Getting Free Traffic: An Easy Guide

I’m going to share with you how to grow organic free traffic to your website. For many beginners this is one of the knee points, for some of them it is almost impossible task, because their websites are sitting without traffic for years.
When I’m starting worming up my new blog, I’m always do it through forums. In this article I have explained you how it should be done properly.
This tactic increasing your traffic very seriously and this juice is 100% cost-less.

You have found your engaged auditorium and they love you.
For sure, your activities on forums might be time consuming and might keep you from focusing on other online passive income sources.
However, it should not stop you from using additional ways to boost natural traffic for free, even if your time limited is.


  1. Using forums to get organic traffic
  2. Promoting on social media
  3. Promoting on Pinterest
  4. Building own e-mail list
  5. Finding right blogs to collaborate with
  6. Increasing Organic Traffic

This one is my favorite. Organic traffic is indispensable when we speaking about ranking on Google or other search engines. It gives you so many advantages, because you having engaged visitors who truly want to learn and know more about your niche. At the same time, some of them will become your loyal customers if your services or products are good enough to satisfy their needs.
When you starting a new blog from scratch, you have no audience what so ever. Where should you go first to find some interested people? That is right. Forums! That is probably how you may have found this one.

In matter of fact, forums might be the primer sources of driving juice to a blog. Many blogs have started by using forums as a jump platform.
Finding your niche related forums should be your task number one. It is understandable that some niches have not too many forums, but then you have to ask yourself; what is the point of going into this niche then? Because, if you are involving in the blogging business, your intentions usually are: creating passive incomes from it. And if this particular one has not enough people, than it will be very difficult and expensive to promote your services or products into it. That you should take into consideration when you launching your blogs.

I’d suggest to find about 10 to begin with.

Using Signatures And Profile Names

While registering on forums you need to create your account name. You might use any name you want of course, but to make it easier for your potential readers to remember it, you can put the name of your blog or website as your forum nickname. In example:
Next important part of your promotion is your signature. This small thing has a lot of power. You can add a URL, or a hyperlink to your website there. This is an incredibly effective place for driving free organic traffic from. Many people do not realize that. It is true that not all forums do allow it, or require certain actions from you to get it, like commenting, time spending, etc… Some forums even ask payments for a signature.

You need to find forums where you can have your signature.
Make it unique. Something that attracts attention. You might use different colors too.
It is a good idea not to use just naked URL as your signature.
On some forums, you can put your website in your profile also.
So. Everything is set up and ready to do some commenting and posting.
Usually forums have “last posts” part. You can easily monitor what is happening on forum. It might spare you some time if you don’t want to do much researching.
When commenting. Always be friendly, do not use harsh, insulting language, do not engage into battlefields, do not accuse anybody in anything, do not spam. Make useful, interesting comments within forums thematic.

When an interesting, your niche related thread has been found, just type there your comments with a hyperlink, or a URL to your blog.
Spamming is not a good idea though. Moderators are watching and you might get banned. If this is the case. Do not panic, just write a message to the admin, apologies and promise not to spam anymore. Usually they will unlock your account.
If you have some new, interesting information, that has not been published on this forum yet (do some research first, because admins don’t like new threads if something similar was already posted on the forum), you can create your own new thread. It is very helpful for your SEO strategy, because search engines love forums. Forums have huge authority. They get indexing from Google very frequently and fast.

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