What does “Build Back Better” really mean?

Build Back Better
Have you heard lately that announcement “Build Back Better” from the top government/political/business figures of the world? They repeating it like trained parrots, the same script is everywhere.

What does it exactly mean? What do they want to build “back” and build “better” than it was before?
To uncover it we have to make a tour into our history and other specific terms and concepts.

According to our historians, first homo-sapience communities (homo-sapience knowledgeable/wise man from Latin) were organized into hunter-gatherer societies/tribes/clans. Then small villages/towns/city-states emerged. After that, more complex structures arose: countries, kingdoms, empires…
In the past, “a state” (means status/condition from Latin) had completely different meaning. The state was always associated with a particular ruler. A pharaoh, a count, a sultan, an emir, a king or an emperor, etc… was “the state”.

The world was a dangerous place were brutal violence and death were a norm in life. Risk was everywhere, especially when traveling.
So, humans tended to gather in groups, live in one place (in small villages/towns), and fortify it, as much as they could, against possible conquerors and even against neighbors. People have been living there isolated for centuries and thousands of years. They had no choice but to mate with each other (nobody trusted strangers and foreigners).

Due to segregation, they have developed separate languages (means of communication) that only they could understand. Because of the incest, their genes and DNA have been changed too, so they started even to look alike physically. Thus the races (a race means: a relative by blood), nations (meaning: place of origin/birth from Latin) and ethnicities (ethnicity in Greek means “nation or people”) were established.

Who have ruled those formations of human beings?

There was developed and still exists a sophisticated hierarchy of nobility (aristocracy) with pharaohs, emperors, kings, tsars, emirs, sultans, presidents, etc… on the top of them. The so-called “noble” titles were mostly inherited (from generation to generation), sometimes granted by a suzerain, in order to preserve the right to rule people from the lower ranks.
The churches/religions, with its own hierarchy, served to so-called “higher power” (the gods) and were considered untouchable. Religions were/are on the top of the pyramid (even the pharaohs/emperors/kings/presidents were/are afraid of them).

Generally speaking, at a certain point of time, there were almost no free people at all in the world. Every inhabitant of a specific region was a slave to his master (lord/suzerain/ruler/monarch/etc…) in the true sense of this word. Men, women, children were basically “things” that could be bought, sold, exchanged, tortured, killed and consumed if necessary (literally as food) without any consequences for the higher class.
All people, including the “nobles”, were slaves of the churches/religions (gods).

Since no-one saw the gods in “flash”, although the rulers/churches/religions have been always telling to the crowd (slaves) that they have special ongoing connections and conversations with the gods. The churches (religion executives) and the first layer of nobility, closest to the churches, have been doing whatever they wanted with the slaves for millennia. Bloody dark rituals, mass human sacrifices, etc… It was a norm, a daily routine (entertainment) for them. They killed and killed and killed in the name of their gods. The more they killed and tortured, the more power and wealth they’d collected.

Why does it work that way?
Why did they do that?
Why do they need to keep the humanity in constant fear/phobia/terror?
(Phobos and Terror are gods of fear in Greeks and Roman mythology).

Religions have arisen from shamanic/herbalist predecessors, many people do understand that.
What most people do not understand, that shamans/herbalists have discovered something millennia ago. A forbidden/secret/sacred/holy knowledge, which created the basis of the modern gods-worshiping/religious industries.



Tuvan shamans participate in a ritual.

They’ve discovered that through certain actions (physical and mental) and by use of specific geometric symbols and substances they were able to establish contacts with some energetic forms (entities) of intelligence (consciences) that lie (operate) beyond our plane of existence (perception).

Some saying that we (as creators) can compose and manifest a new entity (god) from the energetic/information/consciousness field by just giving it a name (frequency) and specific properties/qualities/attributes. Therefore, this entity will come into existence and will exist as long as we believe in it (feed it with our energy words/thoughts/emanation/deeds) and even longer, if we record this knowledge and pass it to other people and future generations.

Regardless of their origin, these entities can influence our plane of reality in different ways.
The reality that we know and can understand contains only a fraction of the frequencies of light, sound and other waves, from the unlimited frequencies spectrum of the “cosmos”. It is so tiny, that there are no numbers to describe how small it is.
Our 5 senses: touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste can operate only in this limited spectrum (dimension). Our consciousness/subconscious, on another hand, if it is trained (extended), can go beyond this dimension and 5 senses.

What shamans also found-out that those communication channels become wider and stronger, when sacrifices (meaning: “offering of something to a deity (god) as an act of propitiation or homage) on physical and mental (spiritual/energetic) levels in the name of those interdimensional entities are made. The list of potential sacrifices is limitless: offerings of thoughts, words (spells/prayers/chatters), food, things, substances (incense), liquids (including and especially blood), etc…
However, the best results came from bloody rituals, when tortures, unimaginable sufferings and death, sacrifices of life, especially of children (virgins) as the outcome were achieved.

Those bloody rituals producing so much energy (emanations) that it allows to the extramundane entities to crossover the barrier between different planes of existence and manifest themselves in our 5-sense spectrum, so we can sense and sometimes see them literally. In some cases, those entities could possess an energetic and physical body of the one, who performed the ritual or was targeted in it: a shaman, fetisheer, medicaster, monk, kohen, pow-wow, voodoo, medicine-man, warlock, conjurer, sorcerer, enchanter, mage, wizard, witch, exorcist, hag, hex, harridan, hellcat, randy, charmer, necromancer, priest, bishop, pontiff, pope, parson, rabbi, minister, imam, chaplain, prelate, presbyter, dominie, etc…

In addition, the immune (protection) system of the tortured releases in their bloodstream and body special chemical compounds called “Adrenaline” and its derivative “Adrenochrome” in extraordinary quantities. If this enriched blood/fluid/flesh is consumed (literally) by others, it gives an effect of drug intoxication and (it is believed) allows the consumer to inherit (adopt) the knowledge (intelligence/memory/talents/etc…) of the tortured. The tortured becomes “Illuminated”; the consumer becomes “Illuminati”.

After millennia of those rituals, countless humans’ sacrifices and by trials and failures, the religions have created manuals (maps) how to summon and interact with the interdimensional beings, what “spells/prayers” (words/thoughts), substances and symbols to use, etc… Especially, what those entities can do in our reality and how to force them to do it. And they can do a lot. From providing knowledge to suppressing other people minds, will, corrupting and destroying energetic fields, changing our perceptions, our behaviors and therefore the reality itself.

Some religions called it “demonology” and the “occult science”, some use other names. The point is: they know how to use those extraterrestrial forces to accomplish their goals.
The religions have combined it with astronomy/astrology (science of movements of objects in space and their interactions with energetic fields) to define the right times for the rituals, bases on alignment of stars/planets/moons, etc… and their merged energy, when they have chance to be more effective (influential) on our plane of existence. In addition, “Numerology”, “Symbolism/Geometry” and some other variables are playing here an important role. Geographical location coming into consideration too, because of the Earth magnetic grid.

Many religions if not all of them are using astrology to establish their plans and important decisions.* (see the annex).
That knowledge and interaction with extraterrestrials allows religions to shape the reality of other people, by manipulating their perception of it and their behavior/decisions through usage of words/sounds and symbols, and as the result to accumulate huge power and wealth in the “rulers’ hands”.

The real reason why some of the interdimensional forces want the humanity to be in the low frequency (fear) state is unknown. Some saying that they are feeding off of our low frequent energy (emanations of fear, depression, anger, pain, etc…), some that they don’t want to let us to join higher dimensions, some that they want to dominate our plane of existence, even to terraform the planet*(see the annex) literally for their needs and take it over eventually.

Why they are doing this doesn’t really matter. We will never understand them fully. Those entities (interdimensional beings) have completely different sets of values, preferences, morality, ethic, goals, rules, etc… if any. We cannot even create a mutual platform to compare our differences or alignments.

The religions/churches/elite kept this knowledge in secret, because it gives them the power to rule the world. When it all started, thousands and thousands of years ago, some of the first ritualists were possessed/contacted/possessed by extraterrestrial entities (gods). Because of that, they started to call themselves children of gods/nobility/aristocracy/elite/blueblood, etc… and established first dynasties of pharaohs/kings/monarchs/maliks/tsars/emperors, etc… (king: meaning: scion of the noble kin). They claimed that the right to rule was given to them by gods. Therefore, they and their children representing the gods and the gods will on Earth and all other people are slaves to them.

The first identifiable evidence of slavery comes from the Code of Hammurabi out of Mesopotamia +-2.000 BC. Some sources saying that slavery had already existed in an advance form before 11.000 BC.
The slavery structure has several levels, up to a king, an emperor, a pope etc. However, everybody (including kings, emperors and a pope) are slaves to the gods.

Sumer or Sumeria (modern-day Iraq and Kuwait), the southernmost region of ancient Mesopotamia, is still thought to be the birthplace of slavery, which grew out into Greece and other parts of the world. The Ancient East, specifically China and India, didn’t adopt the practice of slavery until much later, as late as the Qin Dynasty in 221 BC.

In ancient world, a lifetime of a generation was +-12-15 years (the age when a female could produce a healthy child). 100 years = +-7 generations. 1000 years = +-70 generations.
It means that during at least last +4.000 years (+280 generations) the biggest chunk of the world was in enslavement consciously and knowingly.

