How To Grow A Successful Blog For Free (Step by Step Guide)

Right now I’m going to explain you an easy way of creating and growing a successful blog.
If you have no idea what blogging is and how to use it to earn passive income read my article How To Create Passive Income Online (Beginners Guide)

Let’s start.

This method was used to grow multiple blogs, including websites that’s creating 6 figures passive income.
First, join several Facebook groups within your Niche thematic. Offer to the groups’ administrators to write an article about their groups and ask their permission in return to post in the group’s info about your blog from time to time.

The secret is to attract high quality engaging visitors. However, even if you have a lot of traffic, but if it doesn’t convert, or people won’t share your content, then it will go nowhere.
So, watch those numbers closely, they will tell you about the quality of your traffic.

When I’m starting a blog, I do several simple steps.

Nothing over-complicated, and it is working perfect so far.

  1. You need your own interesting domain name and hosting. Never use free hosting for your major blogs! They will screw you up down the road. Just trust me on that.
  2. Build the website and customize it. Keep it clean and clear, it will be easier for your visitors to find the information they need.
  3. Publish only interesting updated engaged content. Make sure that it is keyword optimized. You can write it yourself, or buy it on iWriter, or other similar web-services.
  4. Create a promotion campaign.

Creating Your Website

You have to purchase a hosting to host your blogs online.
There are many hosting providers in Internet.
I would recommend you to host your blogs on BlueHost.
It is inexpensive and it is one the best out there regarding price/quality ratio.
Very friendly for starters and low budget projects.

Creating Domain And Picking The Best Plan

What is domain name? Simple the name of your website.
I am suggesting you to choose the Basic plan, because other hosting plans are coming with some marketing extras. You don’t need them at this moment, but you can always upgrade your plan whenever you want.

Have fun when you choosing your domain name. Don’t over-complicate it. Use combination of two or three words, which comply with your niche.
In this article I explain you how to find a good domain name.
Because you making a website that’s going to be very active, try to find something brandable, that’s the visitors might remember, it can have a weird name too. In a good way though… lol
When you have chosen one, just go with it; don’t lose too much time here. Simply buy it, or somebody else can take it right from under your nose.
On the Flame Domain website? you can create as many domain name combinations as you like, just start clicking. You will feel it when you’ve found the right one.
After you have chosen your hosting plan, BlueHost will open the domain section. You can transfer your own domain if you already have it.

After you have secured your domain. Fill in your personal information and payment details.

On the next page, you will be prompted to apply for other options. It is not necessary but I would choose only the Domain Privacy Protection, otherwise you can get a lot of spam mails, emails and phone calls from around the globe.

So far so good, right? You are on your way to creating a famous blog.

Setting Up WordPress On Your Website And Basic Settings

Login into your admin panel, scroll and find WordPress, click on a button and you all set. WordPress will be installed automatically; you don’t need to do anything else.
After installation, create your password.

Next step: choosing a theme for your blog. The theme will determine how your website will look like. There are free and paid themes. Read my article How To Choose And Configure A WordPress Theme. WordPress has its own high quality hosting too.
You can always change your theme later, if you like.

Now, just click “Start Building”.

Next screen will say “Welcome to WordPress”.

Chose “Business” or “Personal”, and you will be redirected here:

Next, just push the “Launch” button.
Now all you need to do is to name the blog and click “Next Step”

Congratulation! Your blog is on now. Well done!
Next page will look like this, or something similar. WordPress might change the default theme.

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