Here you can do Live Chat and you have some other settings.
Now that you have the blog setup, it’s time to grow it!

I will show you how to attract a lot of interested visitors to your blog.
All of those steps are completely free of charge and you won’t pay a dime for it.
If you are a newbie in blogging then you have to know that without warm traffic your baby-blog is as good as dead. I would say it is the most crucial and important part in the eCommerce industry.

How Are Small Volume Keywords Working?

I have to cover this, because it is often overlooked by other blogs’ owners, nevertheless it is a serious traffic source and it can’t be ignored.
Most people target only one keyword in their articles. I use several keywords in different combinations that will lend my blog on the first page of Google search even without backlinks.
Read my article: How To Get Strong Backlinks For Free. If you want to learn more about my backlinks strategy.
The trick is, to pick keywords with search volume only about 200-500 per month.

What is the point, you’d say?

When you put several of them here and there in the article, they create a snowball effect, because each of them brings your +-200-500 potential visitors, and if you have, let’s say 10 keywords like this, it adds up. Suddenly you have approximately +2000-5000 readers.
Moreover, it is only for one article, when you publish more of them, then your blog getting stronger and stronger, it will achieve ranks faster and better.
The potential is right there, you can see it, I’m sure.
Despite the small volume per each keyword, it all create nice looking, juicing stats.
With only 100 keywords on the front page, your blog can get attention of +20,000-50,000 searches a month.
Of course, you can target some larger search volumes, but the thing is you don’t have to, you can just focus on the smaller ones.

The process

You can use Google Keyword Planner to research your keywords. If you don’t know how to set up your Keyword Planner account and how to work with it, read my article: How To Research Keywords With Keyword Planner: Step By Step Guide.
Google makes the registration process a little bit complicated though; they require your personal information and your credit card number. Therefore, you can’t use the tool without it.

Not all people have credit cards Google!

If you don’t have it, or don’t want to provide it, you can use a free Chrome extension Keyword Surfer
It will show you the monthly volume for your keyword and combinations of it.
Insert several keywords combinations in your article where you think it has sense. Mention each combination 2-3 times throughout the article.
Google will start indexing your article and will keep bumping your blog up. If it was a good article, Google will place it on the first page because of those small keywords you have used.

When will this happen? It will take some time for sure, but, the more articles you add, the stronger your blog will become, and the faster it will be ranked to the front page.
Organic SEO and traffic are the best combinations out there to boost your website.

Create Comments On Other Blogs

Many blogs have comments sections. Some of them have a box where you can put your blog or article web-address. When visitors click on your name, they will be redirected to your blog.

Search for your niche related blogs in Internet and comment there. Don’t spam, but post useful thoughts and leave a link to one of your article here and there. It will bring you additional consistent traffic flow.
To find those blogs just open Google, go to the search box and type in your niche there.

A little trick to get more traffic from your comments.

Click the “Tools” button on the Google search page and select “Past week” period. It will bring you only brand new articles. Now you can comment on those blogs. Very often, those articles get very popular and your comments will be at the top. Accordingly, your blog receiving more engaged visitors.

The secret sauce is – posting over your niche related themes. This is one the best ways to get attention to your website and keep it for a long period.

Subscribe And Post On Related To your Niche Forums

Use your niche name for searching forums on Google and start publish tutorials, ask forum members about something, reply….
Don’t spam forums with links to your blog. Enter your website into your signature. Some forums won’t allow it, in that case don’t lose your time there, just find another one.

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