About 1500 AD, the west hemisphere (South and North America) was colonized (enslaved) by explorers (invaders) from Europe.
The thing is that civilizations of Maya (+-2500 BC), Aztec and other native folks on those continents had their own well-developed slavery and religious systems. These concepts were well-known to them in one or another form.

What happened next: millions of native inhabitants had been sacrificed to the “invaders’ gods”. The rest of them, that has survived, managed to escape the genocide, and hasn’t accepted the occupants supremacy and religions, is living in reservations (the worst territories on the continent). There are 578 official reservations for native folk in the US today. They claim themselves as independent and sovereign nations/tribes. How sovereign they are, this is another story…

Human life meant nothing, or very little those days. In some parts of the world, it is still now.
In case of food shortages and wars, “human-beings” have been eating each other literally. First children (because adults can always produce more babies), then the most weak-ones and elderly. This is not a joke or an exaggeration.

During the wars, there was (and still exists in some countries) a well-established military tradition to eat in raw special parts from the defeated “brave” and “skilled” enemies. Like heart, liver, brain, testicles, etc… in order to repossess their soul, powers, wisdom, courage, fortitude, bravery, strength, heroism…
Another “dark” tradition was (and still exists): consuming (literally) flesh of deceased respected society members. It is believed that by doing this, consumers obtaining their wisdom, knowledge, souls, longevity, etc.

If you think that eating human flash is our dark past, you are wrong.
Cannibalism is legal as we speak. You can literally order a spaghetti with somebody’s liver in it right now. Don’t believe me? Check this out.

Human executions/tortures were normal too. Every city had its special “bloody” place (normally on a central square). There were daily, weekly and as a special bonus holidays executions performed in any shapes and forms, from putting out guts, cutting off breasts and genitals to burning alive. You can find its everywhere in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Asia, South America, Africa… Nowadays they have migrated into prisons. Those places are drowned in blood and sufferings of its victims.

That happened in open, on public, although the ministers of the churches/religions took an important, but almost invisible (hidden) part in those executions. Basically, publicly executed people were sacrificed to the gods in disguise. The last one was carried out in the USA in 1936.

In Roman Empire, executions and tortures were brought on the top level of its society. Famous Coliseum had seen unthinkable (for the most people now) atrocities and brutality.
When first christians have arrived to the Roman Empire as slaves, they became just another fresh entertainment for the public as pagans. They were tortured, burned alive, fed to wild animals, drowned, chopped, beaten to the death, etc…

But then, the Roman priests (a priest: meaning: one who offers sacrifice to a god) and elite have noticed something… something very interesting, intriguing and…. useful. Christians patiently endured all the brutality and killings. No riots, no uprisings, no nothing. Moreover, they thanked their torturers for the torments and blessed them and their children. No curses, no resistance, no violence against the executors.

Are you kidding me? They were “perfect/ideal” slaves. No wonder that the Roman religious and Empire elite has decided to use this new trend to keep all the conquered territories in subjection by forcing there this new religion.
In about 300 AD, during the reign of the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great, they have started “converting” the Roman Empire and other regions into christianity. And they did it religiously in any means of this word: by sword and fire, around the globe.

Do you think that the Roman Empire religions/elite, which existed there at that time, were really converted into christianity? Nothing is far from the true. They just added new names to the lists of the names of the old Mesopotamians/Sumerian/Egyptian/Greeks, etc… gods and had kept all the rituals, symbols and meanings of its in secret from the public (you can say in conspiracy). They continue to perform those ancient rites, ceremonies, idolatries around the globe as we speak, covering it up with “modern/popular” religious names.

Even darker rituals than on public were performed in torture chambers and sacred rooms of the religious temples/churches. Countless men, women and children were sacrificed to the gods. Arising of the Inquisition in Europe in 1200 AD and then in USA and Africa has opened a new page in that sad story. For +600 years the Inquisition terrorized those regions legitimately, millions of people got the “auto-da-fe” and their property was possessed (expropriated) by the churches/religions.
The last man to be accused and executed “officially” on public by the Inquisition was Cayetano Ripoll, a Spanish schoolmaster hanged for heresy in 1826.

Those are the historical and current facts that nobody wants to talk and even think about. The thing is, it doesn’t mean that it don’t exist anymore and that those “dark” ages are all but gone.

Do you really believe that the religions, churches and the elite had given up all their powers that they have been possessing for thousands of years? Really? So easily? If you are skeptical about it, you won’t be wrong. It didn’t stop after that.
The Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Roman and Universal Inquisition in Rome (Vatican) still exists. It is currently called the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Mesopotamian/Sumerian/Egyptian/Roman/Greeks and many other religions are representing the same ancient death cult, that worships, exalts, glorifies death and different extraterrestrial entities. They are throwing it into our face. Visit any old and even some modern religious temples. There are tombs in the floor, crypts in the walls and stand-alone sarcophaguses, with dead bodies inside. Some of the remains, so called “hallows”, even lying in open. There are religious buildings that have as decorations real human bones, skulls, skeletons. The priests and congregation are praying to idols and dead flash… The symbols of old dark gods are everywhere. Disgusting.

skeletons in church

The Capuchin Friars belong to a Roman Catholic religious order of brothers and priests, inspired by the ideals of St. Francis.

Here are just some examples of the ancient symbols of ancient gods in the religious temples/rituals today.

Pope Francis holding a symbol of the Sun.

Pope Francis holding a symbol of the Sun

Usage of “magic” staves:
Pope Francis used one during Youth Synod.

Pope Francis used "magic" staff during Youth Synod

Another “magic” staff.

another magic staff and the pope

VATICAN CITY, VATICAN – JANUARY 25: Pope Benedict XVI and the “magic” staff.

One more “magic” staff.

magic staves Vatican

Saturn Star

How about a symbol of Saturn and the Pope? (Also the symbol of Soviet Union, supposedly an atheistic country – a hammer and a sickle)

symbol of Saturn

The Pope and symbol of Saturn

The owl, a representor of a goddess Ereshkigal the queen of the Mesopotamian Underworld (hidden inside the bas-relief) and a golden dragon in its center. Saint Peter’s basilica Vatican Rome Italy.

the hidden owl Vatican

Another (hidden) owl and a golden dragon inside of it on the ceiling Saint Peter’s basilica Vatican Rome Italy. It has a head of a child in its claws.

hidden owl Vatican

Again a (hidden) owl. Saint Peter’s Basilica Arch Papal Keys Symbol Vatican Rome Italy.

the hidden owl Vatican

Saint Luke and “Moloch” Saint Peter’s Basilica Vatican Rome Italy

Saint Luke and “Moloch” Saint Peter's Basilica Vatican Rome Italy

Saint Peter’s Basilica Bernini Baldacchino Holy Spirit Dove and a symbol of the Sun, Vatican Rome Italy
In ancient Mesopotamia, doves were prominent animal symbols of Inanna-Ishtar, the goddess of love, sexuality, and war.

Saint Peter's Basilica Bernini Baldacchino Holy Spirit Dove and a symbol of the Sun

Again the Dove and the symbol of the Sun behind it.
Saint Peter Cathedral in Vatican

the Dove and the symbol of the Sun behind it

A goddess Ereshkigal the queen of the Mesopotamian Underworld holding a trumpet and a globe with a Mesopotamian sea god Enki below, along with “the Capitoline Wolf” feeding two twins Romulus and Remus.
The manifest (motto) “IMPLEAT ORBEM” means “fill the world”.

A goddess Ereshkigal the queen of the Mesopotamian Underworld

In December 2019 (right before the COVID19 was announced) a statue of “Moloch” was displayed at Roman Colosseum as a part of an exhibition running until March 2020, symbolizing child (human) sacrifices still exists. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7g0aHlgTEs

moloch in Rome

To cover the religious rituals and sacrifices they had transformed and integrated the Inquisition (religious/cleric) courts into the civil legal systems. They made the public to believe that those courts are completely independent and churches/religions have no influence on its. In the reality, all the sacrifices to the ancient gods “on public” were transferred to the “civil courts” that operate under the “Statute Law”.

That is why the judges in courts are wearing cleric/monk/priests-like mantles/robes, that is why the courts performing protocols (rituals) during the sessions, with all those mumblings, mandatory placements, symbolic gestures, ritual items, etc…  You can find religious symbols on the court buildings and in the court chambers. The same symbolism you can find everywhere in the governmental institutions.

Lady Justice for example originates from the personification of Justice in Ancient Roman art known as Iustitia or Justitia, who is equivalent to the Greek goddess Dike or Dice. The Scales of Justice Above the Old Bailey Law Courts in London, UK. Notice: it is standing on the globe (Earth).

goddest Justice London UK

The Royal Courts of Justice UK. The monarchy symbols on the walls with very complicated symbolism and deep meaning.*(see the annex).

The monarchy symbols on the walls

Inside the Old Bailey Law Courts in London, UK.
Symbols of the monarchy are dominating in the room and imprinted on the judges’ chairs.

