Where To Find Cheap Backlinks

If you have a new blog or website and you want it grow, you always think how to promote it and where to find new backlinks.
One of the ways to get your backlinks is an organic way. If you want to know this strategy, read my article How To Get Strong Backlinks For Free.
Let’s say you’ve done that part. Now what?

Well, you have not too many options. And almost all of them will suck your funds.
It means you have to pay one way or another. What is the most important question here? Of course, how to save my budget and get the best inexpensive backlinks?
One of the approaches is buying backlinks from different backlinks providers.
One of them is Fiverr. Many advertisers there will promise you to build thousands of backlinks for just $5.
They will say that it can boost the rank of your website. DO NOT fall into it. It will harm your website or blog, really badly. You can lose like 90% of your existing traffic in days and it will be permanent unless you will require Google and other search engines to exclude those backlinks from the searches for your website and you will send requests to all the admins of those websites to remove those backlinks manually. It is a lot of pain, you don’t want that, believe me.

I am not saying that Fiverr is useless, you just have to know what to pick. You might find that many so called gurus advising to use only Private Blog Networks to promote your website. The thing is that it can harm your website too, because lack of diversity. You might consider to diversify your backlinks systematically and then boost ranks by using strong backlinks from PBNs.
This strategy is working great so far.
You can combine The Expired Web 2.0 method, Fiverr and PBN links.

Create A Plan For Your SEO Campaign

If you want to get high ranks on Google, you have to invest a lot of efforts and hard cash into it.
Structuring your SEO project should be one of your priorities. Only in this case scenario you will get the most results from it.

Sit down; write a plan, before you begin spending your hard-earned funds away.
If your niche is in eCommerce, or affiliate marketing, or in digital products or services it will be very difficult if not impossible to get your ranks in an organic way. Because many websites in those niches use grey/black hat boosting techniques.

Why Buying Backlinks Is Working

Some of you would probably say: what is he talking about? He just said that it could harm my website. It is true; however, buying right backlinks going to provide the desired diversity and high ranks in a long-term shot. The diversity is so crucial and many, many websites have failed miserably because the lack of it.
This blueprint you might consider when planning your SEO campaign.

  1. Cheap backlinks for diversity (use branded names and naked URLs)
  2. Expired and juiced web 2.0s (use variations of simple keywords and some major keywords)
  3. PBN backlinks (use major keywords to boost ranks)

Do not use PBN backlinks at the beginning! First, create some traffic from different sources (the diversity strategy), only then add PBNs to your portfolio for SEO ranking.
With Fiverr you can save a lot of time, hours and hours of work and it is in exchange for just several bucks. Definitely worth it!

When you choosing a gig, check how many orders were accomplished, reviews, what DA, PA, PR, ect… levels do they offer. Are they doing it manually? How many keywords, URLs do they cover? What is the delivery time? Can they provide a list with all passwords and logins to your backlinks, just in case if you want to remove them later on? Are those links permanent? Do they give time guaranty? Do they offer replacement if lost? What is an average response time from the seller? Can they spread delivery in time if you don’t want to increase your traffic too fast? If they creating profiles on forums, social media, are those profiles high quality, with a picture and, nice description and some posts? What is the location of the websites, profiles? Etc… Those are the questions you should ask. In case they don’t reply, just move on. There are many others out there. I’d pick level 2 sellers with some history and good reviews.

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