How To Create 30 Articles In 24 Hours

If you doing blogging for business you don’t have much time for copy-writing. Especially if you already have several blogs and PBNs. You know that you need that copy-writing as an air. What should you do then? You can try to write a bunch of articles by yourself, but be realistic. How many words can you write per day? 2,000? 3,000? But, what if you need 15,000? No way can you pull it off on your own even if you write 24/24.
You need an external service.

There are many services out there that offer you copy-writing. There are several issues with them usually. You have no idea what copy quality you’ll get. You have to wait for a small article several days, sometimes weeks. It is expensive. Some of those writers charging $200 per 1,000 words. Moreover, you have to pay for that article anyway, either you like it or not. So, it’s kind of twitchy to collaborate with those people.
But, what if I tell you that there is one company, where you can read that article first and then if you don’t like it, you won’t pay? Completion time, usually 24 hours. In addition, one 500 words article would cost you only $3.30. Sounds amazing, right?

When I found iWriters I was so thrilled with what they do, so I’ve decided to promote them on my blog. No affiliation whatsoever, out of pure appreciation. Good job guys!
If I need new articles for my niche websites to move them a little higher in the Google ranks or for random guest/forum posting, this is my primary source.

Working With iWriter

It is very easy to start working with this service.
Just sign-up. No membership or other fees required. They don’t ask your credit card credentials, or your bank account. No contracts or other BS. You will pay with PayPal. Very simple and effective!
Then, you’ll get your dashboard. Just click on “Order Content” and you ready to go.

On the next page, fill in Your “Project Title”, “Category”, Type of copy, Keywords, How many words, How many articles, plus some instructions, etc…

They offer various types of writing:
Standard: $3.30 per 500 words
Premium: $6.60 per 500 words
Elite: $11.00 per 500 words
Elite Plus: $39.00 per 500 words
I’d say, if you creating blogs to sell affiliate products you don’t need Premium+ writing.
The completion time is amazing. You article will be ready within 24 hours mostly.
The author will sent you the copy for your approval. If you don’t like it, just decline it. No strings attached. Then place that request back into the queue.

How often does it happen? At the beginning, when you don’t have some good writers in your portfolio yet, I’d say once per 10 articles. In general, writers want to do their best to get higher scores there. Therefore, they do care about the quality.
For a $3.3 copy it won’t be great of course, but occasionally you might get high quality writing. Then you can work only with this author on an ongoing basis.
When you see a message on your dashboard: “1 article needs your attention”, it means that your copy is ready and you can review it, approve or deny it, give the writer your score and download it. After you downloaded it, the author gets paid.

When you’ve got your article, just check it real quick, if the story line is in place, or the keywords, etc. Normally it takes a couple of minutes to check and fix those little flaws.


You don’t have to use the keywords. You can put just titles or other specifications. Mention all your requests and guidelines in the “Brief Project Instructions” section. Then set your “Writing Tone”.
The Instructions might be different. Depends of your project of course. What I usually do, I write something like this:

“Write as you know this niche or subject very well and from the standpoint of the authority and expertise. Maintain the story guideline and make the writing sounds natural, but professional. Keep my Title. Put the keywords several times in the article. (you can define how many times exactly by a keyword). No spelling errors please, use grammar and spelling control…. “
For those articles, you don’t have to be super specific, try to use a liberal approach.

You might define your “Target Audience”, “Things to Mention” and “Things to Avoid” also.

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