Symbols of the monarchy are dominating in the room and imprinted on the judges’ chairs

Swearing-in of the justices of the supreme court UK, January 2020.
Photograph: Kevin Leighton/UK supreme court/PA
Look at them?
Do they look like civil representatives to you, or as religious figures? What would you pick?

civil representatives to you, or as religious figures

Inside the Old Bailey Law Courts in London, UK
Still believe in independence of the civil courts? Here we go, another example of a “civil” judge with crosses on its robe and a hood. Lovely…

a “civil” judge with crosses on its robe and a hood

Do you know what a Fasci is?
A fasci is an expression from which we got the word, fascism.
It was a symbol used widely in the Roman Empire and it consists of rods bound together around an axe. This axe is the origin of the term Axis Powers for the fascist countries in the Second World War. The symbolism is: people and countries bound together under a common centralized dictatorship, the axe.

Not only was this used by Ancient Rome back in the day as one of its Symbols of “Supreme Authority”, but also by the Original “Axis Powers” of Europe back in the first half of the 20th Century prior to and during WWII.
Numerous governments and other authorities have been using the image of the fasces as a symbol of power.

Eagle (meaning domination/control/authority) was one of the primary symbols of the Roman Empire too and it presents itself everywhere on the official seals/coat of arms of many countries.

Administrative Office of the United States Courts (noticed the Fasci Axe?)

fasci Office of the United States Courts

United State

s Court of Federal Claims. Noticed the all-seeing eye and the pyramid behind the eagle?

fasci United States Court of Federal Claims

United States Senate (two Fasci axes). Notice that above the shield there is a red buffoon-hat with a written word “LIBERTY” on it? Interesting, right?

United States Senate (two Fasci axes)

National Sheriff’s Association (the same Fasci axe with a 5 pointed pentagram star. https://www.sheriffs.org

National Sheriff's Association (the same Fasci axe with a 5 pointed pentagram star).

Department of energy USA (Eagle, and a shield with a symbol of the Sun, a symbol of Jupiter (lightning bolt) and four magic elementals: fire, water, wind and earth).

Department of energy USA (Eagle, and a shield with a symbol of the Sun, a symbol of Jupiter

Capitol Hill Washington, USA, Congress Building
President Obama speaking to Congress (two Fasci axes left and right from him and the Mace of Republic*(see the annex) on the far left side).

President Obama speaking to Congress (two Fasci axes left and right from him and the Mace of Republic*

Seal United States House of Representatives (13 stars forming a Saturn Star, Roman Eagle)

Seal United States House of Representatives (13 stars forming a Saturn Star, Roman Eagle)

Departmet of Defence/National Guards Bureau USA (two Fascies and the Roman Eagle)

Departmet of Defence National Guards Bureau USA two Fascies and the Roman Eagle

The list of similar official government seals and symbols is really long.

Do you know what does a word “minister” in its core really mean? A priest’s assistant, a person who is trained to preach, to perform religious ceremonies. Ringing any bells? Who is in charge of our economies? Right… Ministers and ministries. It means that all those ministers that our so-called democratic Parliaments appoint to rule world economies are still literally servants of the religions and all their activities are nothing more but religious ceremonies.

How do they call a worker of a government establishment or a bank now? A clerk. Do you know what is the root of this word? Cleric (meaning: a religious leader).
And you telling me that religions don’t rule the countries? That is how deep it goes.
The ancient religions are still possessing our reality and taking our wealth, health and even lives in the name of their dark bloody gods that we have no idea about. And they don’t want us to be aware of it.

Why are they doing that, one can ask? Why are they using symbolism and religious rituals? Why do they like to perform tortures, killings, brutality in the name of their gods?
What does it give to them? What is the benefit?
To discover it, we need to unfold the structure of our reality.

Everything is energy (“being at work” from Greek), including void, galaxies, stars, planets, moons, rocks, metals, air, trees, animals, people, etc… Everything has its energetic field or aura (Aura – in Greek goddess of breeze/life), even if it already has its own so-called “solid” (physical) body. That “body” is pure energy too, but wrapped into a different form of existence, with different half-life periods and its own awareness.
The energy of those fields penetrates the reality inside-out in different directions. One can say: we are drifting in an energetic soup/ocean/field/network that we call the “Cosmos”. Nobody knows where it begins, or ends, if ever, how many Universes and dimensions it has and for how long it exists.

Through that energy (waves/frequencies), everything is inter-connected. Within that field the unlimited information/knowledge and ever-being consciousness intertwined is.
Homo sapiens is linked to this information field (network) and that consciousness too. It is believed that each human is a unique point of attention/awareness of that ever-being consciousness, experiencing and adding knowledge about this reality/dimension (band of frequencies) and when our “physical” body cannot support life inside anymore, we (our energy/frequency/soul) returning to that pull of awareness to start a new journey, possibly in another dimension/Universe/time.

They say that a vital organ in our body that allows this connection is a “pineal gland”, also known as a “third eye” and our energetic centers (chakras). Through it, one can interact with this network mutually on a conscious/subconscious level, by sending requests/questions and receiving responses/answers.

Understanding of this energetic symbioses/connection is crucial for human beings because it gives us the knowledge that we are ever-existing beings and not slaves for some religious psychopaths that constantly cursing us and putting spells on our existence. That awareness literally lifts fear of death from us, unblocks our third eye (intuition, insights, acumen, vision, perspicacity, discernment, etc), so we just know what is right and wrong in the world that surrounds us.

It unlocks our understanding of the forces that staying behind the enslavement of the human race and how to resist, withstand and overcome this evil in our day-to-day lives. We are not afraid of telling the truth and making right decisions anymore. It set us truly free. We know that we have life, love and hope inside of us and they are and ever will be stronger than death, hate and fear.

However, when we are staying in a low frequency/vibration stage (negative emotions, anger, terror, phobias, etc..), we are losing connection with this ever-existed energy/information/consciousness/awareness pool and obtaining fear of death again because our energetic communication channels are shut and our spiritual aura can be easily corrupt by the malice influence of the extraterrestrial entities and curses that those ancient dark religions are unleashing upon us 24/7/365.

Religions/churches/elite also know that and they do anything possible to force the population to stay in that negative frequency phase (bandage).
Why? Because in this state they can readily manipulate our perception, our possibilities, our choices, our actions and therefore our reality. It also allows a handful of “psychopathic rulers” dictate their will upon whole humanity.

They doing it by using words (spells) to shape (program) our consciousness and unconsciousness, to control our perception and reality, to put boundaries on our minds, to determine what we can and cannot do, to hide/cover the possibilities that exist from us, etc…

Have you ever heard about NLP? Neuro-linguistic programming? This is the modern expression of well known for religions/churches/elite techniques to pre-frame our conscious and subconscious, to implant certain ideas that driving/forcing us to make decisions and steps in our life without realizing where we’ve got that mindset and thoughts from. To keep us under constant surveillance and slavery. Mind control.

Why do they give so much attention to the words?
What is a word/sound? It is a written/painted/carved/etc… (in symbols) or a vocal (sound/melody), or an energetic (in thoughts) equivalent of a meaning. One can also express words (meanings) by a nonverbal language, like gestures, or colors (it can be attributed to symbols).

Every time a word/symbol is written, read, pronounced, or thought, or a sound/melody is rang, it creates vibrations in our inner and surrounding energetic fields. Those vibrations have specific tonalities (frequencies) which produce resonance in our “material” body and in our surrounding. They are changing our energetic fields, therefore our reality, even if we don’t understand the meaning of those words, symbols, or sounds.

From those vibrations, by interpreting them, our brain creates chemical elements inside of our bodies. Those frequencies/chemicals affect our immune/nervous/blood/digest and other systems. The energy (vibrations) from words/sounds/symbols influences in one way or another everything surrounding us too: things, air, people, etc…. How? It depends of the meaning of those words/symbols/thoughts/sounds.

There are different graduations of meanings of words, symbols and thoughts that we are saying, reading, seeing, thinking, writing…: all of them have various frequencies levels, from negative (low) like fear and hate, to positive (high) like hope and love. Those vibrations effect our reality literally, making it as miserable, or as wonderful as it can be.

When we hear/see/read/think about words/symbols with negative to us meaning (low frequency vibrations), those words/sounds/symbols (frequencies) affect (corrupt) our energetic field and force our body to produce toxins, if our mind is not trained to resist it consciously and unconsciously. Therefore, we can feel anger, frustration, lack of strength, energy drain, mental breakdowns, depression, etc… Guess where is our energy going? Who is receiving it? Exactly: the ones who had produced those words/sounds/symbols (meaning).

When we see/hear a word/sound/symbol, even if we don’t understand the true meaning of them it doesn’t mean that this word/symbol/sound does not affect us and our environment.
Religions/churches/elite know and exploit that. That is why they surrounding and implanting their symbols/signs/coat of arms/colors/flags/mottos/sounds (their energy/frequencies) all around the countries, cities, buildings, streets, on tv, newspapers, magazines, official documents, etc. They are everywhere. If you looking for them, you’ll find them in places that you’ve never thought about.

They are “invisible” for the most people (if we are not aware about them and their influence). In example, think about sounds from temples/tower/sanctus bells in catholic/christian/buddhist countries or the chants/prayers in islamic and other counties, etc… This is exactly what we talking about. Almost unnoticeable when you live there, but they do their job well. They distort/corrupt our reality (on the energetic levels), claiming and possessing the space/land/territory/energy and transferring the ownership over our bodies, our souls, our children, over the land where we live and the goods we have to the “real” owners and their dead gods.

