Some would say, too low volume, but the word BioHacking was invented only a couple of years ago and this industry is on the trend as you see on the graph. You can take this keyword into consideration even if it has the search volume on the lowest level.
Now, go to Google and search for this keyword.

Look at this. Number two in the Google search has only 11 backlinks, 0 FB, Pinterest, LinkedIn shares…! Are you kidding me?

Do yo u think you can outrank this one real fast? Sure.
What does it mean for you? It means that you’ll get +200 visitors a month looking for Biohacking Products, and it will cost you almost nothing.
By the way, I’m using SEOquake Chrome extension for those stats. It is free and very useful for the first screening.

If you check another 8 website from the Google top 10 you’ll notice that many of them don’t have optimized titles so far. You can definitely do better.
Next your move is: visit the top 10 websites to check pages optimization, notice if the web sites are outdated.
You can sniff the backlinks of the top 10.
Sometimes they look weary; however, they might have a private blog network (PBN) behind them or other super strong backlinks, meaning: they pointing from famous websites with a lot of traffic.

Pay attention if you found a niche website that just made to ranks.
Usually it will have serious PBN promoting this site.
What next?
Find two or three more keyword, maybe about +500 searches per month, test them too. Then prepare an article and include there all your tested keywords.
Your article will get more search volume bringing you additional monthly income.
What about other parameters?
You can look at domain authority or page authority with a bit of skepticism, because they might be easily manipulated by using spam links, but don’t ignore them at all for sure.

How to Build Fast and Easy Passive Income Micro Niche Site.

Set up a website quickly, it is important not to lose time here.
This is not Get Rich Quick scheme, it will take time and efforts to establish several passive income channels, just don’t hesitate and make your moves as fast as possible.
How to create a website by yourself? It is very easy nowadays!
Prepare 4-5 articles and then setup your site in one hour.
You can write them yourself, or pay someone to write your articles for you. There are many websites in internet where you can find good quality articles for sale.
One of them is: iWriter.

They offer inexpensive articles and high-end top quality ones as well.
You need to purchase a hosting plan for your website. I would recommend Bluehost because they offer very competitive prices, decent speed and very responsive support.
As you progress, you might want to move your websites to more expensive hosting.
In ideal, you want the fastest hosting out there. Google search engine doesn’t like slow ones and it will give your website lower ranks only because of that.

Your formula of success looks very simple; you don’t need to over-complicate things here:
Good looking, simple, clean website.
Keyword and SEO optimized article + pictures.
Google AdSense linked (however, you can consider not using it, so your blog won’t look spammy).
Affiliate links.

You can use other services like ClickFunnels to help you in creating funnels and landing pages.

Creating Backlinks To Lift Your Rankings

Nowadays everybody is talking about backlinks. Many successful people suggest getting natural backlinks. The only problem is: it is VERY hard to establish them for a brand new 10-page website without traffic and history. Moreover, most of those people already have famous blogs or websites; of course, they will get their backlinks, usually for free, because other websites want to link to them.

You just have created a very simple micro niche website, but, nobody’s ever heard about it, so it will be almost impossible to convince other website owners with some weight in the Internet community to publish an article about your baby-site.
You might get more luck when you manage to rank it. But, until then you have to build the backlinks on your own.
This is a simple strategy to boost your backlinks.
Share your blog content with Tumblr’s or other similar services
Free websites with Weebly or other similar services.

This is the easiest way to get backlinks fast.

It is working! With this approach, you can rank your keywords really fast.
To add more power to the process start using PBN (Private Blogs Networks) links.
All your websites will remain dead if they don’t get backlinks. They need it as plants needs air to grow and thrive.
Of course, you can add some additional ways to increase the ranks of your websites along the road, after you’ll get some experience, but for the starters, it is a great formula.

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