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Many website owners doing blackhat SEO promoting. Is it good or bad, difficult to say. This is the ecommerce reality nowadays.
If you decide not to use blackhat strategies, that’s fine. You need another method then.
But, how to grow your website traffic naturally? How to get those organic strong backlinks without buying them?
In this article you can find the SEO way for ranking your niche blogs using blackhat system.
Let’s cover a more organic approach here.

I’ll explain you how to build high quality backlinks naturally.

Why is it so difficult to obtain organic backlinks?

It is not so hart long-term speaking. You just need a lot of time, work and patience. Your website must have very competitive, highly demanded content. You have to add new up-to-date content constantly… If your blog big enough and interesting enough, it will get attention of Google and other people. Give it a year or two.
But, what if you have a small, niche related blog? You can’t put hundreds of articles in there. You don’t have enough new content every day to add. This is not the point of such website. What to do then?

What is an organic backlink? It is a link that somebody sets up (from their website) without you paying for it. You can’t create that link by yourself also.
This is not easy to mine those links, especially if you Building A New Blog From Scratch.
Why is that? Because most of the other small blog owners in your niche are your direct competitors.
They have no point to promote your website to drive traffic away.
So, what you gonna do about it? You have to find sites that want to create such links and persuade them.

Getting High Quality Natural Backlinks

With a little of efforts it shouldn’t be hard at all.
During this journey, you will obtain good communication skills as a bonus.
We are going to search websites where we can require posting a backlink to our landing page. Our keyword is “passive income”.
You want to promote this page on other people blogs.
First, you have to organize your search.
You need a spreadsheet. Use MS excel, or other similar software, otherwise you will have a mess and you won’t be able to track your requests and the answers.

Then the search itself.
This is your matrix for the searches in Google. Use the quotation marks “”.
“your keyword” “useful links”
“your keyword” “roundup”
“your keyword” “weekly useful links”
“your keyword” “daily useful links”
“your keyword” intitle:roundup
“your keyword” inurl:roundup
“your keyword” “best blog of the week”
“your keyword” “daily buzz”
Then just click “search”.

The point is to find a website with a bunch of links to related websites on one page.
It means that the owner of this site might be interested in promoting of related to his niche content.
One more tip. Use Google tools to change the time of publication. “Past week” is fine. Usually it is not a good idea posting your links on not updated websites.
Find at least 10 websites and put them into your spreadsheet.
Blogs and websites usually have some kind of communication form.

This is not always the best way to contact the owner. Because this email might go to a different department, or might be overlooked by some employee, etc…
It is easier to determine the name of the website owner on personal blogs. Because people tend to promote their own names there.

Pick up that name and go to LinkedIn or Facebook, or Instagram, etc… There are good chances that you can find some additional info about this person there.

As you see, we found his Twitter name. Now we can communicate with him directly.
There are several ways how to approach the owners and pitch your blog.
Straight to business strategy: you can just ask to put your backlink on their website or mutual backlinking.
Believe or not, some websites owners still do it for free. Maybe they remember their own first steps…
You can also find a dead link on their website and suggest putting there your link (article with link) instead.
Once you have contacted them, add it to your spreadsheet.

Preparing Paperwork

Write several email templates for your pitching speeches.
After submitting your requests, they might accept your links (articles) or they might not. If not, just move on. Don’t take rejections personally. There are millions of other bloggers out there, some of them will allow your links for sure.
Personalize your message, make sure that it doesn’t look spammy. Let them know that you are familiar with their content.
Here is an example of a backlinking request you might send.

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