I don’t have to remind you that it is in your interest to establish good relationship with those people. When they become familiar with your blog, it will boost the odds that they will promote your website not only on their links pages but in their roundups and articles too.

Update your spreadsheet constantly, so you won’t send them the same message every time you promoting a new website.

Reviving The Dead Links

This tactic has better success percentage.
It require more digging, but it worth it. Basically all you have to do is to find dead links on their websites.
This might require I bit more digging but generally has a better success rate.
I would recommend you to use Check My Links, it is a broken link checker Chrome extension.

Open the website page and execute the extension.
Alternatively, you can use websites like brokenlinkcheck.com
They can find broken links too.

All pages that respond with 404 code have broken links.
Now find something related to that page and offer replacement to the owner.
Here is an example of the pitch you might use.
Send a lot of emails, you will get your free backlinks. Some of the owner might offer you to pay for the backlinks. You have to decide. It won’t be white hat in this case.

How Strong Are Those Backlinks

If the websites were you have published your links are your niche related and have high DA/PA rates, yes, they are strong.
In fact, two or three strong websites might bring enough juice to boost your blog to the high rankings on Google.
The links are organic, and long-term, Google loves it. You just need to keep your website up and running.
If you want, you can build your own “useful links” page and offer it for free on some related forums. Sometimes you can find good deals there too. Just don’t offer it for your straight competitors.


Growing your backlinks naturally is difficult and time consuming, especially for beginners.
But, if you want to get a legit, white hat, niche related website with organic backlinks, this is the way. No money spend. Everything is free of charge.
Usual convert rate is one strong backlink on 15-20 requests. If you sending about 80-100 of them daily. Do the math.

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