 500 or more emails per day your email server provider will not be happy. Because they might be punished by several spam watching organizations like Spamhous too.
In addition, if you want to move your email list to an external email provider they will require to double opt-in your subscribers again. It will be painful, believe me.

So, what is the solution? Many companies out there can offer you emails collecting services. Some of them like Mailchimp propose even free plans for beginners. However, I would not recommend you it, because they have limited tools and when you grow, it won’t be easy to transfer all your email lists to another, more advanced provider.
Get Response is one of the advanced-once. They have a 30 days free trial, where you can test all the functionalities. Alternatively, you can use another great mailing platform Aweber. This platform for real professionals.


How long would it take to set it up?
I’d say two-three weeks for a small 20 article blog might be enough. Depends of your niche and audience of course. It is much easier to find people searching how to build online income than for alligators’ admirers.
The point is you don’t need much time, and you can do it for free. You won’t wait long for improvements.

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