Do not use “LinkedIn Audience Network” under the “Placement” option.
It means that your ads on the third party LinkedIn partners placed will be. I think you all have seen those annoying ads when you open your smartphone, or an app. Do you remember how fast you have tried to get rid of them? That is it, that is LinkedIn Audience Network. Your daily budget will be gone in minutes and will bring you 0 leads. I know people who lost thousands of dollars because of that.
Text ads are cheaper than the others.

If you testing different ads, change only one variable at a time. In example: the same picture, but different text, etc… Otherwise, you will never know why one of the ads is performing better.
Create strong headlines and use interesting images.
Next step, setting-up your budget.
LinkedIn is expensive.
However, the quality of the potential leads is much better comparing with the Facebook. What is important here? A test campaign longer than 7 days has no sense, especially for new, not verified ads. Don’t choose a month.

In our example, the Target audience is 19,000+.
Bid type.
Choose CPC Bid. With this bid, you pay for one click. If you choose CPM Bid, you will pay for thousands clicks. LinkedIn has suggested setting the bid at $18.43. No way will I pay that much for a new ad. So, I set-up my bid at $9.50.
Do not use “Optimize my bid for more results” checkbox. Then the system has your permission to adjust your bid amount automatically. Almost always it will be more than your bid amount. You don’t want that.
If you see that your campaign doesn’t spend much in a couple of days, you can increase your bid slightly manually.

You can define your Total and Daily budget.  My weekly budget to test new ads is just about $250 in total per one ad set. I’m creating two ad sets A and B. Then I compare them, choose the best performing and shutdown the other.
Choose your “Start” and “End” days. It is pity that LinkedIn doesn’t offer better timing for the ads’ campaigns. I would love to promote my ads only on certain hours of the day. But, we’ve got what we’ve got, as they say.
Total impressions: 2,100 – 8,900. Different psychological studies saying that people starting paying attention to your ad after they have seen it +10 times.
Total clicks 21-48. Usually this number is in-between those limits. About 35. What does it mean? It means that I will get about 35 visitors that clicked on my ad. I have high converting rate on my landing pages. Normally above 70%. It makes +-25 potential prospects to buy a classic car.

I will pay for them $250 (for one ad set). Therefore, one lead would cost me +-$10. Not too shabby, if you consider that the profit margins for the classics are huge.
The same principals are working for Facebook ads.
Very often, I’m using so called “review articles” for my advertising campaigns.

Configuring Your Campaign

This is an example of my ad campaign for LinkedIn.

Advertising Platform: LinkedIn
Goal: to get at least 10 leads.
Location: Los Angeles
Company size: 200 to 10,000+ employees.
Age: 35-54; 55+
Gender: Male
Job Titles: CEO, President, Director, Vice President, Managing Director, General Manager
Location: Los Angeles, USA
Budget $250 for one week.
Bid CPC $9.50
What I’m selling: Classic Cars
We offering you a chance to pay 30% less for your dream Classic Car. From 67,999 to $147,999 this week only!
We have this discount from the owner for doing our exclusive review. 
The link to the website with an article/review about this car.
Picture of the car/cars.

Why am I telling the price in the headline? To avoid the cheapies of course. Otherwise, all those curious people (with no money) would eat your budget real fast and will bring you no leads at all.
On the landing (opt-in) page, place the countdown. Red color is very good for this task.

It will help you to convince people to sigh-up faster.
Don’t forget to put some social sharing buttons on the landing page. If it is a good offer, many people will share this promo with their friends. Place 3 or 5 of the most important social networks. Too many buttons will do you no good. Make those buttons look sharp with this text “Share it” (call to action), so visitors can recognize and use them.

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