Even if you order a 500 words article, the authors will usually over-deliver, so you’ll get +-550 words in total.
Need to fill-in your blogs quick? Order 30 articles a day. In 24 hours, they’ll be ready and you will be set. Just post them and focus on the other, more important things, like how and where get funding.
Need a higher quality article? Increase your writers’ level a bit and see if they can do the job better. In my experience, the difference in quality between “Standard” and “Premium” writing is minimal, maybe about 10-15%. For me, it has no sense to pay a double price for it.

But, if you want it, you can order it. Here you have to be more specific, precise and firm. Give the authors as many concrete instructions as possible; otherwise, you might see not what you wanted at the end.
In this case my instructions might be:
“The writing must be authentic; you can use other similar articles on the web to get the ideas. This article will be posted on a highly visited blog. No spelling or grammar mistakes allowed. Write professionally, as you are an expert with the authority in this field, but do not use very complicated grammatical or technical constructions, because the target audience might not understand it. This is a SEO article and you have to keep keywords composition about 2%. Maintain the story-line throughout the article. Articles with no sense will be rejected. The authors will get the lowest rating.”

Do you see the difference? The writers must be aware that if their job is done poorly, they won’t get paid and their ratings will go down.
You will get those quality articles in a couple of days. Quality and research require more time.

Using The Articles

How many articles do you need for your project?
That depends of the project of course. For a small online store or a micro blog, I’d say 5-10 articles would be enough for starters.
With iWriter you can get it written literally within several hours.
Another great usage of those articles is for guest blog postings, forums postings, or Web 2s.
You should utilize it as a part of your backlinking strategy. It works for any niche. Wealth, sport, money, etc… You need many high quality backlinks to rank your blog on Google.
Do not over-force it. Especially if you just starting in the blogging business. This is not a good idea to submit 897 articles for backlinking in one day. Google won’t like it. Be organic and natural, begin with 1 or 2 per day, increase it slowly, but steady and after one month you might be able to put 15-20 backlinks per day without any suspicion from the search engines. After 3-4 month, it can go exponentially. I know several blogs where they have +1mil backlinks now. I can’t say that all of those backlinks are high quality, but now it doesn’t matter for Google, because they have grown their backlinks during several years step by step naturally.
For guest posting on other blogs the articles should be of a good quality. Otherwise, the blog owners won’t accept them.

For forum posting an average quality would do.


iWriter is a great tool in your blogging portfolio. You can even use it to flip the articles via other places, like Fiverr in example. It is easy to do and doesn’t require much of investments.
The best thing about iWriter is that you will save a lot of time and will get high quality inexpensive and authentic articles for your websites and backlinking.

When you posting on your own Web 2s, or PBNs (Private Blog Networks), you don’t even need mediocre content quality. It just requires the content with some kind of sense and backlinks to your major websites. So, if you have some articles that are not so great, put them there for good.
If you use places like Upwork to get your copy done, you might consider moving out. Because it is just too complicated there for such projects.

When I tried to use Upwork for finding writers, it took several days only to get their approval to post my job offer there. Prior to it I had to submit them all the info about my business, address, phone number, plus my ID to prove my identity. Then I had to wait a couple of days to get some reactions from the writers, many of them charging $20+ per hour, and I had to pay for their work even if didn’t like the writing.
This place might be great for other tasks, but for copy-writing, it is not, in my opinion.
Take full control of your time, money and get best results!

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