If we turn on TV, radio, or Internet, if we take a newspaper, a magazine, or other media source, the first thing that we see, most likely, will be bad news (low frequency energy). Think about it. How many books, movies out there that don’t promote violence, crime, tortures, sexual abuse, killings, wars, occult rituals, different forms of religious/cults, money obsessions and dictatorships, etc…?

Almost everything that the world media system produces nowadays aiming to keep our energetic aura in a low dimension, negative frequency level. Do you think it is just a coincident? We have to understand that in its roots the mass media is on a payroll of the religions. Because the biggest financial institutions/banks of the world (Federal Reserve, World Bank, ECB, IMF, ect…) that funding so called “independent” media agencies and advancing influence of ancient religions in the world are derivatives of the old clerical financial structures, in particular “Papal Treasury” and currently are run by Vatican and its representatives like Order (Knights) of Malta.

You can ask yourself:

Why do they do that? Why don’t they have mental and moral torments?

The answer is simple: Inbreeding.

The kings of Mesopotamia, the pharaohs of Egypt and their religions have been ruling those lands since +4000 BC (some sources saying +10.000 BC). Their heir is controlling the world now. It means that the current elite has at least +420, most likely +900, generations of a very restricted and merciless selection.

Because their “powers” were transferred by heritage, all generations of those rulers/religious leaders have developed in themselves specific psychological skills. Like lack of empathy, mercilessness, violence, domination, cruelty, arrogance, deceit, hypocrisy, betrayal, sadism, narcissism, but also intelligence, inventiveness and cleverness… They are real sociopaths. They don’t feel guilty for the harm they cause and they find pleasure in other people’s suffering.

Many of them were and are involved in bloody dark rituals, human sacrifices, child abuse and pedophilia. They are human blood drinkers and cannibals literally. They do and will do whatever it takes to achieve their goals, even if it requires torture and killing of millions or billions of people. That is why the governments/religions killed in many times more people than all the natural disasters/cataclysms combine, including pandemics. By the way, most pandemics arose because of governments/religious activities (robberies of the population, wars, genocide, military experiments and researches).

Without those skills, they could not survive as the rulers in their own world, because the weak-ones were rapidly consumed (erased from existence) by more evil-ones. Those bloodlines even mated only with relatives, in order to preserve their power (psychological corruption/genes/DNA) within the family.

Throughout the centuries, they supported each other by any means in order to keep the “status quo”, to rule the slaves. They divided the Earth in several regions of influence (“regis” means: of the king from Latin). First by enforcing there their churches/religions and gods. Then jealously guarded the borders of their possessions, exterminating all who tried to implant there other beliefs.

The same is applicable for people from different reinforcement institutions (military, army, mercenaries, secret services, police, etc…). Very often, they have been serving there generations after generations. We can call them the “Cerberus” (In Greek mythology a multi-headed dog that guards the gates of the Underworld). Their psychological/genetic/DNA profile was cultivated too. They had developed the similar psychological deformity as their bosses, except less narcissism, but unquenchable urge and propensity to obey orders from authorities.

Guess what changed since then? – Nothing. To be able to join those forces now candidates have to perform different tests, complete/pass specific psychological exams and physical trainings. After that, they have to take an oath of allegiance (religious ritual of devotion, loyalty and sacrifice). Therefore, the rulers will know exactly that the candidates’ profiles fit rulers’ needs and requirements and the candidates will do whatever they’ve been told to do.

Most of those jarheads cannot behave and cannot think as freeborn human beings. Because they were grown/cultivated/selected to do their jobs. It is wired-in in their DNA and genes permanently. Therefore, they will obey the orders without questions and hesitation (in most cases). If the ruler said: kill, they will kill. We have to be aware about it.

What do we have after all of that?

Imagine thousands and thousands of years of selection like that. What psychological and moral deformity/monsters had it produced and still producing? The worst of the worst. Those creatures/mutants (we can’t call them humans anymore) inherited in their genes all the wickedness and cleverness of their ancestors. They are on the DNA/genes levels different from a freeborn man, woman or child. No questions about it.

For countless years that structure of ”noble” bloodlines and their guardians “Cerberus” has been cultivated and spread into the societies.

Do you think that they just had disappeared before 2021? Are you so naïve? No, I can ask you: Are you crazy to think that they gave up their thirst for blood and human flesh (literally), domination, impunity and permissiveness?

If we review the states/governments/financial/political/reinforcement/religion/education/medical and other structures of all of the countries around the globe we will find out that they are identical. What a chance we can say? But, when we take a closer look, we will discover that the decadences of those “noble” bloodlines have the key positions everywhere in those institutions. Not so much coincident now, right?

Moreover, those “noble” families are structured in a specific, religion/corporation-like way. They have counsels, monthly, quarter, annually meetings, legal advisers, protocols and rituals. They plan not for the next 5, but for +100 years ahead.

Mostly they send their children deliberately to study and then to work in four of the most important branches of our society: financial, military, legal, political. After education, they using all of their influences and connections to advance their kin to the top of the infiltrated organizations by any means necessary, like bribery, blackmailing, killing, anything goes. They have no psychological or emotional restraints. Remember? That is why they are very effective in achieving their goals.

Mainly the “will” to go and seek employment/election in/for “govern” organizations/political structures comes from their genes/DNA distortion. Basically, we are (99.9999% of the human population) letting them to take those positions there, because of our ignorance and naivety and… our nature. Freeborn human beings don’t want to rule, dominate, dictate, lie, kill, torture, deceive, cheat, mislead, enjoy sufferings of others, etc… The “rulers” taking advantage of this fact. And then we are surprised that we are living under dictatorships and we can do nothing about it, because it’s too late.

Most of the population is not aware of this psychological (DNA/genes) malformation of the elite. So, we believe that if we elect or appoint somebody to represent our interests in the state/government or political areas, that those representatives will go there with that public interest, integrity and honor in their hearts. This is the most common delusion of the freeborn. They will not. The ones who want to be elected, or who even seek a position in those structures are the ones who don’t care about the public at all. All what they care about are their own narcissistic interests (collection of power and wealth). They don’t give a hoot if we, our family, our children will live or die today or tomorrow.

We tend to stay in the illusion that a powerful man will help us in our day-to-day lives. But, we have to realize that this is impossible.

A fresh example is Trump. People looked-up to him as if for a savior, completely forgetting that he has one of the biggest narcissistic/psychopathic complexes on Earth, he is an inveterate liar and a fraud.

Before he became a President, he had bankrupted several companies with about $4 billion in debts unpaid and walked away from it unharmed.

Do you know for how long you have to work 8 hours a day, without holidays, getting $3,000 a month in wages and not spending it on food, house, car, travel, clothes, etc… to pay back $1 billion?

Staggering 27,777 years. Yeah, you’ve heard this right, twenty seven thousand seven hundred and seventy seven years. Multiply by 4, it is 111,111 years.

He and his family must be in jail for the next 7,400 generations to pay this debt to the people of the USA.

His alliances, including Alex Jones, constantly instilled his supporters that he is a free speech advocate, that he will destroy corruption, and promote freedom. They continue to make a Saint and a martyr from Trump. Alex Jones doesn’t look like an idiot. How Trump has fooled him I don’t know, but there was some kind of “arrangement” behind the scenes, and intuitions of many people are telling them, that it smells bad.

What has Trump done during his presidency?

Nothing. Except built 400 miles of the Wall between the USA and Mexico, put the country on the lockdown/stimulus checks and as a result destroyed the economy, bankrupted and took over the US oil industry (remember, the oil prices went negative in march 2020, in the first time in the human history (of course a coincident), airline industry, travel industry, etc. Gave his blessing for millions of 5G antennas (they were installed during the fake “pandemic”, +40.000 surveillance satellites and the “SPACs”.

SPAC is exactly the same fraudulent scheme that he has been using to finance his businesses for decades (what a coincident again).

spac transactions

He had not pardoned any of the real “freedom fighters/whistleblowers” Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, etc, but instead several frauds and crooks just like him. Neither he had granted access for the public to any classified files about corruption, mind control and other antihuman government operations in the USA and in the world.

Under his reign social media giants like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc, had started to ban people for alternative opinions about lockdowns, covid19 and states/governments arbitrariness aka dictatorship.

He’d divided the USA in two opposite camps.

On January 6th he’d set his supporters up in Washington and established the justification to label any alternative thinker/speaker as a “domestic terrorist” (new lovely term for a freedom speech admirer). That, in turn, had started a wave of arrests in the country and transformed the US into the police state.

How is that the legacy of a freedom fighter?

After that he has returned to his villas, mansions, hotels, yachts and jets, businesses, while many of his “fooled” supporters rotting in jails and facing decades of imprisoning in many cases.

Some can say: he was almost impeached. Really? On the first session, his lawyer proved that the evidences were fabricated and the prosecutors haven’t even denied it. What a joke. A script. To show off to the public that the “fake enemies” could not overcome him.

All those political parties and movements are illusion of choice for idiots. You can pick any random man or woman on the street, give them presidential rights, and they will serve the country in million times better than any of those so-called independent or chained candidates.

The same is applicable to any government role/positon, doesn’t matter if it is a clerk, a minister, or a chief of CIA. That how we should choose our governments every three years, random normal honest people from the streets.

