How To Create Passive Income Online (Beginners Guide)

Last several years advertising on Facebook was thriving. People made a lot of money by buying ads and promoting affiliate products.

Well, the wind is changing, the ads became very expensive and Facebook blocks your account for any reason, sometimes even without it.
Imagine the horror of losing your precious account and the FB network… Terrifying… Ah? You have invested tons of funds, time and energy there and now it is gone, never to return. Because some mysterious FB insider’s decided that you are not worthy…
Many people went through this and they don’t want to make the same mistakes anymore.
You need to build new streams of passive income through other sources.
Ranking websites and email marketing are great tools for creating additional online incomes streams.
The email marketing is working fine, but you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket.
Adsense and Clickbank websites should be a part of your portfolio.
This is one of the easiest ways to build an online money making machine.
Unlike the Shopify System where you are selling merchandises and constantly busy with different issues and tasks, this one will make you passive income on an autopilot.
This method allows you to make more and more money by ranking additional websites. You can easily upscale it.
You just need to follow several steps.
Don’t miss those opportunities.
Because you will use Adsense services for your micro niche website, you will need a hosting and a website.
I recommend Blue Host. They do offer very competitive and inexpensive hosting prices and they give you a free domain name. The loading time is one of the best in Internet; this is also one of the important factors.

It all starts here.

This sort of passive income works perfect and I don’t see any reasons why it shouldn’t for you.
You have to make a choice now: create an authority website for a broad public, or go to a micro niche. Both approaches are working, the large one requires more time, work and it is harder to target keywords.
Anyway, you need to Find Your Niche to work with first.

You Need Your Micro Niche.

Find what is interesting for you.
What I recommend is, using Mix to find an inspiration. Just sign-up with Google and scroll it down, until something catches your attention. It is the easiest way to reveal your interests, even if they buried deep in your unconsciousness.
This site will show you some ideas that you would not even think about.

Just determine some niches and then you are ready for keyword researching.
You can find some passive income ideas here too.
Finally, you found your niches and one of them is about “BioHacking”
Now, relax, sit and note several primary keywords for your research.

  • BioHacking
  • Top BioHacking product
  • How to do BioHacking
  • BioHackers store
  • BioHackers forums
  • Best BioHacking products

When you got some interesting keywords, use a tool like Long Tail Pro to continue your research.
It will take some time, the most important thing is: don’t lose too much time doing this. It is easy to get overwhelmed and achieve what people call “paralysis by analysis”.
Fill in all your primary keywords into Long Tail Pro.
Use those specifications to filter non-compete keywords out. Write them down:

I would recommend those settings for the research.

Search volume more than +200 per month and below than 20000 per month.
Cost Per Click (CPC) +$1
Competition for this keyword below 30
Old, low quality, outdated websites in the top 10
Websites that are not keyword optimized in the top 10

You have to distinguish those two concepts: an advertisers competition and a keyword competition. The firs one reflects how much the advertisers paying per click on a keyword. The second one means that this particular keyword has a decent monthly searching volume on Google but not too many advertisers bidding on it on the auction.
By researching your keywords, you will see if they are suitable for you. At the end, only you have to decide what keyword has more potential. There is no magic program, which can tell you that this keyword will be the best for your campaign.
Nevertheless, if you stick with those settings, you will find great converting keywords, that will help you to create passive income.
Use Semrush to make quick free analyze of your keywords.

The keyword “BioHacking products” has a search volume 200+ per month, competition level 17 and CPC $0.7.

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