How To Boost Organic Traffic With Undiscovered Keywords

If you have your websites and blogs networks, you might be missing a lot of visitors because your websites have lack of so called “buyers keywords” and your pages are not optimized.

I would like to explain you what to do to boost your organic traffic by using its.
It’s a very simple strategy that requires not too much work.
Let’s start, you’re going to love it!
To apply this method you need a blog with some small authority if possible, the website should be about +2 month of age.

What is the website authority?
Moz has developed a special index on a scale from 1 to 100. Score 1 is the worst, 100 is the best. They call it The Domain Authority (DA).
Basically, it is a competitive metric against other websites. Meaning the higher its DA, the higher its ranking in Google.
That index includes 40 different statistics, such as the number of backlinks from other websites, the number of linked domains, etc…

However, not just quantity of the direct and backlinks plays a major role, but quality as well. It means that if your blog has backlinks from high authority websites, like .gov, or .edu, or famous newspapers, magazines, etc…, then you rank will increase.
So, what are the buyers keywords? Those are phrases that people use for searching Google with intent to purchase something right now or soon.
Best [product name] website
Bargain [product name]
Best price for [product name]
Discount code (website name)
(Product) promo code
(Product name) scam

Most of professional internet marketers don’t focus on those keywords, because they have big pockets and they can target hard ones (with high volume monthly searches).
Those keywords are really precious pearls for your business.
If you want to increase your conversion, you need to use those keywords on your website.
Just add them into your articles here and there, 5-10 per post where it is appropriate.
Then let Google index its and wait a couple of days to get some metrics.

Analyzing Your Keywords

To analyze your keywords you will need a tool SEMrush, this is a keyword research website. Very easy to use!
Unfortunately, the free version of this website is almost useless nowadays. It doesn’t allow you to analyze the data, it limits your reports to several keywords and you cannot see the full potential of this tool. They have a 7 days free trial though. However, they require entering your info and your credit card number.
If you started your free trial, just go to the website and fill-in your domain name. Your primary one, no sub-pages.

Then, scroll down, choose “Top Organic Keywords” It will show you the number of keywords too.
Click the “View Full Report” button.

Next screen will show you your stats. Monthly search volume, keywords, position (Google rank), CPC (cost per click), etc…

Now, regroup your results by checking on “Volume” and check the “Position” section to see if you need any improvements for your keywords. Usually you do. lol
In the URL section, you will see specific pages with that specific keyword.
Note those URLs and save them along with the keywords to use it for optimization.

How To Optimize Your Page

Next step in that puzzle, optimizing your pages for the search engines.
If you are new to the SE optimization, this article can help you to improve your knowledge.
Run several tests to check how it will go, because there are no the same keywords, so, it is hard to just copy a SEO optimization from another page. It has to be a little bit different.
In addition for the general SEO guidelines you can use this little trick to improve your keywords ranking.
What I would do, I would go to those specific pages that have been discovered by SEMrush and put there those keywords from the same search.
Don’t overdo it, just pick 3-5 keywords from the list and put the first one and the second one two times on the page, the third to the fifth one time.
After that, I would resubmit the page using Google Submit.
If you don’t know how to use it, read this article.

Sometimes you will see the new rankings within minutes. Then, after a day or two, you can change the keywords a little bit again and watch if there are any improvements.
I would recommend to wait 24 hours before doing that.
For a new page, without backlinks, I’m aiming for medium keywords for the top 100, for the easy ones in the top 50.
You can check keyword competitiveness, but usually it is not necessary, because your blog has already good chances to get to the front page of Google just by using this strategy.
You can also use a free version of Keyword Revealer to find some additional keywords.

You Need More Backlinks

In spite of all your SEO efforts, you have to create more backlinks to your websites.
Great start you can get with some free backlinks. After that, explore private blog networks, guest posting, forums, etc…
If your site already has a little bit of authority then, most of the time that page optimization with easy keywords should boost you to the second page on Google.
Sometimes it can even jump to the front page, if it has many backlinks from other sites.
In addition, use the Tumblr strategy, it working very well.

Using Tumblr’s blogs

Tumblr’s blogs are great to boost your website ranks.
Go to Tumblr, and signup for free. Choose your Username and password and fill in your email. You have to confirm your age and then your email address. You will receive a confirmation email from Tumblr with a link.

Congratulations! You have a blog on Tumbler now. Next, click on create a post in the right side up corner.

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