This search result shows that this keyword “free traffic warrior forum” has several interesting threads there.

You might consider some of those threads to post there your comments and guides. And you can create your own niche related thread with some new information in it. Optimize your keywords and your thread will show up on the top of search results too.
With some proper optimization, this thread might become popular on the Web. You can place a naked URL there leading to some of your articles or videos. In this example, it is my article about one of my income strategy.

Choosing Social Media

Another huge source of traffic for your website might be Social Media.
If you done it right it will boost your visits for sure.
Think about your consumer for a second. Who is this person? What age, what gender, what educational level? Etc… Then go from there. If you target audience are women, then Pinterest is probably the best place to find them. Women are very aesthetic and they love visuals and images.

Add Pinterest pin buttons to the pictures, so visitors can share it. That is how your account can get a lot of Pinterest followers.
If you are engaged into ecommerce, affiliate marketing, then Twitter should be your best next choice. Everything depends of where your potential visitors lodge. It might be Facebook, or Instagram, or Tumblrs, etc… Just analyze your customer and you’ll find your spot.
If you want to learn more about Social Media engaging read my article Getting More Social Shares Tips & Tricks.

Using Related Blogs

Fist, you have to find some good related to your niche blogs.
When searching in Google, use Tools, Past Week/Month period and News as well.
It will bring you results with some news websites, but altogether some very popular blogs too.

As an alternative, you can use Google Alerts tool to find more related to your niche websites. Fill in your keywords and your email address. Then it will send you emails with URLs to the websites that have used those keywords.
You can chose ones per day or per week, different sources like news, or blogs, region, how many… It will keep your hand on your niche pulse. Very helpful. And for free!

After you found some blogs, chose those where you can post comments. Add a URL leading to your website in the website unit. Post friendly, thoughtful, interesting, helpful and engaging comments there. Some of new and old visitors will check your website for sure.
Do not post something like that. “Great info! Thank you!”
That’s silly and lame…

Optimizing Your Blog For Keywords

Finding undiscovered keywords is one of your general tasks. If you article has many keywords like this it will bring you more and more traffic every day.
To find low competition keywords with high search volume you can use tools as Long Tail Pro.  This article Researching Keywords And Competitors will give you a hand how to do it properly.
For example, one of my publications about How To Create Passive Income Online had 389 visitors. I haven’t used any backlinks! Pure on-site SEO. Some can say it is not much. However, never underestimate the power of adding-ups.

When your blog has let’s say 20 articles and each gets +300 visitors per month, that means that more than 6,000 viewers have seen it. And, if those articles are interesting, engaging and good enough, people will share it, therefore you will get even more traffic.
Search engines love it, you getting natural traffic for free and your ranks are growing.
The more optimized articles you publish, the more power your blog gets. A portal with just 100 good quality publications can get with just SEO efforts +50,000 visitors a month. You can count your income from it now.
Huge potential!

Good Old Quora

When people seeking answers in the Internet, many of them are using Quora as a research tool.
On this website, you can ask questions and get answers. Just register, chose your interests, add some “Spaces” and search for related to your blog topics, start answering. Alternatively, you can post your questions there too. Both ways are working. Do not spam of course, do not post on old threads.

The same principles applied on Quora as with blogs when posting. People hate spammy, short, not related answers. Add value, be nice and professional. Getting good organic juice flow from there is your main goal.

Collecting Emails

Why is it so important? Let’s say somebody just visited your blog, read some articles and left. What does it mean for you? It means that you just lost your potential client forever. By engaging people into sing-up process, you increasing probabilities that this they will return to your website, or purchase something from you, because you might send them anytime you want any kind of valuable information:
Daily, Weekly, Monthly updates
Invitations to join webinars
Invitations to join life seminars
Invitations for subscriptions
Promotions of products or services
Use “Opt-in” pages/pop-ups to collect emails.

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