We should pick those, who had not been corrupted by the system; have compassion, empathy to other people suffering. They will really serve for the people and not for the money or sponsors/donors/political parties/religions. We don’t need political parties at all. Those parties and their elites are just another instrument of corruption and deceiving.

Remember, all those who are seeking power (applying for the jobs in the govern organizations, or for election campaigns) have deformity in their DNA/genes. They want to rule and suppress us.

Some can say: it is too idealistic, picking random people to represent us in the governments. Is it? Really?

Think about our government/political systems that exist now? They are completely broken and misused by psychopathic dictators. It doesn’t work and never worked, because it has always been rigged from the beginning.

In the USA political parties (Republicans and Democrats) were implanted by Gorge Washington (General Grand Mason Master by the way, a coincident for sure) at the end of 17 century through Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. Three of them became presidents of the USA and Hamilton was the head of the Treasury Department. Guess who was the sponsor and general investor of that Treasury those days? “Roman Curia” Vatican. Beautiful. Now we have the whole picture.

They created “fake” political parties, and then they were elected as presidents (another strange coincident). Nice.

A brain-dead can see that they have played both sides and the referee at the same time. Pure scam.

Have you noticed that all their family names have the same ending “ON”? What a coincident again, right? Nothing to do with “noble” bloodlines of course.

The principle stumbling point between those two political parties was:

Who will have more ruling power: federal government or states governments.

How is it a choice of freedom to the people? What a joke. An illusion.


First “version” of political parties in the UK “Whig” (Liberal Party now) and “Tory” (Conservative Party now) came into existence at the end of 16 century. Both of them represented churches/religions, just different views: presbyterians and anglican and the argue point was the religious affiliation of the heir to the throne James II (Duke of York). The Tory wanted a catholic king and the Whig wanted a king with another religion. How does it give a choice, freedom or keeping the population from tyranny/religions? Another illusion.


The same illusionary/fake/fraudulent/ “free choice” parties popped-up in all countries around the globe all of a sudden in 18 and 19 centuries. Right. Now people can choose between different political parties freely, without realizing that there is no choice at all. The fundament of the political parties is control, power over us, the same slavery state and nothing more.

The current political, government, financial, legal, medical systems must be dissolved. They are not serving for the people. They serving for a tiny group of the “world bosses/religious elite”.

It is not right. They have no power over us.

They must retire. We can give them average pensions for their “service” (I believe it is about $1200 a month now) and deny them abilities to be public servants, to open businesses, or be elected and to use plundered money and assets.  So they can “enjoy” financial “freedom” to the rest of their lives.

That “cancer” must be cut in a not violent way. Otherwise we will end-up with the same “new age” rulers on the same thrones.

About 150 years ago (by historical standards, consider that as one minute ago) it became not so “popular” to have official slaves in open in most countries (too many uprisings, due to the fact that the slaves began to compare themselves with the owners and realize that they are the same human-beings, demanding more and more freedom). As a result, a new system was invented and implemented to keep the population under control (basically in the same slavery).

Love (worship) of the state/country/homeland/fatherland began to be promoted. Before that, only the love for sovereigns and gods was accepted. A judicial system, based on “Statutory Law” (a combination of maritime, admiralty and corporate laws) was introduced (its skeleton) as we know it.

The slaves were “told” that they have become (supposedly) free, while the system had started recording them in the state registers as commercial goods. Everything else remained the same. The slaves were forced into signing (“signing” is a ritual of submission/obeying) paper documents (in Latin means: “to prove”) confirming their fictitious identification. In ancient world, the signing was made by blood, now by a pen, but signature by blood is still exist in many secret societies.

Direct ruling was replaced by indirect one (to avoid new mass riots), through the legal systems and states reinforcement services. Now, no one can complain that they are slaves. Of course. How can they? They have passports (meaning: pass through the gate/port) and they are citizens of a state now! Not understanding why and to whom this piece of paper was actually issued and what in the essence this passport/ID is.

The term “Statutory Law” means “the law that keeps the status”.
Any idea what “status” is that? What status do the religions/elite/aristocracy/nobles want to keep and had been keeping for millennia before? – Exactly: the status of slavery. They holding/covering/hiding the same freaking status by using that Law system.

All counties, police force, courts in the UK and the USA are corporations (commercial entities). Even the state itself and the Parliament are corporations. It seems that even many judges themselves are not aware of this. Why is that? Why do they need this structure?

These courts operate only on basis of contracts and use them and Statutory Law to create millions of confusing rules, amendments and exceptions to them, in which even the smartest human-being will “break his legs”. Therefore, it is almost impossible to understand those complex instructions and the “wardens” can accuse anyone based on them in anything and anytime they want. On its basis, the rulers have been keeping freeborn people in obedience and constant fear of the legal system (so that the population at its conscious and subconscious levels knows that it is hopeless to fight or resist these bureaucratic machines).

Due the maritime, admiralty and corporate laws (Statutory Law) were created for navigation, conquest and trade only its cannot be applied to a living and freeborn human-being. According to Mesopotamians, Egyptian, Roman, Christian, and many other ancient religious doctrines no living soul can be judged in this life by another living soul, only after the death, in the “Underworld” it can be adjudicated and exclusively by gods. That is why, to escape this unfortunate inconsistency, the legal system (religious/elite) had created a special fictitious entity that can substitute a freeborn soul with a fake concept.

This entity was expressed through a word “person” (from Latin “mask”). This name is just a bogus (illusive) phantom, like a “corporation”, a “legal person”, a “state”, etc. Since a “person/mask” is not a living-being, it is soulless, lifeless, has no morality, so you can do anything with it: judge, expropriate property (which slaves cannot have anyway), penalize, tax, take children away, imprison, torture, execute, etc …

In order to transform a freeborn baby into a soulless thing (person/mask), the religions/states force the parents (under the threat of alienating the child and other punishments) to register/signup (again the ritual of submission) a birth certificate.
This certificate specifies the parent as an “informant” (meaning “creator of a form”) for the entry of the newborn’s name (in capital letters) into the public registry (“regis” meaning: “of the king”). And by doing this, transferring the rights over that freeborn child to the religions/states. Therefore, if the state does not like the way the parents educate their child, then the state have rights to take the child away.

Thanks to this, the legal system is transforming every living and freeborn human being into fictitious corporate entities, suitable for trading on the national and international markets as goods.
In addition to the birth certificates, other documents were created (for adult slaves) identifying this fictitious person “mask” or, in other words, the same slave.

When a child reaches adulthood (in theory, this age denotes the moment when a child realizes that he/she is an independent human-being), then the child is forced to obtain a passport (an adulthood ritual), and a signature is forcibly/unknowingly taken from him/her.

In the passport and other identification documents, the first and last names are written in capital letters. The same on bank cards and the court summons, etc… This is done for a reason. From a legal point of view (in the concept of “legalese”), if a name is indicated in capital letters (or begins with capital letters), this means that it is not a living human-being, but it is a good, a thing, a slave, a property, a fictitious, an artificially created entity. Which is immediately monetized by the state (the state assigns a debt to this entity) and, based on this debt, the slave can be forced to work or to be brought to justice. Because the slave owe its life to the state.

The signature (a ritual of surrender/obedience) means that you agree (consciously) with that contract (a passport is actually a contract between a living and freeborn you and a corporation “state/ruler/religion”) that is offered to you. In fact, by signing it (in recent years they take fingerprints also), a freeborn child becomes a slave (property) of the state/ruler/religion and transfers to it the power over him/herself (including his/her property, future children and his/her extermination (destruction), if the state decides to do so. Even if this child or the parents don’t understand what they are doing (signing), according to the Statutory Law, ignorance does not absolve from responsibility. Very clever, right?

That is why when you give them your signature (your sign/sigil/seal/your energy) to the governments, you are signing your own enslavement.

In the past, to secure that the slaves would not run away, they had been branded (literally) with red-hot iron; in addition, they had to wear “slave collars”. Therefore, wherever they went, everyone knew that they were slaves. Now, instead of branding and collars, slaves have passports (identification of their slavery), which they must carry with them 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If not, they might be fined and, or arrested/jailed/imprisoned. In fact, it is the same slave brand/collar, just not on the skin, but on the energetic level.

A slave must work for the religion/state/ruler all its life for free. For this future work, the state creates and puts into circulation bonds/treasures/banknotes, in order to exchange goods and services on the markets, determining in advance the average profits from the slaves’ labor. That is how our countries budgets are formed.

To make it even more difficult for an ordinary human-being to understand legal terms, a special language “legalese” was created. In which many words and phrases from our everyday life are twisted and express completely different concepts. This system uses it to trick us into certain testimony/action/ritual, to sign documents, etc…, without actually understanding of their real significance and of the consequences to which those testimony/actions/signatures will lead.

One example of such expressions that creates a verbal contract (trap):
When talking to a police officer, if he says to you, “Do you understand?” This expression does not mean how you might think, “do you comprehend what I’m saying?” In fact, in the language “legalese” it means: “Do you stand under me?”, Or: “Do you obey me?”, or “Do you acknowledge my power over you?”. If you answer “yes” to this question, you create a verbal contract with the state representative and place yourself under his will/mercy.

The abbreviations and words Mr (mister), Mrs (missis), Ms (miss) also denote fictitious legal structures to identify slavery status.
The word “registration” means in “Legalese” “of the king”. Therefore, whatever you register with the official government agencies: yourself, your marriage, your children, real estate, car, dog, patent, license, etc, the king/state becomes the main owner of all of this.
Over the past 150 years, the Statute Law system has become so complex that it is literally impossible to understand it fully.

