You need so called “do follow” backlinks from Tumbler’s blogs. If you put it just in the text, it will get no follow status. Here is a little trick. Choose the “Photo” icon.

Then upload your photo.

When the photo was uploaded hover over the picture, you’ll see a small “link” icon, click there and put your Url. Then click on a small icon on the right side to put some content for this post. Just past it in the box. Click the blue “Post” button.
Your post is online.
To check it, go to the actual page, hover over the post picture and in the left corner you’ll see the Url of the website that you just have linked.

To be sure that his link is “do follow” right click and choose “inspect” from the drop-down menu. You have to use Google Chrome though to be able to do it.

Check the code. You’ll see that “do not follow” is not there.

Build about 15-20 blogs with 3-5 posts on each. Let them be for a couple of weeks to get some metrics, then make another set of 20, etc…
In just several minutes, you can easily create a couple of Tumblr’s. This is the fastest approach to build free backlinks to your pages, except when you buying ones.
This tactic takes time for sure.
To speed up the process, you can purchase expired Tumblr’s with existing history, high DA and backlinks.
You can find them by yourself using DHG (Domain Hunter Gatherer) and Ahrefs tools. You have to pay for monthly subscriptions though.
Alternatively, you can buy Tumblrs on Fiverr. You can easily find 10 +50DA Tumblrs for about $5.
Usually, if your Tumblr’s DA +has +20-30, it can force your keywords to the first page; there should be some other backlinks to that page though.
With the Tumblr’s you can just drop backlinks to the specific keyword anchors. Record your keywords and backlinks pages.

Tapping Into Your Competitors Keywords

With SEMrush you can just check your own blogs, but the competitors as well. It gives amazing results!
Not all of your competitors aware of this tool. So, use it and find out what keywords they are underestimating.
The same drill: enter URL, and then begin combing those keywords. A paid version is advisable if you are serious about getting good results.
To spare come coins, search similar articles on the competitors’ blogs.
In example, if you have a page about e-mail marketing, find something equal on their blog, etc…
Check that page with SEMrush and you won’t be disappointed.
Now you have new keywords that you can utilize in your own publications.
Many big, famous websites don’t yet apply keywords SEO. Those are your best friends!
If you using all those strategies your blogs will Dominate Google!
Remember, your competitors don’t know everything.


Some people have issues finding right keywords.
It is not hard at all. On the other hand, you might be stalling, trying get ranks for a specific keyword and you are unaware that there are other better and easier keywords, which you can promote.
You will like to do it, it will increase the page authority with backlinks.
In this case, you don’t have to write new articles to your blog, because it gives you all what you need to boost your traffic.
Spend some time with SEMrush, it will find you the moneymaking keywords.

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