Little trick: When creating a forum username, make it related to your blog name, or even better, just the website name itself. Forum’s visitors might search that name in Google.
The more comments you post on forums the more visitors you’ll get.

Find Questions About Your Niche And Post Your Answer

A very reliable way to increase traffic even if you are just starting.
I do it for my YouTube Channels and my blogs.
Open Quora website and fill in your keyword. It will find you questions that you can answer.
As you can see on the image below, Quora has found a topic with a question exactly matching my niche. Now you just need to link those people to your blog.
I would explain to them why these methods would work then drop a link.

When your blog is brand new, this is a very good way of getting more engaged visitors to your website. Usually it will last for a long time, because the topic gets high ranking in Google.

Posting On Other Related Blogs

Google will love it! You will get very steady and warm traffic.
Find related websites and write there some short guides, reviews, or comparisons and link to your blog.
To find guest post opportunities go to Google and enter “accepting guest posting”.

Then contact the owners and offer your posts.
To increase chances to be accepted you need to keep your blog clean from backlinks to/from spammy websites. Your article should give value for that blog. No grammar or spelling mistakes. The volume 1000+ words getting more approvals than 400+ words. First, try to tweet, or post on their FB page something about you and your blog to get on their radar. Then approach them with your offer.

All search engines will see your posts and backlinks as organic upgrowth. And they will give to your blog higher ranks.

Choosing Social Media Engagement

What is the best social media platform for you?
Where are your potential readers/buyers hanging out?
Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? Instagram? Pinterest?….. Think about it for a moment.
Everyone will tell you to use social media but what platform is best for you?
Find 1 or 2 platforms that fit your niche then work on those hard.

Twitter has good potential in businesses, online marketing, online passive incomes, etc…
Facebook has a great eCommerce community, worth to try it, you have to be careful though… they can ban you real fast if you violate their rules.
Just click on “Groups” on your home page.

And search with your niche related keyword.

Look for groups with a lot of members. Easier to join and to get answers for your questions if you got any.
Join those groups and become an active member. Post interesting guides and info there, offer to the owner of the group to post his links on your blogs in exchange for permission to post your links in his group from time to time.
Some groups will allow you to post your links without any conditions.

Creating Your Email Subscribers

You have to do this!
When you have an email list, it is like liquid gold for you. You can promote your new articles, related to your niche affiliated products and services, your own private label products and services, make surveys, ask opinions, send gifts, asking help, etc, etc….

Get Response is one of my favorite management tools for my email lists. Normally it is a paid service. But via this link can get a free 30 days trial.
These are all potential return readers as it’s a must to build something like this when you make a blog so you can send out newsletters and let them know what’s going on.
Collect emails from your visitors all the time by setting up opt-in pages or popups.
There are many great plugins to do that. Me personally, I’m using Thrive Leads.

It’s very easy to make a good looking Opt-in page in minutes and it will be published on your blog instantly, without any coding or other time consuming tasks. It has many options to customize and even to automatize Opt-in forms. Read my article How To Work With Thrive Leads: Step By Step Guide if you want to know more about this plugin and how to deal with it.


All what I have shown you is easy to do and do not require any special IT skills. Just be natural, post interesting information, don’t spam and your blog will grow organic. Start it now and in couple of month you will have thousands of visitors on your blog. Focus and be active in one niche, don’t spread your efforts to too many different directions. It won’t serve you well.

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