To insure that the slaves will stay dependent of the rulers/state/religions and in reinforcing to the law systems the financial system was created and perfected too.
This system allows the banks to produce money from the thin air. They are using so-called “multipliers” (a fractional reserve banking system). For example: If the reserve requirement is 3.3% (i.e., 0.033) then the multiplier is 30, meaning bank is able to lend-out in so called “credits” 30 times more than their reserves. If you came to a bank and put there $10.000, the bank, based on your money, can create $300.000 in loans and give it away to whomever it likes.
It means that $290.000 just appeared on the bank balance as an asset from nothing.

Ok, you can say, so what?
Wait for it, it will come to you.
The bank had no own money, it gave away x 30 times more than you deposited there. The bank is paying for you, let’s say 0.5% a year interest rate on your $10.000. This is your ROI (return on investment). How much is that? $50.

However, the bank charged the whole loan with 5% a year, not just your 10k. How much is that? It is $14.500 a year, based on $290.000.
So… $14.500-$50=$14.450 is the bank pure profit from this operation.
Is it fair? Apparently not.

When the bank gives $300.000 away as a loan, it gives it not because somebody just asked a loan, but because somebody gave a collateral deposit to the bank to cover this loan, and the real value of this deposit usually exceeds the loan value, very often with +200%.
Let’s say it is a house. What does the bank require from the borrower in addition? Usually a down-payment of 10% or more of the loan. Oh, also a personal guaranty (signature-a ritual of obedience/submission), a transfer of the right for the borrower’s salary/incomes and an insurance against the debt in case of the borrower’s death (the borrowers must pay it himself also).
Not bad for starters.

10% down-payment is $30.000. Guess what the bank can do with that 30k? Of course, to give another loan with a multiplier 30, or $900.000 of collateral, with $90.000 down payment and $40.500 interests. That is how they literally suck the real commodities and wealth from the population in exchange for the illusory “credits” that they created from nothing.
And all of this, based on your $10.000. From which you’ve earned only $50 a year, and you probably have to pay taxes on that income too.

Moreover, when you take a bank loan (credit), the bank has rights to call this loan out whenever it wants. Even if you are paying your payments and interests in time. And if the borrower cannot make back payments, the bank takes at least borrower’s collateral (home) away.
So the fractional reserve banking works.
Very interesting and fair system, right?

Do you think that you are the only one client that’ve put the hard earned money in that bank? No, there were hundreds, thousands and millions people like you.
That is why the banks are playing a crucial role in the enslavement system. They controlling the slaves financially, taking their wealth away and providing the “rulers” with unlimited amounts of currencies to finance reinforcement and legal services like army, police, prisons, courts, etc…, and to keep the status-quo.

Summarizing all that have been said, we have 3 major systems that keep all people on the planet in a slavery status:
Legal (courts/prisons)
Financial (banks/insurances/fiscal)
Reinforcement (army/secret services/police)

Now, we review the first paragraph:
What does “Build Back Better” really mean?
It means that religions/elite want to rebuild this slavery system and make it much more efficient than it was before.
Why now?
Because the old system was exposed and not a secret anymore, more and more people starting to realize it, the rulers need a new approach to keep us under their feet, or they risking uprising and mass civis unrest.

How can they do that you can ask? Isn’t it already efficient enough?
Well… yes and no.

See, the states/rulers cannot deny (at least on public) that you are a freeborn man, woman or child. If they do that, there will be mass riots and resistance. To keep us busy, occupied and to clash us against each other, they are constantly dividing the population by putting different labels on us and force us into so-called “self-identification/self-identity”: like different races, ethnicity, nations, languages, genders, skin colors, age, education, financial/business/employee/marital status, political/social/clothing/food preferences, ideologies, religions, body types, intellect levels, reaction levels, talents, physical levels, etc… It allows them to rule us, but still, it is not efficient enough as it might be. In addition they desperately need to dissolve our suzerainty over our bodies/minds and to transfer the rights on its to them.

What do they do to achieve it?
They use genetic modifications. The same techniques that they’d utilized with many seeds, plants and animals already.
Alfalfa, apple, banana, canola, corn (maize), cotton, eggplant, papaya, pineapple, potato, soybeans, squash, sugar beets, sugarcane, etc…
Cattle, pigs, chickens, goats, sheep, dogs, cats, fish, rats, mice, etc…

According to EFSA (European Food Safety Authority): https://www.efsa.europa.eu/en/topics/topic/genetically-modified-animals
“A genetically modified animal is one whose genetic material has been altered by adding, changing or removing certain DNA sequences in a way that does not occur naturally. This process is carried out to introduce a new trait or change a characteristic such as the disease resistance of an animal. DNA is the genetic material of an organism and carries the instructions for all the characteristics that an organism inherits. Changes introduced in an animal’s genetic make-up can therefore be transmitted to the next generation.”
I repeat it one more time: “Changes introduced in an animal’s genetic make-up can therefore be transmitted to the next generation.” Did you get that?

Not many people know it, or aware of the scale of it.
What they did, they have genetically modified the seeds and plants, the embryos of animals and they grew-up new generations of those test subjects and patented them. They changing the DNA of some of the seeds in such way that the seeds from the harvest of the full grown GM (genetically modified) plants cannot be used in a new sowing. Because those seeds will not grow (by design). The same they have done with some of the GM animals. They cannot procreate anymore. Those modified seeds, plants and animals became the property of the states/rulers/religions/corporations. You cannot grow or have those crops or animals without their permission. You will be prosecuted, fined and in some cases even imprisoned.

At the same time, they did and do everything they could to remove the original (natural) seeds, animals and its stocks from the nature, and farmers. Therefore farmers cannot find its in the wild anymore, or buy its in necessary quantities for successful business. Basically, those corporations have erased from the markets many crucial for our food and other industries natural plants and animals. They keeping its in their secured cryogenic storages though, for their own use. One of the biggest agriculture DNA manipulators of the world is a company called “Bayer”.

Now they implementing the same techniques to modify humans DNA.
How? The answer is- by using bogus “biological threats” like COVID19 as a cover-up for mandatory vaccinations (several times a year).
Those so called “vaccines” injecting in your cells genetically modified DNA codes that irreversibly imbedding/integrating/inserting themselves into your DNA structure and will be passed to your descendants.

You won’t be able to remove it anymore, not from you, not from your children. This code is patented and registered, it is a property of the states/rulers/religions/corporations, so are you and your future children now. Your physical body becomes a property in a full meaning of this word. You are losing your rights on it. On the next stages, those DNA modifications will allow to connect human body directly to the states/rulers/corporations AI grid and to give instructions directly to your brain, to control human emotions and behavior remotely and artificially.

The control over the population will be held throughout those private DNA codes. Most of the modified humans will not be able to procreate anymore after sometime. The human population will be reduced dramatically.
To cover the need in obedient slaves and in genetic diversity the states/rulers/corporations will use/is using the semen cryogenic banks that have been collecting (buying) and preserving human blood, sperm, eggs and embryos for decades in open (first public cryogenic banks were created in 1938). https://www.cryobank.com/learning-center/sperm-banking-101/sperm-banking-history/

The states/rulers/corporations have started with cryogenic technologies manipulations much earlier. Some believe from 1800. It means that they have at least +100 years of semen collection now.
Those semen, blood, eggs and embryos are states/rulers/religions/corporations property. They will grow whatever and whenever they want from its.

A healthy adult male can release between 40 million and 1.2 billion sperm cells in a single ejaculation (+-5mL).
When a girl reaches puberty, she has between 300,000 and 400,000 eggs.
States/rulers/religions/corporations had +100 year to collect them. They have billions of human eggs/semen by now.

Modern technology already has artificial wombs. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artificial_womb
You need only one sperm cell (spermatozoid) to fertilize one egg (when you do it artificially) to conceive and grow a GMH. Genetically Modified Human.
Many people reporting that there are underground laboratories/bases in the US and other countries where military/governments/private secret experiments occur. There is some true in it.
The problem with those bases is that it is very difficult to maintain the secret when they are on the ground, too many eyes are watching, too many leaks, etc…

The real action is happening as we speak, but not there. Very few can see it, hear it, or reach it, easy to cover any “collateral damage”, almost impossible to escape it.
May I introduce you: MPA, or Marine protected areas. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marine_protected_area
There are many forbidden areas in the oceans around the globe, where armed to the teeth submarines, military and mercenaries ships are guarding underwater and floating DNA laboratories and prisons. Ship transit is banned, no flight zones, nor satellite zones.

With genome manipulations, an enormous amount of GMH could be grown and trained there in less than 15 years. They will be asking no questions, have no regret, no empathy, just following the orders. It is very probable that many are grown and ready to deploy (or have been deployed) already.

In addition to the genome take-over, there will be other changes to complete a new suppression/slavery system.

Legal system:
Introducing and forcing of a social profile upon the population and ability to reduce certain levels of rights for a citizen based on its social behavior/score. Like possibilities to travel, to work, to receive support, medical attention, education, etc…
Introducing of an AI judgment (authorized AI courts) to handle simple cases like parking and speed tickets at first and then moving it into more advanced cases.
Introducing of a “health/green” passport. Without vaccination, you are forbidden to work, to travel, to create a family, to study, to visit attractions, to use your money, to buy food, other necessities, etc.

Financial system:
In March 2020, the Board of Governors of the USA Federal Reserve System reduced reserve requirement ratios to 0%, effectively eliminating them for all depository institutions. https://www.federalreserve.gov/monetarypolicy/reservereq.htm
It means that now banks don’t need any deposits to give the loans away or to create money from nothing. You cannot hold the banks responsible for the loans and losses anymore. They’ve got the “Carte Blanche” without any accountability for their actions.

Introducing of a government controlled block-chain monetary system, linked to a social 24/7/365 profile and cashless transactions. On countries and planetary levels.
Every transaction will be tracked-down, monitored and taxed in real time. If necessary blocked, rolled back, or confiscated. Any equivalents of cash forbidden. Swapping (barter) of gold, silver, other commodities, financial derivatives, goods for other goods, real estate, or services is possible only through the government block-chain system with controlled exchange rates, taxes and registration in the official government blockchained transactions books.

Some saying that independent (private) digital currencies/blockchains are our escape from the religions/bankers’ tyranny. They advising: buy and store a digital coin key on a usb stick and you are protected. Are you kidding me? Those digital blockchains are based on the trust between international servers. What if the links among the servers are blocked for a day, a week, a month? Who will record new transactions? How can you establish new trust between servers if the connection is restored?

Some can say, nah, it is impossible, we have the Internet. Ok, think about it? Do we really have it? Do you know that the whole Internet protocol is a military project?
How long do you think would it take to shut-down the whole Internet? It is a flip of a switch. There are only several general hubs (hardware structures) in the world that allow the Internet be online and international. What will happen then with your blockchains? They are done and gone.
What would you do then? Stick that usb in your butt to get the money, food and other necessities?

The events of 2020 were not random, but well-planned, prepared and scheduled. On July 4th 2020 there was a very rare cosmic portent: a great planet parade (all 10 planets of the Solar system had lined-up on one side of the Sun at the same time). The last such parades took places in 1982 and 2002. Notice: 1982 and 2002 were considered to have been the most severe recessions since World War II (what a coincident, right?). How do they call 2020? The same motto: “The Great Reset”. What an interesting pattern.

If you observe what had happened in 2020 and happening now, you can clearly see the well-orchestrated mass hysteria/panic/food shortages, lockdowns, destroyed economies. Who had the power and money to do that? Follow the money and you’ll always get your answers. International financial institutions of course. What is happening now?
The ECB (European Central Bank) is rolling-out 3.7 trillion euro of “help” to the EU countries to restore the economies from COVID. Twice more than the US got from the Federal Reserve.
They call it project “Next Generation EU” (NGEU).

ECB loans

The ECB is lending it out with interests of course.
First back payment in 2026.
Repayment period until 2058.
It is interesting to mention that on the official website of Council of the EU the recovery package is only 750 billion. They managed to bubble it up in more than 5 times during the last several month…
The ECB got real taste of power, they want to buy it all.
The USA and EU are screwed. The central banks own them now for the next 28 years.

ECB laons

First, the ECB, WB (world bank) and the Feds had created the panics, lockdowns by financing mass hysteria/panic media campaigns, fake scientific, medical reports/statistics, thousands of so called “nonprofit” bogus organizations and major social media platforms that demonizing/banning any oppositions that questioning the lockdowns and requesting real scientific proofs that this COVID19 virus exists and as a result destroyed the economies of many countries and livelihood of millions of people. Now they giving away charged with interests loans to bailout those countries from their own scam.
The majority of those loans/grands will end-up in the financial institutions/insiders/favorites hands real soon (back to the “vaults” of ECB, WB and Feds of course).

Money’s roots go back to same religious temples of Mesopotamia in the ancient state of Sumer (part of modern-day Iraq) as the slavery.
These temples employed thousands of priests and bureaucrats, along with agricultural and manufacturing workers. To help with things like food rations, they developed a system based on clay tokens, which would represent specific goods.

Every good at that time had its own god (notice the resemblance between those two words: goods and gods). Therefore, those tokens were personalized as pieces of the “gods flesh” and became sacred. Nobody but only the religious priests had rights to produce the tokens. Over time, these tokens were replaced by markings – the first writing – on clay tablets that are today known as ‘cuneiforms’. Instead of drawing multiple copies of the same item, the Sumerians priests introduced numbers and mathematics/numerology was born. Then the tokens evolved into debens, shekels, talents, coins, modern paper money, digital currencies, etc…

The interest itself has deep religious roots too. In the devout point of view, an interest is a sacrifice (a piece of the “debtor’s flesh” figuratively speaking) that the borrower must pay/give to the gods for the possibilities of borrowing the money (gods flesh). First banks were also created/established by churches/religions. When we want to get a credit, they want to charge us with the interests, because the money and interests are derivatives of the ancient gods and anytime when you use it, you commit a religious act/ritual in its core. That is why you see this motto/pray “In God We Trust” on the dollar bills. That is why currencies have special religious signs/sigils, like $, €, £, ¥, etc… and many religious symbols (numbers) on banknotes and coins.

Medical system:
Introducing and reinforcing of a digital “health/green passport” where all the mandatory vaccinations will be stored. Without this passport and all required “vaccines”, you will not be allowed to create an official family, to work, to do business, to use financial systems, to study, to get medical help, to get legal help, to pay for goods and services, to drive a car, to travel, etc… Many countries are already rolling out first versions of it as we speak.
The whole medical system is rigged. The access to herbs and the knowledge about them is conceived, patented and restricted, so the population will be on the mercy of pharmaceutical cartels and the World Health Organization.

2020s great parade planets was a trigger/omen/sign for the old dark religions to start a new phase in its death worshipping chronicles. It should have been marked by mass sacrifices. The human race should have bowed to their bloody disgusting gods.

First, by wearing masks. A mask is an ancient symbol of possession/submission/slavery/duality. It is also a symbol of a lifeless (mute) thing. That is why we see such fascistic censorship and demonizing freedom of speech on all major social media platforms and in usual media agencies, which are controlled and financed by the mega corporations. Basically by the same banks and financial institutions and in its core by Vatican (ancient religions/cults).

Second: by self-isolation, social distancing, quarantine (rituals of self-punishment/sequestration).

Third: weak and old people must be sacrificed (denied medical treatments and care), therefore many elderlies and disabled people will die (have died) in pain and suffering.

Fourth: by money enslavement: many successful and beneficial for our society businesses were destroyed by lockdowns, so many people have lost their sources of income and now forced to beg the governments/banks to give them money (stimulus checks) to be able to put food on a table and afford shelters. ECB, IMF, WB, Federal Reserve are taking over the world assets as we speak. Trillions of dollars, euro, etc are floating to the markets to buy it all. There will be no such concept as an independent, sovereign freeborn man, woman, or child anymore.

Fifth: by reinforcing fear of death upon the human race and putting most of humanity deeper in the low frequency state: despair, powerlessness, depression, etc… Therefore cutting them off of the ever-being cosmic consciousness/awareness field and freedom of choice and freewill.

Six: by exacerbation of mandatory vaccinations and “green passports” for all humans on Earth. Genetically modified substances must be injected into human bodies and change their origin from a natural to a synthetic (hybrid) state. So the corporations/religions will have patented rights on our “flesh”. “Green passport” is a tool to deny rights to work, travel, study, etc to anyone who opposites and questions the governments/religions narratives/tyranny.
There were for sure other hidden reasons that will be unfold in the coming years.

Latin was invented by religious priests and the main point of this language was to imbed and hide (code) religious concepts and worshipping of ancient bloody gods/death cult into our life. That is why they call it “Dead Language” or language of the “Death”. So many words were twisted by Latin (inserted with hidden religious meanings) and implanted into other languages that it is mindboggling. That is how religions forced people to use (unknowingly) “sacred” words and perform spiritual rituals (without even realizing it) for the glory of their ancient gods.

Introducing of Next Generation First Responder (NGFR) Apex Program. Protected, connected, fully aware. Combining police/fire/medical/military forces into a new force.

Advancing of AI police robots (they already exist) to control the crowd without emotions, thoughts and regrets, first for traffic and neighborhood patrols, then into other parts of our life.

police robot china

A police officer shows the traffic robot police to the audience in Handan, North China’s Hebei Province

The robot, officially named HP RoboCop, has been patrolling Salt Lake Park in Los Angeles California for the Huntington Park Police Department since June 2019.

Police robot california 2

Enforcing and advancing of utilization of Unmanned Aerial Systems (drones). Robotic Aircraft for Public
Safety (RAPS) and System Assessment and Validation for Emergency Responders (SAVER) programs.

Enforcing and advancing of a new “G” 24/7/365 high speed, high definition surveillance grid (audio/video/phone/thermal/microwaves/infrared/drones/satellite).
+40.000 satellites are planned to be put on the Earth orbits in next several years and millions of G/transmissions antennas on the ground to cover the surveillance network.

60 Starlink satellites stacked for launch at SpaceX facility in Cape Canaveral, Florida
The FCC authorized SpaceX to begin rolling out as many as 1 million ground antenna for its Starlink internet project (March 2020).

Mandatory holding 24/7/365 of an official personal equivalent of a smartphone/identification device (always connected to the AI state grid).
Introducing of GMH reinforcement labor to support police field operations.
Advancing (they already exist) of AI military robots for field operations.

A Ghost Robotics Vision 60 prototype walks with a security forces airman at a simulated austere base during the Advanced Battle Management System exercise, Nellis Air Force Base, Nev., Sept. 1, 2020.

Introducing of GMH reinforcement labor to support military field operations.
Ban for private weapons and firearms.
Introducing and reinforcing of portable DNA scanners, to create complete world DNA database.
Advancing and integrating into 24/7/365 surveillance grid 3D facial recognition.

Upgrading the “Big Data” project for collecting, storying and analyzing of all digital data on the planet in one database, including all private information (social media profiles, chats, emails, etc…) of each human-been on the planet. Based on this data the algorithms will create models of human behaviors, predict civil unrest/disorder/disobedience/riots/rebels, program political/social/ethnical/gender/commercial/ethical/moral, etc… preferences of the population, control and censorship in real time all media platforms (based on the “rulers” preferences), collect and sell commercial information for the corporate world, etc…

Do you know that the army, police, government are using different hardware, frequencies, encryptions to communicate? If your mobile, wifi, Internet or landline is down, their systems will work perfectly and without special equipment, passwords/encryptions you cannot use it. Do you know that the governments and reinforcement agencies have jammers to block any communications on any frequencies on air whenever they want to?

Some saying, we have a plan “B”. We will leave the country (if the situation becomes unbearable) and live somewhere else. Are you so naive? This dictatorship/tyranny is imposed on you not just by one little country as it was in nazi Germany. USA, EU, UK, Canada, Australia, China and other countries are rolling it out as we speak. Do you think you can hide from them (religions/governments) anywhere in the world and they won’t catch-up with you?

Even if you’ve managed somehow to find a hole and to outlive your life there, what about your children, or grandchildren? Will they be able to do the same? Don’t full yourself. This is not a strategy, this is capitulation and submission. We have to stand our ground and deny the religions/governments the power over us. First of all, religions must not rule our lives in open or in behind the scenes/discreetly. Second, the governments must represent our will, work for us and be accountable, not otherwise.


Speaking about the terraforming: Some interesting facts for consideration.
In 2018 Federal Government, Bill Gates Foundation, several oil moguls (BHP, CHEVRON) and some venture companies had started a program called “Carbon Engineering”. The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is heavily involved in this project also.
Patent number: 9095813

This program got +$110.000.000 in funds. The project uses a combination of giant fans and complex chemical processes to remove carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air in a procedure known as Direct Air Capture.

The plan is to build 4,000 to 9,000 plants by the year 2075 and beyond 10,000 by the end of the century. At which point up to 27 gigatons of carbon could be removed from the atmosphere a year.

They covering it up by saying that they fighting so called “Global Warming”. Really?
Carbon dioxide is a crucial element in our survival. Almost all plants on Earth need it in order to grow and to produce oxygen (O2). If you remove this gas from the air, all the plants, animals and we will die.
According to many scientific studies, an optimal level of CO2 for our flora (plants) is about 1000ppm. This level for human beings is very comfortable too.

Guess what level do we have in our atmosphere nowadays?
It is +-400ppm. What does it mean? It means that our green friends (grass, flowers, plants and trees) are literally dying now because the lack of CO2 and we getting less and less oxygen.

The “Global Warming” program is claiming that the human activities (usage/burning of different fuels) are causing the climate change (the atmosphere becomes warmer, the ice on the North and South Poles is melting, the oceans levels are rising). They saying that if the atmosphere will became wormer with +2-3°C, we might see +15m increase of the oceans levels. Therefore California, Florida, Taxes, half of Europe and many other huge regions of the world will be under water. They predicting that this might happen in 10 or 15 years.
Very scare scenario, isn’t it? Are you in fear and confusion? Sure you are. That was the whole point of this propaganda.

Now… Ask yourself. Are the banks, insurance companies and financial institutions stupid, crazy or insane? Do they want to lose money and investments? You’d say, of course NO.
Why is then the banks financing giant construction/infrastructure projects in California, Florida, Taxes, low ground level areas of Europe, etc… as we speak, if all those regions would be drown very soon?

Why those banks don’t include special insurance requirements and disclosures about the “inevitable flood” to those projects?
The answer is obvious. Because that “Global Warming” thing is a fraud and a scam and they know that better than anyone else does. Remember, always follow the money.

Why would Federal Government, the UN and Big Money want to reduce the CO2 then if not for the “flood”? To kill more plants and to reduce the % of the oxygen in the atmosphere, therefore many humans will suffer and die from hunger, aspiratory diseases then? Isn’t it a terraforming and a genocide?

Another “friendly” for us and our environment (non terraforming) program: artificial clouds (weather control).
In 1991, the Hughes aerospace company was issued an interesting patent, number: 5,003,186
The Welsbach patent “for Reduction of Global Warming” proposed countering global warming by dispensing microscopic particles of aluminum oxide and other reflective materials into the upper atmosphere.

This “sky shield” would reflect one or two percent of incoming sunlight. The patent suggested that tiny metal flakes could be “added to the fuel of jet airliners, so that the particles would be emitted from the jet engine exhaust while the airliner was at its cruising altitude.”

Nice. No wonder that we have those misty clouds/skies when a bunch of jets had crossed it over. Millions tons of those microscopic nanoparticles are entered the air, ground, plants, crops, water. Do you think it is healthy for us or for our nature? Farmers around the globe reporting that since this program had started, the quality and quantity of harvests and health of the plants has been dropping dramatically, the skin, allergy and respiratory diseases are skyrocketing.

Moreover, they planning to pump liquid CO2 into spent oil reservoirs under the ground and deep ocean, they want to make iron fertilization of the marine environment, it will spur algae growth and sinking dead algae transfer carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to the oceans floor. In addition, genetically modified “reflecting” crops and “misting” vessels will produce artificial mist and throw it into the atmosphere creating solar reflectance effect.

Wouldn’t you call it the terraforming and the genocide too?

*The UK monarchy symbol (coat of arms)
Notice: the Unicorn “symbol of nature, freedom and purity” is chained to the manifest:
The God (monarch/ruler/overlord/suzerain) represented here as a crowned lion (not chained), that has its right over the Unicorn (freedom/other people). A lion is also a symbol of the Sun in ancient religions.

Another manifest here:
“HONI SOIT QUI MAL Y PENSE”- meaning: shamed be whoever thinks bad of it.
Basically, it is an ancient curse (NLP) upon all those who dare to oppose this status.
To reinforce the influence of this manifest those words are written in gold on a bindery belt (Garter circlet) that surrounds the shield.
The Most Noble Order of the Garter is an order of chivalry founded by Edward III of England in 1348. It is the most senior order of knighthood in the British honours system, outranked in precedence only by the Victoria Cross and the George Cross.

The Order of the Garter is dedicated to the image and arms of Saint George, England’s patron saint.
Appointments are at the sovereign’s sole discretion, and are usually in recognition of a national contribution, for public service, or for personal service to the sovereign. Membership of the order is limited to the sovereign, the Prince of Wales, and no more than 24 living members, or Companions. The order also includes supernumerary knights and ladies (e.g., members of the British royal family and foreign monarchs).

The shield is quartered, depicting in the first and fourth quarters the three passant guardant lions of England; in the second, the rampant lion and double tressure flory-counterflory of Scotland; and in the third, a harp for Ireland.

Medieval writers likened the unicorn to Christ, who raised up a horn of salvation for mankind and dwelt in the womb of the Virgin Mary. (https://www.britannica.com/topic/unicorn)
Because the world was forcibly turned (transformed) into Christianity by the Rome Empire, the chained unicorn represents enslaved in religion freeborn human beings.

*The Mace of the Republic

Notice the staff on the left side of the picture with an eagle on it (see the picture with Obama)? They call it the Mace of the United States House of Representatives also known as the Mace of the Republic, is a ceremonial mace and one of the oldest symbols of the United States government. It symbolizes the governmental authority of the United States, and more specifically, the legislative authority of the House of Representatives. The design of the mace is derived from an ancient battle weapon and the Roman fasces, an eagle with spread wings is sitting on a globe with seven engraved continents on it (symbol of global domination and control).

This Mace has authority on its own. Members of the Congress should be arrested if they don’t respect this authority. Can you believe it? 21 century, a representative of a state can be jailed because he/she has ignored some stupid ebonite stick…
Without bringing this Mace into the Chamber of Representatives (ritual), they cannot even start official debates in the Congress of the USA.

Where do you think is this ritual came from? Exactly, religious ceremonies. They have been throwing it openly into the face of the whole country/world for centuries (this particular Mace is in use since 1840) and people still don’t see it. All what happens in the Congress of the USA happens in the name of the religions and ancient bloodthirsty gods.

This is the list of the old bloodlines that rule most of the world now.

Most Central banks, including Federal Reserve, are private corporations.
$ or other currencies don’t matter for them.
Their main goal is to own all the assets of the world, including GDPs. The accumulation phase is accelerating now. They are not even hiding it.

After the assets purchase phase is complete they will reinforce centralized digital currency, ban the cash, control and tax every financial transaction, charge negative rates on the population savings and make your digital money temporary (subject to expiration).

Welcome to your new world order.

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